13 Things That Have Faded Away So Slow That You Missed That It’s Gone

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In a fast-paced world filled with constant change and innovation, it’s easy to overlook the gradual disappearance of things we once held dear. Through the lens of a social media thread, we’ll explore a variety of treasures from the past that have faded away so slowly that many of us have missed their departure.

From nostalgic childhood delights to technological relics, join us as we take a stroll down memory lane and uncover the quiet vanishing acts that have left us feeling both nostalgic and curious.

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#1. Toys in Cereal Boxes: A Blast from the Past

Cornflakes cereal breakfast
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Remember those delightful surprises nestled inside your cereal box? Many users agree that toys in cereal boxes were a cherished part of their childhood. A user nostalgically recalls the excitement of finding plastic footballers and footballs in their cereal, reveling in the soft plastic’s tactile delight. Sadly, these little treasures seem to have faded away slowly. Some users suggested that safety concerns, like the risk of children swallowing small toys, might have led to their disappearance, leaving us longing for the days of cereal box surprises.

#2. Disappearing Decorative Fountains in Malls

Hygieia fountain
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Shopping malls used to be synonymous with decorative fountains, but now they’re a rare sight. One user pointed out this fading feature, and many echoed the sentiment. These once ubiquitous water displays added a touch of elegance to shopping trips. Today, they seem to have evaporated from malls, leaving us reminiscing about the soothing sound of flowing water amidst a sea of shoppers.

#3. Ronald McDonald’s Quiet Exit

Nontaburi, Thailand- May 07, 2020 : Ronald-Mcdonald mascot sitting on wooden bench in front of McDonald's restaurant, The McDonald's logo has branches around the world.
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McDonald’s aficionados, did you notice the gradual disappearance of Ronald McDonald from the fast-food giant’s marketing? Surprisingly, it happened about 4 or 5 years ago, and no one seemed to notice. Some users shared this revelation, highlighting how this iconic clown slowly faded into obscurity without much fanfare, leaving us wondering about the fate of the world’s most famous hamburger ambassador.

#4. Airport Coin Spirals: The Mesmerizing Lost Art

cute pink piggy bank for kids on yellow background
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Airports used to have these captivating coin spirals, where you could drop coins and watch them spiral down into the center. Users reminisced about these mesmerizing installations. They were a source of amusement during layovers and a chance to make wishes with spare change. Alas, these coin spirals have become as rare as a direct flight on a busy travel day, leaving travelers yearning for the quirky airport pastime.

#5. The Vanishing Line Between Childhood and Adulthood

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The transition from childhood to adulthood used to be more defined, but now it seems to blur. Some users pointed out the disappearance of this clear demarcation, and one user even mentioned the concept of “emerging adulthood.” This developmental period is indeed intriguing, as the path to adulthood becomes less predictable. As we ponder this shift, it’s clear that the line between being a kid and being a grown-up isn’t as sharp as it used to be.

#6. Farewell to iPods

Pavlograd, Ukraine - December 13, 2014: iPod classic 160 Gb with airpods on silver metal laptop. Studio shot, isolated on white background.
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Remember when iPods were all the rage? Some users discussed how Apple phased out these iconic music players in favor of the iPhone. Interestingly, there were concerns within Apple about this move. The iPhone’s integration of the iPod app into the phone raised questions about diluting the brand. However, this gamble paid off, as the iPhone eventually soared in popularity. It’s a reminder that even tech giants take calculated risks in the ever-evolving world of gadgets.

#7. Gumball Machines: A Sugary Disappearance

Boy looking for gum
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Gumball machines and 25-cent machines at store exits were once a sweet treat for many. Users shared their nostalgia for these colorful dispensers. Sadly, these sugary delights have gradually vanished from the exits of restaurants and stores, leaving us with a craving for the simple joys of childhood.

#8. The Erosion of Privacy: A Slow but Steady Decline

Plastic and iron padlocks on a wooden table
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Privacy has been slipping away from our lives. Many users voiced concerns about the slow erosion of privacy in the age of social media and technology. With each click and share, our personal space seems to shrink, and the digital world encroaches further. It’s a reminder to be vigilant about safeguarding our online presence.

#9. The Disappearing Free Tax Forms

Top view of word 'tax' made of blue cards with documents on background
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Tax season used to mean racks of free paper tax forms at local libraries, post offices, and government facilities. Users remembered these convenient resources that offered every obscure tax form you needed. Sadly, these stacks of tax paperwork have dwindled, leaving taxpayers to navigate the digital labyrinth of online tax forms.

#10. Phonebooks: A Fading Relic

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When was the last time you used a phonebook? Users speculated that it might have been around 2001! These once-thick directories are technically still around, but their relevance has all but disappeared. In the age of smartphones and online directories, phonebooks have become relics of a bygone era.

#11. The Vanishing Insects: A Silent Ecological Crisis

Fireflies/ Night in the forest with fireflies
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Insects used to fill the air with their vibrant presence. Users shared their childhood memories of fireflies, colorful moths, and the soothing sound of cicadas. However, these once-plentiful critters have slowly dwindled. Moth populations, in particular, have plummeted in some areas. It’s a stark reminder of the ecological changes happening around us.

#12. Payphones: A Transformation into Mini Service Centers

Vintage Rotary Pay Phone - Old Pay Telephone with Coin Slots
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Remember payphones? In some places, they’ve evolved into phone repair shops, defibrillator stations, or even phone charging points. Users shared these surprising transformations, highlighting how these relics of communication past have found new purposes in our modern world.

#13. The Disappearing Art of Flying Kites

Side view of father and daughter sitting with kite
Image Credit: AllaSerebrina /Depositphotos.com.

Flying kites used to be a cherished pastime for many. Users agreed that this simple pleasure seems to have faded away. But why? Some users wondered aloud, expressing curiosity about why such a timeless activity has become less popular. Perhaps there are still kite hobbyists out there, waiting to reignite the skies with colorful kites.

Source: Reddit.

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