Have You Experienced True Sadness? 12 Stories To Have You Wiping Your Eyes

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In the tapestry of human emotions, sadness is a thread that weaves through the fabric of our lives. It manifests in countless forms, each carrying its unique weight and depth.

In this exploration of the profound, we delve into the stories, experiences, and sentiments of individuals who have encountered what they believe to be the saddest feelings in the world, shedding light on the universal yet deeply personal nature of sorrow.

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#1. A Lonely Life

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“A good friend of mine lost her 20-year-old son unexpectedly one day when he just literally dropped dead in college studying at his desk due to some undiagnosed heart problem. One year later, she buried her husband, who died of cancer, leaving her all alone.

I learned from her that there is some sadness that never leaves you, and to hug my family members and tell them I love them whenever I can because you never know what will happen.”

#2. Eternal Shadows: Grief that Never Truly Fades

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“My dad died seemingly out of nowhere when I was 14. In retrospect, it wasn’t out of nowhere because of his complete lack of care for his personal health, but it was completely out of the blue as far as I was concerned at the time.

Everybody will tell you that time heals all wounds, but it’s bu******. I’m 32 now, and yes, enough time has passed that I can go about my day without being a sobbing mess, but that darkness is still there inside me.”

#3. The Gut-Wrenching Sorrow of Witnessing a Loved One’s Tears

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“Seeing my mum cry gives me a horrible feeling in my gut.”

#4. Depression

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“Feeling completely alone, not being able to sleep, not wanting to even begin to deal with the new day.”

#5. The Heartache of Dreaming

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“Nothing worse than having a good dream and wishing you had never woken up.”

Another user adds, “The pit in your stomach when you realize your beautiful dream could never be real life. It just can’t.”

#6. The Agonizing Pain of Preventing a Loved One’s Suicide

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“The worst pain in my life was from the day I interrupted my husband’s suicide attempt this past August.

Opening the guest room door to find his Army uniform laid out on the bed next to a big bottle of pills and booze sent me into silent shock. I didn’t cry out or freak out, but it was almost like an icy cold blade in my stomach; I couldn’t react and knew I needed to find him.

Seeing his face as he came up the stairs with his Army boots, the only piece missing from what he had laid out, seeing his true despair and his realization that I knew what he was going to do made it almost too hard to bear. He dropped the boots and ran.

That night, after admitting him to the VA, I cried in the bathroom, wailing inhuman sounds of grief that came, unwanted, from deep inside. I had held myself together to get him safe, but when all was over, it flooded over me. I felt as if I had already lost everything. I felt helpless, I felt responsible.

I could have lost my beloved. He was hurting that bad, and I almost couldn’t help him. That’s a pain I wish on no one.

I still see his uniform laid out whenever I see the guest bed.”

#7. Irreparable Damage

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“Knowing you’ve f**** something up or hurt someone you care about, and knowing there’s nothing you can do to fix it.”

#8. The Void Within

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“Purposelessness. Not having a goal or passion. Not wanting anything. It sucks.”

#9. A Mother’s Silent Goodbye

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“I picked my dad up from the airport after not seeing him for two months. I was so tired on the drive home that I did not converse much. We stopped and had McDonalds around midnight. The following morning he had a stroke and eventually passed.

Three years later, my mom is on life support due to a disease that took over her lungs. She was on life support with a machine breathing for her. She was coherent and was able to hear me and respond to my questions by squeezing my hand.

The doctor told me that I needed to make a decision on keeping her on life support, something I was not prepared for nor could do (she was my f***** best friend, for crying out loud).

I wanted what my mom wanted.

So I started to ask her if she knew where she was, and she squeezed my hand, letting me know she knew. I then asked her if she knew she was on life support, which she responded she did. Finally, I asked her if she wanted to go be with Dad or stay with me and my sister and I’ll never forget how hard she squeezed my hand, signifying her desire to be with my dad. This was the single most heart-wrenching moment of my life. I will never forget it.”

#10. Opportunities Lost

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“The saddest feeling is regret. Especially when you find out later that something you really wanted was yours for the taking, but you were too weak to seize the opportunity.”

#11. The Helplessness of a Parent

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“Watching your children starving or dying.”

#12. Losing A Pet

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“Holding your dog while the vet puts him to sleep.”

Another user adds, “I woke up one morning, and my dog was dead. Heart attack out of nowhere. He didn’t die alone because our other dog was sitting next to him the whole time, but that still hurts me.”

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