22 Things That Make These Non-Boomers… a BOOMER

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In a world where technology seems to move faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer, some things still make even the most tech-savvy among us feel like they’ve stepped out of a time machine straight into the ‘boomer’ era.

A social media post asked folks to share what makes them feel like total “boomers” even as they embrace the digital age. Their responses were both amusing and relatable, proving that no matter how advanced we become, some things will always have us shaking our heads.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the digital dichotomy of the 21st century.

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#1: The Account Conundrum

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Navigating the virtual realm is second nature to most, but one modern practice irks many: creating accounts for every darn website. Sure, it’s about ad tracking and personalization, but for some, it’s an account overload.

Imagine having a spare email address just for this purpose! While some may argue it’s not only a “boomer” issue, the frustration of getting bombarded with spam from every website you ever visited can make even a tech-savvy individual roll their eyes.

#2: App Overload

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As the app market continues to explode, there’s a sentiment shared by many—a sigh of exasperation at the never-ending quest for space on their smartphones. Not everything needs its own app. I just want to pay my bill and be left alone. I do not need your location-based, personalized offers, Verizon!

#3: Touch Screen Trouble

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These days, cars are laden with high-tech touch screens, promising convenience, and futuristic vibes. However, there’s a camp that longs for the days of physical knobs. Adjusting climate control while navigating Google Maps can feel like cracking a code, leaving some nostalgic for a time when three simple knobs determined how hot, where, and how fast the air blew. Turns out, sometimes “less is more” isn’t just a catchphrase.

#4: Screen Time Showdown

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In an age of electronics, balancing playtime and screen time is like trying to juggle flaming torches—tricky and potentially hazardous. For those who remember the joy of snow days and outdoor adventures sans gadgets, seeing kids glued to screens can be maddening, even for non-boomers!

#5: The Snow Day Saga

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Remember waking up to a surprise snow day, the world outside blanketed in white wonder? For many, it’s a magical memory that they believe should live on. Kids running around in the snow, building forts, and having snowball fights—these moments are cherished. In a world where virtual experiences often overshadow the real, and kids are glued to screens, the simple joy of building a snowman feels like a treasure worth preserving.

#6: Cameras Everywhere, Everyone’s a Star

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We live in an age of documentation, where every moment is captured and shared. But for some, the invasion of privacy that comes with ubiquitous cameras can be unnerving. Navigating through events or scenic spots can feel like trying to find your way through a sea of selfie stick-wielding, dancing, posing, model aspirants.

Even if you love photography, many people are starting to recognize that there’s a time and place for everything.

#7: The News and the Social Media Quagmire

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News consumption has taken a new form in the digital era, and for some, it’s more headache than enlightenment. The clickbait, the lack of thorough research, and the overwhelming coverage of trivial events leave many yearning for days of balanced and meaningful news reporting.

Social media’s role as a disseminator of information, whether accurate or not, has added a layer of complexity that has some longing for the days of reliable news outlets. Not to mention the scary, soul-crushing environment that is the comment section.

#8: Automated Frustrations

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Dialing a number and speaking to a real person used to be the norm. But these days, automated telephone systems have become a seemingly endless maze of options, leaving many yearning for the days when a human voice offered a simple solution. These systems might be efficient for some tasks, but they can also be a source of frustration and make the eventual operators’ lives harder.

#9: The Subscription Conundrum

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Modern cars are like rolling computers, but with that comes a subscription-based model for accessing features that used to be standard. For some, the idea of paying a subscription for add-on features (Looking at you, Tesla!) seems like a money grab. It highlights the growing concern around the Right to Repair, where even car parts could come locked in the future, potentially limiting consumers’ freedom to use and repair their own vehicles.

#10: The Quest for Durability

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In a world of rapid technological advancement, there’s a longing for simplicity and durability. Some reminisce about the days when tools lasted for decades, and upgrades didn’t mean planned obsolescence. It’s a desire for the straightforward and sturdy, where reliability trumps flashy gimmicks that ultimately fall short.

#11: The Voice Recognition Dilemma

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Have you unlocked your phone to find an ad about the very thing that you just talked about a few minutes ago?

Voice-activated devices like Siri and Alexa have become household companions, but for some, the concern over privacy and constant surveillance is enough to keep them away. While many might marvel at the convenience, there’s a contingent that remains cautious, avoiding gadgets that listen in all the time—regardless of the permissions.

#12: TikTok, the Line in the Sand

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TikTok’s meteoric rise in popularity hasn’t won everyone over. There’s a segment that staunchly refuses to embrace the platform, feeling that it’s a bridge too far into the realm of short attention spans and endless scrolling. The old man route, as some jest, is the path they’ll choose, maintaining their distance from this particular digital wave.

#13: The Reluctant Tossers

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There’s something charming about holding onto things that still work. For those with a penchant for preserving, throwing out functional items seems almost sacrilegious.

Whether it’s a trusty old truck or a reliable flip phone, the sentimentality of making things last is a hallmark of the “boomer” spirit.

#14: The Tipping Debate

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Tipping has become a staple of modern transactions, but for some, the practice has started to feel overblown. When a simple purchase requires a hefty tip percentage, it can raise eyebrows.

The dichotomy between traditional sit-down meals and quick-service purchases has some questioning whether tipping should extend beyond the realm of full-service dining.

#15: QR Code Quandaries

Smiling couple with menu looking at each other during romantic dinner
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QR codes became a pandemic necessity for contactless menus, but as the world begins to regain a sense of normalcy, some find the shift to digital menus a shortcut.

Sitting down for a meal and not having a physical menu in hand can feel like a lack of effort on the part of the restaurant. While QR codes served a purpose, there’s a sentiment that the tactile experience of a menu should never be forgotten.

#16: Tech for Tots

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The inundation of technology at an early age has some worried about the impact on developing minds. Concerns about brain chemistry and eyesight linger as children become more engrossed in screens than in outdoor play.

The potential disappearance of cursive handwriting adds another layer to this debate, with the loss of this skill being seen as detrimental to cognitive development.

#17: Discipline Dilemma

Happy classmates whispering and using laptop after lesson
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There’s a fine line between discipline and stifling authority, and for some, it seems that line has been crossed. The sight of kids behaving disruptively in school without effective means of discipline has led to concerns about the state of modern education.

The nostalgia for a time when teachers could maintain order is strong, even in the face of evolving educational practices.

#18: The Dawn of the “Closing Early” Era

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Remember the days when stores and fast-food joints stayed open for 24 hours?

Unfortunately, the pandemic-era shift in business hours has lingered on. For those who grew accustomed to late-night errands and impromptu shopping sprees, the closure of shops well before midnight is a bittersweet reality. The sense of convenience that came with a town that never slept has slowly faded away.

#19: The Road Rage Renaissance

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Driving behaviors have shifted over the years, and not necessarily for the better. With a perceived increase in selfish and reckless driving, the roads can feel like a chaotic battlefield. The ubiquity of smartphones has added another layer of distraction, leaving some longing for the days when driving was a more courteous and focused activity.

#20: Ghosting’s Rise to Fame

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The act of ghosting—disappearing from a conversation without a trace—has become all too common in today’s digital dating landscape. The lack of communication in difficult situations is seen as selfish behavior, and the rise of ghosting culture has left many yearning for the days of direct and open communication, even in the realm of online interactions.

#21: The Gaming and Streaming Quandary

Beautiful smiling couple playing video game with joysticks
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Gaming and streaming culture has taken the internet by storm, but not everyone gets the appeal. For some, the joy of video games lies in personal interaction and control, not in watching others play. The concept of live streaming, where viewers can contribute money to streamers, is baffling to those who see it as a diversion from the genuine gaming experience.

#22: The Attention Reluctant

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Cell phones have become constant companions, but for those who don’t feel obligated to be perpetually reachable, the idea of setting boundaries is crucial. The pressure to respond instantly to messages is seen as unnecessary, and the belief that the world doesn’t stop when a text goes unanswered is a refreshing reminder that life existed before the era of constant connectivity.

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