15 Traditions That Are Slowly Fading Away

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In today’s fast-changing world with new gadgets and different ways of doing things, some old traditions are disappearing. As we explore this digital world and all its modern stuff, we’ll talk about the traditions that used to be important but are now slowly fading away. We’ll hear from people on social media who share their thoughts on these disappearing customs.

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#1: Writing Holiday Postcards

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“We were given a box of postcards my wife’s grandparents sent home from trips to Europe in the sixties and seventies. They were exactly like Facebook posts.”

In a world filled with instant messaging and video calls, the tradition of sending postcards while on vacation is slowly fading away. Many users agree that there’s something special about receiving a postcard from a loved one, just like how they cherished those sent by their grandparents. These little pieces of paper carry memories of faraway places and warm feelings, and they’re more than just souvenirs from a trip. They’re a way to show that someone really cares and wants to share a piece of their adventure with their dearest.

#2: “Presentation” Watches

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“I remember this being a thing, my Dad got a really cool triangular clock after working for the same company for 10 years.”

Remember the days when employees would proudly receive gold watches for decades of service to a company? Some users suggested that this tradition, where you had to work a really long time to merit one (like 30-40 years), is now nearly extinct. While it may sound like a long time to wait for a watch, the tradition symbolized loyalty and dedication to one’s workplace.

#3: Movie Rental Night

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“When I was a kid, almost every Friday night we’d go to the movie rental store. It was a whole experience.”

Friday nights used to mean a trip to the local movie rental store, creating unforgettable memories for many. Many users reminisce about the excitement of looking through all the movies, trying to find something great to watch, and even smelling the delicious popcorn in the store. Sadly, with the popularity of streaming services like Netflix, this tradition has become something they look back on with fond memories. It’s a bit sad because it’s not something many folks do anymore.

#4: Print Photography

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“Growing up we had boxes filled to the brim with random photos. Now that everything has moved to smartphones and Facebook, you don’t see that anymore.”

Gone are the days of flipping through boxes of printed photos, each capturing a unique moment. As smartphones and social media have taken over, the tradition of storing physical memories in photo albums is vanishing. Many users feel a sense of sadness about this shift because they miss having tangible photographs that used to fill their homes with cherished memories. Holding a physical photo in their hands felt different, like a connection to the past, and flipping through old photo albums was a way to relive those special moments.

#5: Sending Thank You Cards after Receiving Gifts

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“I grew up sending them, but it’s because I was taught it was shameful not to. Opening a gift and hugging someone and thanking them is plenty.”

While some users still uphold the tradition of sending thank-you cards after receiving gifts, many others feel that a simple hug and verbal thanks suffice. This tradition was passed down through generations and highlighted the importance of showing gratitude in a meaningful way. But in today’s fast-paced world, it’s slowly fading away. The shift towards more immediate and digital forms of communication has contributed to the decline of this tradition, leaving it as a relic of the past for some and a cherished practice for others.

#6: Writing in Cursive

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“When I was in middle school, they told me I’d be using it for everything in life afterwards. High School wouldn’t even grade my papers if I wrote in print. Outside of writing my name, I never used it again. Not once.”

Middle school lessons once promised that cursive writing would be a vital skill for life. However, for most, cursive became a lost art after school. Many users humorously reflect on how they rarely use cursive now, except for their signatures, despite the assurances of their teachers.

#7: Saying, “It Doesn’t Agree with Me” When Declining a Food

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“It’s a fine old custom my grandparents used to use when they were offered bean dishes or anything else that didn’t sit well with their digestion”

A polite way of declining a dish that didn’t sit well with your digestion, this old custom has faded away in favor of more detailed explanations or dietary preferences. Some users believe that this tradition maintained a sense of decorum and avoided unnecessary details.

#8: Cajun Singing

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“I fear there’ll be no one left to sing those songs in another twenty years or so.”

Cajun singing is known for its lively melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and the use of instruments like the accordion and fiddle. It has been a source of identity and pride for the Cajun people, who have passed down these musical traditions for generations. The rich tradition of Cajun singing is at risk of disappearing in the coming years. Users express their concern that this unique cultural art form may fade into obscurity unless efforts are made to preserve and pass it down to future generations.

#9: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

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“I don’t hear with weddings anymore the old adage of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

The tradition in question could be anything from throwing rice or birdseed at the couple to the belief in a “lucky” wedding date or the bride traditionally wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” on her wedding day. These customs once held special meaning and were believed to ensure a prosperous and harmonious marriage. The charming superstition, meant to bring good luck, has lost its prominence in modern weddings, leaving some users nostalgic for this whimsical custom.

#10: Saying “Rabbit Rabbit” on the First Day of the Month


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This quirky superstition, originating from British culture, is slowly fading away. Saying “rabbit rabbit” was believed to bring good luck, and saying it twice was thought to bring double luck. Many users remember this childhood tradition with fondness, even if it’s no longer commonly practiced.

#11: Night Games

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“When I was a child (25 now) this was one of the best parts about Friday night’s. I’d go from school to sleeping over at my cousins most Friday nights. Almost every house that was on his street had a kid that would come out for night games on Fridays.”

Friday night used to mean gathering with friends and neighbors for exciting night games. However, as technology and changing lifestyles have become more prevalent, the tradition of Friday night outdoor games has become less common. Many users now long for the days when the neighborhood streets and parks were filled with laughter and friendly competition. These memories hold a special place in their hearts, serving as a reminder of the simple joys and genuine connections that were once a hallmark of Friday nights in their youth.

#12: Dropping Silverware and Saying “Someone is Coming”

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“Fork would mean a female, knife male, spoon couple/family. Usually wasn’t wrong either.”

The saying “company’s coming” was rooted in the belief that an unexpected guest or visitor was on their way when such a mishap occurred. It added a touch of fun and mystery to the moment, turning a minor accident into a playful prediction. Though once a common response, this quirky tradition has become scarce in today’s households, leaving some users sentimental for this simple yet endearing custom.

#13: Trick or Treat

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“Number at my door is less and less every year and parents are scared to let their kids eat a stranger’s candy”

For generations, children have eagerly donned costumes, knocked on neighbors’ doors, and chanted “trick or treat!” as they received candies and treats, fostering a sense of community and excitement on Halloween night. However, concerns about child safety, including issues related to stranger danger and the potential for tampered treats, have prompted parents and communities to seek alternative ways to celebrate the holiday. While it may be safer, many users feel that it is a departure from the time-honored tradition of going from house to house on Halloween night.

#14: Shorthand

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“Shorthand, although nobody really knows it any more. Forty years ago if you had a secretary she knew shorthand. Her boss wrote in longhand.”

Shorthand, a skill mastered by secretaries in the past, has all but disappeared in the modern workplace. Users reflect on the era when shorthand was a crucial tool for transcription, highlighting the changing dynamics of the workforce and the decline of this once-valuable skill.

#15: Visiting Graves of Family Members and Sprucing Them up

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“I went with my grandfather to visit his parents’ for Christmas and he kept commenting how sad it is that so much of the cemetery is devoid of any decorations this time of year.”

The tradition of visiting family graves during holidays and special occasions is slowly fading away. Users share stories of how cemeteries used to be adorned with decorations, a testament to the love and respect for departed loved ones. Nowadays, this tradition seems to be overlooked by many, leaving some feeling saddened by the neglect of these resting places.

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