16 Rules of Etiquette People Say Others Have Forgotten Around Them

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These are the voices of people from various corners of social media, sharing their observations on the etiquette and manners that seem to have faded from our daily interactions. In an age where technology and fast-paced living often take center stage, these responses shed light on the customs and courtesies that some believe are slipping away from our collective consciousness.

From saying ‘Thank you’ to respecting the elderly, these insights offer a glimpse into the evolving landscape of social behaviors and the longing for a return to more considerate and gracious interactions.

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#1: Saying “Thank You”

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“The practice of saying ‘Thank you’ has seemed to be a thing of the past. I’m ceaselessly amazed at how little etiquette there is today. Although I was pleasantly surprised recently when a young man (18–19) held the door open for me at Starbucks, and when I told him ‘Thank you,’ he said ‘You’re welcome.’ So, there’s still hope!”

Demonstrating gratitude through simple phrases like “Thank you” should remain a common courtesy.

#2: Placing On Hold Etiquette

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“Please hold,” CLICK, or better yet, without the “please.” Basically they just kind of hang up on you, as they put you on hold. This replaced, “Would you mind if I put you on hold please?” which was just a formality—but at least there was room for your response, which generally was “Sure,” or whatever.

No time for that! Nope. You don’t get a vote now. I believe this is a bad sign for civility.”

The disappearance of polite phrases like “Please hold” in phone conversations reflects a decline in civility, where directness has replaced common courtesies.

#3: Table Manners

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“My grandmother would flip her wig and choke on her dentures if she saw how people today don’t have table manners.”

The lack of table manners is not only disrespectful but also a departure from the traditions of respecting mealtime etiquette.

#4: Real Handshakes

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“In the last couple of years, you don’t know how many people lol at me like I’m crazy when I stick out my hand and actually grip their hand.”

A genuine handshake is a sign of respect and trust, and it’s unfortunate that some people find it unusual nowadays.

#5: Respecting the Elderly

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“Such as leaving your seat on a bus for an elderly person or helping them carry their grocery bags. It is a high level of human compassion that should be encouraged.”

Showing compassion and respect for the elderly should be a fundamental practice in society.

#6: Speaking and Laughing Respectfully

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“I find loud people exhausting, and I, along with most people, don’t like to overhear private conversations in public places.”

Speaking and laughing loudly in public spaces can be disruptive and disrespectful to others.

#7: Eating with Etiquette

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“Eating slowly and noiselessly. This will help you make a good impression when you’re invited somewhere.”

Many users go on to express surprise at how many people eat with their mouth open or make a complete mess while eating.

#8: Hosting Guests

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“Even if you don’t like them, remember that they are in your home, it’s your duty to be nice and cordial and avoid questions and statements that might embarrass them.”

Being a gracious host means putting aside personal differences and making guests feel welcome.

#9: Using Proper Language

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“Use the proper words to express your ideas, try to expand your vocabulary, and avoid cursing and ‘street talk’. This is a rule sadly overlooked nowadays by most young people.”

Language reflects respect, and using proper words is essential for effective communication.

#10: Respecting Personal Space

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“Be quiet when other people are asleep. That means more than not talking — not slamming doors, drawers, etc.”

Respecting others’ need for quiet and personal space is crucial for maintaining harmonious relationships. Many users complained about how close people stand to them in lines, with no regard for personal space.

#11: Checkout Etiquette

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“Be prepared with your payment type and your order, if applicable, before you get in line. Don’t get to the front of the line and then look at the menu board.”

Being prepared in line and not holding up others demonstrates consideration for fellow customers.

#12: Putting Down The Phone

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“Do not continue speaking on your cell phone once you have arrived at the cashier, teller, or table in a restaurant so you can complete your transaction quickly so others don’t have to wait.”

Ending phone conversations promptly at transaction points shows respect for others’ time.

#13: Noise Pollution

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“Noise to me is the absolute worst. People don’t care about being loud and obnoxious. I think noise pollution is offensive in the extreme.”

Excessive noise, whether from music, screaming children, or loud conversations, can disrupt the peace and is often overlooked as a breach of etiquette. Tons of users complained about people talking loudly in movie theaters and on public transport.

#14: Returning Borrowed Items

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“If you borrow someone else’s novel/ books, do not mark anything in them. Return them in good condition and within an acceptable time.”

Respecting borrowed items and returning them in good condition and in a timely manner is a sign of responsibility and courtesy.

#15: Giving Compliments

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“Compliment people when you notice their extra efforts in something.”

Acknowledging and complimenting the efforts of others is a polite way to show appreciation.

#16: Responding to Missed Calls

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“If you get a missed call, remember to call them back. Or at least drop a message.”

Acknowledging missed calls and responding promptly is a simple yet often overlooked form of communication etiquette.

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