18 Things Millennial Do That Irritate Boomers

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Millennials, also known as Generation Y, encompass individuals born between 1981 and 1996. Their upbringing has occurred in a rapidly evolving world, distinguishing them significantly from their parents and grandparents, the Baby Boomers.

Consequently, various behaviors and attitudes displayed by Millennials may be perceived as irksome by Boomers. In this article, we will explore 18 such behaviors, identified as sources of generational tension, using existing information.

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#1 Constant Use of Technology

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One common point of contention between Boomers and Millennials is the latter’s constant use of technology. Boomers often interpret this as a sign of indolence and a deficit in face-to-face communication skills. Conversely, Millennials regard technology as an integral aspect of their lives, using it for staying connected with friends and family, work-related tasks, and entertainment.

According to a study by Olivet Nazarene University, 48% of Boomers concur that a Millennial’s phone usage is their most annoying habit.

#2 Lack of Work Ethic

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Boomers tend to perceive Millennials as lazy and entitled, believing that they expect rewards without putting in the effort. They contend that Millennials lack a strong work ethic and interpret their desire for work-life balance as a form of slothfulness. This generational gap in perception may stem from differences in the definition of dedication and success.

The Olivet Nazarene University’s study reveals that 35% of Boomers find laziness to be one of the most irksome traits in Millennials while working with them.

#3 Lack of Respect for Authority

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Many Boomers harbor the belief that Millennials exhibit a lack of respect for authority figures, both in the workplace and in politics. They interpret this as a refusal to adhere to established rules and procedures, as well as a disregard for the wisdom of authority figures.

Millennials, in contrast, aim to strike a balance between challenging the status quo and showing respect to their superiors. They view it as their responsibility to ask questions, pursue progress, and challenge norms to create a more equitable society.

#4 Political Correctness

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Boomers may perceive Millennials as overly sensitive and politically correct. However, it’s important to note that this behavior is seen by many as a means to encourage thoughtful discourse and ensure a safe space for expressing ideas.

#5 Entitlement

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Boomers frequently attribute an entitled mentality to Millennials, suggesting that they believe they deserve privileges solely due to their age. They perceive this as a lack of gratitude for the sacrifices made by previous generations.

The study conducted by Olivet Nazarene University also indicates that 41% of Boomers agree that entitlement is one of the most annoying traits among Millennials.

#6 Poor Financial Management

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Millennials often face criticism from Boomers for their perceived financial irresponsibility, with accusations of frivolous spending and a lack of savings for the future. This is seen as a deficit in financial planning and an underestimation of money’s value.

#7 Limited Attention Span

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Boomers sometimes accuse Millennials of having a short attention span, which they interpret as an inability to focus on tasks for extended periods. Whether this is a lack of discipline or an indicator of waning interest in learning and personal growth remains a subject of debate.

#8 Lack of Patience

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Millennials are sometimes branded as impatient by Boomers. The latter claim that Millennials yearn for instant gratification and lack the perseverance to wait for results, which they consider vital for success.

The Olivet Nazarene University study highlights that 41% of Boomers find Millennials’ impatience challenging when working with them.

#9 Lack of Responsibility

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Boomers hold the view that Millennials often evade taking responsibility for their actions, preferring to shift blame to others in various aspects of life. This behavior is seen as a deficiency in responsibility and drive to succeed.

The same study indicates that 35% of Boomers agree that a Millennial’s lack of responsibility is one of the most challenging aspects of working with them.

#10 Lack of Loyalty

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Boomers attach great importance to loyalty in the workplace. They perceive Millennials’ tendency to switch jobs frequently as a sign of disinterest in stability and dedication. In contrast, Millennials regard job changes as opportunities for growth, skill development, and career advancement.

The Olivet Nazarene University’s study shows that 60% of Boomers believe Millennials are loyal to their employers, while 91% of Millennials feel that Boomers exhibit greater loyalty.

#11 Need for Constant Change

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Boomers often interpret Millennials’ desire for constant change as restlessness, lacking commitment and perseverance. Stability and consistency are considered essential by Boomers for success and happiness, while Millennials see change as a chance for personal growth.

#12 Addiction to Social Media

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Millennials’ extensive use of social media is sometimes viewed by Boomers as an addiction, indicative of a deficiency in real-life social skills. Boomers argue that social media hinders meaningful human connections and fosters unrealistic expectations. Conversely, Millennials see it as a tool for connection, information sharing, and self-expression.

#13 Need for Instant Gratification

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Boomers frequently attribute Millennials’ desire for instant gratification to impatience and an inability to defer pleasures for long-term goals. Millennials, on the other hand, emphasize living in the present and enjoying life’s moments rather than delaying gratification for an uncertain future.

#14 Ignoring Traditions

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Millennials’ propensity to disregard traditional practices and norms is often perceived by Boomers as a sign of disrespect for history and a lack of appreciation for past values.

#15 Casual Approach to Dating

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Boomers may find Millennials’ casual approach to dating disconcerting, viewing it as a lack of commitment and disinterest in forming meaningful relationships. They fear it may undermine traditional family values and long-term relationship investments.

#16 Poor Language Skills

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Boomers frequently critique Millennials for their perceived poor language skills, including written and spoken communication. The use of text abbreviations, emojis, and informal language is seen as unprofessional and detrimental to clear communication.

#17 Lack of Empathy

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Boomers sometimes observe a lack of empathy in Millennials, attributing it to a focus on individualism and technology that leads to emotional disconnect from others’ experiences and feelings.

#18 Lack of Face-to-Face Communication Skills

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Boomers occasionally lament Millennials’ perceived lack of face-to-face communication skills, as they favor technology-based communication over in-person interactions. Boomers regard face-to-face communication as crucial for relationship building and effective personal and professional communication.

It’s noteworthy that the referenced study reveals that 46% of Boomers prefer face-to-face communication with their co-workers compared to only 35% of Millennials who would opt for a face-to-face conversation.

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