14 Things to Do Before Welcoming in The New Year

things to do before new years 2022

Do you have time off of work? Did you have to cancel your holiday trip and find yourself at home with some extra time? Here’s a list of things to do this holiday season to prepare for 2023.

14 Things to Do Before 2023

The year is almost at a close, and as we’re planning for the holidays and New Year’s Eve celebrations. But it’s also essential to make time to pause, think about this year and the year ahead.

1. Reflect on 2022

What goals have you accomplished this year? What goals do you want to bring with you into the new year? Were you able to incorporate all the healthy lifestyle habits from your resolutions list last year? Did you use your Peloton or Tonal as much as you promised yourself before purchasing it? Take some time to reflect on your year to prepare for the new year.

Victoria from Motherhood Life Balance says, “It’s important to reflect on your year and take notice of what you’ve accomplished. Praise yourself for getting through the year and celebrate your wins and things that made you happy. Then, head into the New Year with a positive mindset, so you’re ready to manifest your dream life and reach every goal.”

2. Give Back

The holidays are a great time to give back to people around you and those who are in need.

“December is a time for giving, and it’s when I make all of my charitable donations. Giving back is essential to those who are needier than ourselves. That’s why, when I started my blog this year, I committed to donating any income it generates. It’s the least that I can do,” says Joanne from Ugly Duckling Bakery.

3. Make Connections with Other People a Priority

Make a list of things you want to do with your family and friends this year.

“Many people have experienced isolation due to COVID. However, the holidays and the New Year celebrations are an excellent opportunity to connect with friends and family again,” says Ashley Robins from The (mostly) Simple Life.

As Thomas Oppong from Stanford Medicine stated: “Good social relationships are the most consistent predictor of a happy life.” It’s important to make the most of these opportunities to connect with friends. Before the year ends, think about new ways to connect with friends and family.”

4. Get Organized

The end of the year might be the perfect time to get your home and goals organized.

“One thing I am determined to do before the year ends is get more organized. Typically, I would consider that a New Years Resolution. But I just feel like it would be such a great start to the year if I am already more organized, says Kayla from Motivation for Mom. “I believe it would help me get a good start to a lot of my goals for the next year if I could get various areas of my life organized, such as my office, my finances, my work schedule, my kid’s extracurriculars, and any other miscellaneous things I can get done.”

5. Declutter

Out with the old and in with the new! Take the time to clear out the clutter in your home so that you can start the New Year with a fresh perspective and living space. It really does wonders for your mindset.

“Before the year ends, take the chance to declutter and deep clean the house. It’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate “out with the old” and start the new year out with a little less weighing you down,” says Jaymi from Long Beach Kids.

6. Set Financial Goals

Review your financial status and goals for the following year. Tax time will be here shortly, and you will want to ensure you’re organized and ready to go.

“Take a few minutes to set financial goals for 2023 and set up automatic methods to reach these goals,” says Katie from Kay Beelives. “Evaluate your financial status, and set goals that are important to you. Goals like spending less in certain budget areas, saving more for retirement, paying down debt, or saving for a necessary purchase.”

“Now, take the step to automate these goals! Set up an extra monthly automated debt repayment, fill out the paperwork to increase your 401(k) contribution, start an automatic monthly transfer to a savings account or your IRA. Make a plan, automate it, and meet your 2023 goals!”

7. Evaluate Your Subscriptions

Take a look at all your subscriptions and evaluate if they are still being used and if you’d like to update or cancel any of these subscriptions for the following year. Then, you can direct that money to savings, paying down debt, or other personal finance goals.

“You may have two or more types of the same subscription and, in that case, may be able to cancel one, for example, keeping Netflix and canceling Hulu,” says Annie from Savvy Honey. “Go through and cancel all the subscriptions that you don’t need. You’ll find doing this will help you start the new year off by already saving money, and it will be one less thing you’ll have to do in January.”

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8. Review Your Medical Expenses

Reviewing your medical expenses and getting them ready for taxes and the following year is a good way to ease some stress before the new year.

“Organize your medical expenses and your small business finances using one of the free spreadsheets. If you think you may owe money for your taxes on your small business, consider making a large purchase you can itemize (like a computer) that can help offset the costs,” says Tiffany from Savings Talents. “If you have already met your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum on your medical insurance, quickly schedule any optional medical procedures that can be free of charge this year (like a colonoscopy or septoplasty).”

9. Schedule Your Medical Appointments for the Year

How many times have you forgotten to book the dentist or eye doctor? Scheduling all of these appointments can feel overwhelming when you forget they’re coming up.

“Before the year ends, schedule all your annual health and wellness exams for the following year. Sometimes these types of appointments have to be planned months in advance anyway, so it’s helpful to organize them way ahead of time,” says Annie from Everyday Gifter. “Set reminders on your phone or through a calendar app so you’ll be alerted before the appointment.”

10. Think About a New Hobby

Take up a new hobby in the New Year! Get those creative juices flowing and use a hobby as a way to relax, unwind and maybe even make some extra cash next year.

“What would you like doing more of in the new year? Maybe get out in the countryside more? Enjoy more time with friends and family while doing an enjoyable activity? For example, you could plan more hiking trips and pick up a new hobby such as metal detecting. Use the time until the year ends to inform yourself about the recent hobby you would like to pick up and plan if you need any additional gear so you are ready. Then, invite some friends and family along – a new activity with other people is even more enjoyable,” says Dan from Tech Metals Research.

11. Make Winter Memories

Take advantage of the winter activities and holiday markets in your area to create holiday memories.

“I have many memories of ice skating in my youth while visiting family in the midwest. Now living in California, I want my son to experience ice skating. At the same time, he is still young, and the only commercially available ice skating options nearby are only during the holiday season,” says Jessica from The Forked Spoon. “So I will take my family ice skating before the year is over and hopefully create some good memories in the process.”

12. Have Fun

The last half of December can be a really busy time of year. It can be exhausting between holiday parties, family obligations, and finishing up all your work before signing off for the year. After you take a day or two to recharge, use this time off of work and school to have fun!

“The holiday season can be so busy and tiring, but with time off from your job and kids out of school, it’s also a great time to have fun and spend time doing the things you love,” says Monica from Planner at Heart. “Whether that’s grabbing a show, seeing a concert, going to an amusement park, playing your favorite video games, or going to your kids’ favorite play place, joy and laughter are a great way to end the year.”

13. Take a Road Trip

How about one last road trip memory for the year.? Depending on the weather where you live, now might be a great time to hit the road and make some memories, even just for a day trip.

“There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned family road trip to create memories and inspire adventure! Start simple and choose a destination, then work on trip details, including your route, lodging, menu plans, transportation options, and any attractions you want to see,” says Devon from Glamper Life.

14. Plan a Trip for Next Year

Now might be a great time to plan for a trip that you will take next year. So let the planning begin now, so you start the new year off excited for your next adventure.

“As the year comes to an end, I like to start thinking about where I might want to travel next year. Travel planning can be as much fun as the trip itself, and it’s great to have something exciting to look forward to. Planning also gives you time to work out all the details and search for good deals on flights, hotels, and other activities,” says Ali from Berlin Travel Tips.

“Whether you’re planning one big bucket list trip or several shorter trips close to home, starting the process well ahead of time can be helpful and gives you a better chance of following through with it.

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