My Future Mother-In-Law Wore My Wedding Dress! Is This Normal?

In a whirlwind of emotions and wedding dress drama, a bride-to-be finds herself entangled in a family feud with her future mother-in-law. This juicy tale of family turmoil and wedding attire woes unraveled when the Original Poster (OP) spilled the beans on her story via social media, eagerly seeking judgments on her actions.

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The Allure of The Bridal Gown

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Our tale commences with OP’s account of purchasing a wedding dress just weeks before her big day. What should have been a joyous and exhilarating time, however, took a different turn. OP noticed that her future mother-in-law (FMIL) seemed inexplicably fixated on getting a peek at, or perhaps even a try-on of, the coveted wedding dress. OP staunchly rebuffed these persistent requests, allowing not even a sliver of opportunity for FMIL to lay eyes on the treasured gown.

To OP’s utter astonishment, her FMIL’s relentless pursuit escalated to an astonishing offer of $100 in exchange for the chance to don the bridal attire.

Puzzled and somewhat disconcerted, OP couldn’t help but wonder why FMIL was so determined to get her hands on the wedding dress. When she finally mustered the courage to ask, FMIL revealed that her obsession with trying on wedding dresses was at the heart of the matter.

A Startling Discovery

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The plot thickens when OP unexpectedly returns home early from work one fateful day. To her surprise, her fiancé is present and seems visibly perturbed by her early arrival. She notices he’s actively keeping her away from her own room and is sending text messages fervently.

Driven by a desire to unearth the truth, she barges into the room and is left utterly speechless by what she encounters – her FMIL, wearing her wedding dress. OP manages to swiftly capture a photo of her FMIL in the dress with her phone.

The Ultimatum

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OP demands that FMIL foot the bill for a brand-new wedding dress within three days or face dire consequences. OP is prepared to make her point clear, threatening to share the incriminating photos with the entire family if her demands go unmet.

The ensuing confrontation leaves FMIL in tears and ignites a fiery argument between OP and her fiancé. As tensions escalate, her fiancé accuses her of overreacting, suggesting that his mother merely wished to try on the dress. OP, however, is repulsed by the idea of the dress she had dreamed of wearing being tarnished by her FMIL’s actions.

A Family Divided

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OP’s sense of disgust grows, and she no longer wishes to wear the tainted dress. In her view, a wedding dress should be reserved for the bride and no one else. Her fiancé’s inability to stand up to his mother in defense of his bride’s rights further fuels her anger. The argument escalates to the point where her fiancé, frustrated and unable to sway OP, chooses to leave the house, taking refuge with his mother since the dispute.

While OP grapples with a tumultuous mix of emotions, she reflects on her own feelings about the dress and the $3,000 she spent on it. Meanwhile, her family members perceive her actions as an escalation, casting doubt on her relationship with both her fiancé and FMIL.

An Unorthodox Offer of Resolution

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As OP contemplates her next move, an unexpected offer arrives from her fiancé. He expresses his willingness to cover the cost of a new dress but attaches a set of conditions to his proposal. These conditions require OP to relinquish her phone for the deletion of the incriminating photo, swear that no additional copies exist, extend an apology to FMIL, and commit to refraining from participation in his family’s group chat and logging out of Facebook for at least a month.

The Ongoing Struggle

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Moose-Live and several others suggest reconsidering the prospect of marrying someone who cannot advocate for his bride’s right to wear the wedding dress.

The commenter asked, “Are you sure you want to marry this guy? He stood guard outside your bedroom so that his mother could try on your wedding dress. Do you think he will ever stand up for you against her?

Users insinuated that the narrative may be veering into uncomfortable territory, hinting at a peculiar attachment between the fiancé and his mother.

81optimus says, “He’s just shown you he’ll always side with her. You want this for the rest of your life? Think long and hard before saying ‘I do’.”

Rain-squirrel suggests a rather dramatic option by stating that the OP should, “Send the photo to everyone invited…with an announcement that regretfully, you will no longer be participating in the wedding, but you wish the couple the best.”

Making Tough Choices

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OP finds herself at a crossroads where her decisions carry profound implications. The path she chooses will ultimately determine whether she finds reconciliation and a fresh start or opts for a break from the past.

What are your thoughts on this predicament? What do you believe OP should do? Share your insights in the comments.

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