10 Things That Britain Has But America Doesn’t

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In a lighthearted exploration of cultural differences, we delve into a social media thread that highlights some intriguing aspects of Britain that America simply doesn’t have. From medieval castles that seem plucked from fairy tales to a knack for turning everyday words into colorful insults, Britain boasts a host of unique attributes that will have you packing your bags.

Join us as we embark on a delightful journey to uncover what makes Britain stand out in the eyes of these commenters.

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#1 Medieval Castles

Medieval Castle and Walls in Obidos Village in Portugal
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When it comes to medieval castles, Britain boasts an impressive array that many users agree is a source of envy for Americans. From the stunning Windsor Castle to the majestic Edinburgh Castle, Britain’s landscape is dotted with these historic fortresses. These architectural wonders provide a glimpse into the past, and some users suggested that exploring these castles is like stepping into a real-life fairy tale.

#2 Transparent Pricing

Coin piggy bank and money tower columns on white background
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One of the things that Brits and some users have pointed out as different from the American shopping experience is the clear and straightforward pricing. When you enter a store in Britain and see an item’s price posted on it, you know exactly how much it costs. Taxes are included in the price shown. No need for mental math or surprises at the checkout counter. It’s a shopping convenience many Americans would appreciate.

#3 British Insults

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Brits are known for their unique sense of humor, and one aspect of it is their ability to turn words like “barmy” and “tosser” into a legitimate insult. Some users find it amusing how Brits can make even the most mundane words sound cheeky and entertaining. It’s all in good fun, and the Brits’ talent for wordplay is certainly something that sets them apart.

#4 Pub Culture

London, UK - August 26, 2010: Inside view of a public house, known as pub, for drinking and socializing, is the focal point of the community, Pub business, now about 53,500 pubs in the UK, has been declining every year.
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Pub culture in Britain is deeply ingrained in the social fabric, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. American bars just aren’t the same. From cozy neighborhood taverns to historic inns, pubs are gathering places for friends and strangers alike. It’s where locals share stories over pints of ale, indulge in traditional pub fare like fish and chips, and often enjoy live music or pub quizzes. This centuries-old tradition continues to be a cornerstone of British social life,

A user told a delightful story about a US aircraft carrier meeting up with a British aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth. In the US Navy, they are not allowed to drink on the ship, but the British aircraft carrier has a pub onboard. The look on those American sailors’ faces must have been priceless. It’s a quirky example of how the British combine tradition with modernity.

#5 Generous Paid Leave

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When it comes to work-life balance, Britain offers something that many users find appealing: generous paid leave. With a minimum of 28 paid days off a year, including public holidays, it’s a stark contrast to the often limited vacation days in the United States. Some companies in Britain, like the NHS, even offer 35 days off, and you can accrue more as you work longer. It’s a perk that leaves some American workers dreaming of a longer break.

#6 Pedestrian Friendly Cities

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The historical urban layouts in Britain often feature narrower streets and more compact city centers, creating an environment where walking is not only convenient but also enjoyable. Major urban areas have a well-laid out public transport system and dedicated pedestrian-only zones.

Culturally, the British have a strong tradition of walking, whether for leisurely strolls through parks or as a practical means of getting around. This cultural emphasis on walking contributes to a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere in urban areas. Many urbanites don’t own cars, which is often unheard of in most American cities.

#7 British Weather and Sarcasm

Tower bridge in London at sunset
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Britain is known for its immaculate weather, and by that, some users mean the complete opposite. British weather is famous for its unpredictability, but it’s also part of the charm. Many users agree that the ability of Brits to navigate their ever-changing weather with humor and nuanced sarcasm is a unique skill. It’s a way of dealing with the rain that leaves an impression on visitors.

#8 Efficient Public Transportation

LONDON, UK - JUNE 10, 2015: Houses of Parliament aka Westminster Palace seen from Westminster Bridge (HDR)
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Clean and efficient public transportation is something that some users admire about Britain. While Londoners may have their complaints about the Underground, it’s seen as a marvel by many Americans. Compared to some U.S. cities, the British rail system is considered cleaner, safer, and more efficient, making daily commutes a breeze.

#9 Maternity Leave and Healthcare

Handsome doctor in glasses with stethoscope on shoulders
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Maternity leave that doesn’t result in an 8-week-old at daycare and healthcare that doesn’t lead to bankruptcy are two aspects of British life that many users appreciate. In Britain, new parents typically enjoy more generous maternity leave, ensuring that babies get more time with their families. Moreover, the National Health Service (NHS) provides healthcare coverage that doesn’t leave individuals drowning in medical bills. It’s a social safety net that stands out compared to the American system.

#10 The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth & Royal Family, Buckingham Palace, London June 2017- Trooping the Colour Prince George William, harry, Kate & Charlotte Balcony for Queen Elizabeth's Birthday June 17 2017 London, UK
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Last but not least, Britain has something that America doesn’t—a royal family. Many users find the British monarchy fascinating. It adds a layer of tradition and ceremony to the country, and the lives of the royal family members often make headlines worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of royal weddings or simply curious about the history and pageantry, the British royal family is a unique cultural institution that captivates many.

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