12 Products With Such Poor Designs You’ll Wonder if the Makers Ever Used Them

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Have you ever come across a product and wondered, “Did the makers even use this themselves?” Well, you’re not alone. Many users took to social media to share their frustrations about products with bafflingly poor designs. From office software to household appliances, let’s dive into a list of these head-scratchers.

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#1 When Education Falls Short

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“In my experience – most educational resources/curriculums created by district employees that have never taught or haven’t taught in 15+ years.”

Many users share this frustration with educational resources, highlighting the gap between those who design curriculums and those who actually teach. It’s a reminder that the best materials often come from those who have walked the classroom’s front lines recently.

#2 Outlook’s Searching Woes

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“The d*** Outlook search function.”

Microsoft Outlook, an email software used in offices across the world, has a search function which is notorious for its user-unfriendliness. Users have struggled with it, and while this comment is concise, it echoes the collective sigh of many who’ve spent too much time searching for emails.

#3 Handle Comfort vs. Practicality

Luggage bag on the city street ready to pick by airport transfer taxi car
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“Way too many carrying products (luggage, boxes, bags, laundry baskets) have put more emphasis on the comfort/softness of the top of the handle, rather than the underside, which is the side that is forced into your hand with the weight of whatever is in your box/bag/basket.”

It’s an observation that hits close to home for anyone who’s lugged heavy luggage or groceries. Designers often focus on aesthetics, but this comment reminds us that functionality, like a comfortable handle’s underside, matters too.

#4 Toy Volume Extremes

Kids playing in the room with toys
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“Toys that only have one volume: EXTREMELY LOUD!!!! Whoever makes these does not have kids of their own.”

Parents around the world are nodding in agreement. The lack of volume control in toys can turn playtime into a cacophony. It’s as if the manufacturers believe children are part of a rock band and need the decibel level to match. It’s a good thing they don’t make car horns for kids.

#5 Printer Alignment Nightmare

Printer, copier, scanner. Office table
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“I have an inkjet printer (brother) that prints misaligned (makes slightly wavy text). I can’t fix it because when you run the alignment diagnostic stuff, either manual or automatic, it prints a paper for you to scan so the printer can fix itself. However, the printer can’t read the paper it scans because it’s misaligned, so it can’t get fixed. Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Even called support and they were like, “whelp, it’s not supposed to do that. Better luck next time.”

This user’s printer ordeal is a perfect example of the frustration that can arise from seemingly flawed design choices. It’s a humorous reminder that even technology designed to make our lives easier can sometimes feel like it’s working against us.

#6 Rebellious Vacuum Cleaners

Smiling teenager cleaning floor with vacuum cleaner in living room
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“My vacuum cleaner. The hose is mounted at a downwards angle and it’s impossible to pull it along as you go; it keeps going to the side or even flipping over. It takes one minute of use to notice this, but I guess they only tested it for 30 seconds.”

Vacuuming shouldn’t feel like a wrestling match, but for some users, it’s an epic struggle. This comment humorously suggests that the designers’ brief test run might have been a little too brief, leaving users to grapple with unruly machines.

#7 Trapped by Dead Batteries

SINGAPORE, JULY 20, 2015 : New design Chevrolet Camaro from Transformers — Photo by mrsiraphol
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“The trunk won’t open on some Chevrolet cars if the battery is dead. There is no keyhole or physical release cable. The battery is in the trunk.”

This design quirk turns a dead battery into a major inconvenience, leaving users scratching their heads. It’s a reminder that sometimes, simplicity and functionality should take precedence over sleek design.

#8 Women’s Underwear Enigma

Woman hands placing wardrobe drawer organizers with full of folded underwears. Sock drawer with folded socks. Perfect and neatly setting of clothes. Linen drawer organization solution. Perfectionist.
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“Women’s underwear. The part that is supposed to get dirty is never far enough forward to catch what it’s supposed to catch.”

Ladies, have you ever wondered why women’s underwear seems to miss the mark in terms of functionality? This comment addresses a design issue that many may not openly discuss. It’s a lighthearted nod to the mysteries of women’s underwear and the challenges it can pose.

#9 Dishwasher’s Never-Ending Symphony

Dishwasher, kitchen.
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“My dishwasher beeps several times loudly when the cycle is done. Loudly enough that you can hear it outside the house. If you don’t open the door, it will beep again 45 minutes later, and every 45 minutes forever until you do so. There is no way to silence this feature or reduce the volume.”

This user’s dishwasher turns the end of a cycle into an auditory marathon. It’s a comical reminder that sometimes designers overlook the importance of a peaceful post-dinner atmosphere.

#10 Shower Door Cleaning Conundrum

Light blue modern bathroom interior with glass door shower and white cabinet with mirror. Bathroom.
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“Those sliding shower doors with an overlapping section that is impossible to clean without taking the whole door off.”

Shower doors with overlapping sections might look sleek and modern, but they come with a cleaning conundrum. Many users have found themselves in a battle against soap scum that accumulates in that hidden, impossible-to-reach area between the overlapping sections. Cleaning these doors becomes a complicated chore that involves practically disassembling the door just to get rid of those stubborn stains. Who knew showering could lead to a cleaning expedition?

#11 Tear-Resistant “Tear Here” Marks

Man with coffee to go in public transport bus
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“All of the «tear here» markings on coffee packs, juice cartons, etc., mark the strongest/most tear-resistant part of the package.”

It’s a witty observation about the irony of “tear here” markings. These marks, which are meant to make life easier, often make it more challenging. Sometimes, the most obvious solutions are the best.

#12 Overzealous Iron Restart

Cropped image of man taking iron for ironing shirt
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“My new iron. Has a restart if you tip it over after it’s timed out. So if you accidentally leave it plugged in and it gets knocked over by accident (pet or child bumps the board, the wind knocks something over, knocking the iron over) it starts up while face down.”

This comment narrates a comical tale of an iron with a knack for untimely resurrection. It highlights the unexpected consequences of a seemingly helpful feature and emphasizes the need for thoughtful design in everyday appliances.

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