11 People Confess to the Utterly Reckless Torture They’ve Inflicted Upon Their Bodies

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In a world relentlessly challenging the limits of human resilience, we are frequently captivated by the astonishing endeavors people embark upon, whether by choice or circumstance.

Recently, a question surfaced on social media, prompting individuals to reflect on the most harrowing trials they’ve subjected their bodies to. Join us as we delve into a collection of these gripping narratives, spotlighting the exceptional tenacity and boldness of the human spirit.

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#1. Confronting Eating Disorders: A Struggle with Anorexia and Bulimia

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“Eating once per day for a big part of my teenhood, followed by a week of no food at the peak of my eating disorder. I was in partial hospitalization when eating once a day and full hospitalization for that week.This is from anorexia nervosa. I also used to make myself vomit every meal, that’s from bulimia nervosa. I was a heavy self-****er and relied on it to cope with life but also to punish myself if I ate or made a mistake.”

#2. Anesthesia-Free Drain Insertion: My Traumatic Medical Experience

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“When I was 10, I had an appendectomy, and my appendix burst a few moments before surgery. Because of that, after a couple of weeks, I had to put a drain inside my body to drain all the pus. The doctor did this without any kind of anesthesia and prescribed silver nitrate to close the wound.

Today, I believe this was patient abuse.”

#3. Year of No Sleep: Juggling Two Full-Time Jobs and Firefighting

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“A year working two full-time jobs, midnight to 8 am then, 9 am to 5 pm, five days a week. A few hours with the kids after I got home, still managed to maintain my training minimums to stay stay active as a volunteer firefighter.

I’d average 3-4 hrs of sleep a night five days a week for a year, sometimes I’d go 36hrs with nothing more than a few 15 minute naps in my car during breaks.

It messed me up for a long time. Even 10+ years later I go through periodic boughts of either not being able to sleep (Insomnia) or extreme exhaustion (falling asleep while walking down the hallway).”

#4. OCD’s Deep Abyss: Navigating the Wild Ride of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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“OCD is a wild ride. I didn’t know that a mind could go that deep into suffering.”

#5. Hospitalized for Rapid Weight Loss: Battling an Eating Disorder

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“Had an eating disorder when I was young. I was already kind of skinny, and had a relatively fast metabolism too. Lost 7 kgs in a week while running like 5kms at pace every day, and eating about a plate of fibrous food. Landed myself in the hospital because I would puke anything I tried to eat as my stomach started shrinking on itself.”

#6. The Grad School Grind: A Rollercoaster of Challenges

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“Honestly, grad school.”

Another user adds, “Year 8 for me. Pray for a good advisor. It’ll change the whole game.”

#7. Running Through Hell: Surviving a Marathon in Sweltering Heat

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“Marathon in 32 degrees (Celsius) heat”

#8. The Exhausting Battle: Navigating Life with Depression

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“Depression. People who haven’t been depressed don’t realize how much energy that s*** takes, constantly.”

#9. Migraine Marathon: Walking 14 Miles Home from a Festival

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“Walking home 14 miles with a migraine because the only other option was waiting for a bus the following morning. I was at a festival when it struck.”

#10. Toenail Nightmare: Enduring Infection and Pain at Work

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“Worked full time for three weeks with a fully infected, ingrown toenail. I cannot describe the pain.”

#11. Overcoming the Odds: A Journey through Chemo and Stem Cell Therapy

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“Chemo and stem cell therapy”

Source: Reddit.

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