Money Down the Drain: 14 Expenses You Should Think Twice About

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We’ve all been there – spending our hard-earned cash on things that, in hindsight, seem like a total waste. But hey, misery loves company, and many users on social media agree that there are some expenses that make you scratch your head. Let’s dive into this list of “Things That Are a Complete Waste of Money, But People Still Pay For,” as suggested by these insightful commenters.

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#1 Warranty for Cheap Items

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“Extended warranties on something like a small appliance under $200.”

Some users suggested that buying an extended warranty for cheap items like toasters or headphones is like getting insurance for your cereal. Why pay extra for protection on items that cost less than the warranty itself? Most of these gadgets are already designed to outlast their warranty period, so you might as well save your money for something more worthwhile.

#2 Data Plans

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“Internet service providers that still don’t offer unlimited data plans.”

The frustration is real when it comes to internet service providers (ISPs) that cling to limited data plans. With the ever-increasing demand for online streaming and remote work, it’s baffling that some ISPs are still imposing data caps. Many users argue that it’s high time for these companies to catch up with the times and offer unlimited data plans that reflect our data-hungry lifestyles.

#3 Celebrity Preachers

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“The money people send to celebrity preachers.”

Many commenters weighed in on this one, expressing bewilderment at the amount of money some individuals willingly hand over to celebrity preachers. While personal faith is a matter of choice, some users questioned the financial wisdom of donating substantial sums to religious figures who often lead opulent lifestyles.

#4 Latest Smartphones

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“Annually replacing a smartphone.”

In the age of planned obsolescence, some users couldn’t help but wonder why people feel the need to replace their smartphones every year. Yes, the latest models are tempting, but the incremental upgrades often don’t justify the hefty price tag. Perhaps it’s time to break free from the smartphone upgrade treadmill.

#5 Third-party Food Delivery Apps

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“Food delivery from third-party apps. Not only is takeout already expensive, you are paying a 10–20% upcharge on the menu, then there’s the fees and tip.”

Food delivery has become a convenience we can’t live without, but it comes at a cost. Many users pointed out that ordering through third-party apps not only involves menu markups but also fees and tips that add up quickly. Sometimes, a little extra effort to pick up your meal can save you a lot in the long run.

#6 Vacations for Small Kids

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“Vacations to kid-centered places with kids too young to appreciate them. I mean taking a one and two-year-old to Disney, for example. It’s an expensive trip that they are not old enough to appreciate.”

Family vacations can be a fantastic way to create lasting memories, but some users questioned the logic of splurging on destinations specifically designed for kids when the little ones might not fully appreciate the experience. It might be more cost-effective and enjoyable to choose destinations that cater to a wider range of interests.

#7 Extravagant Weddings

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“Huge Weddings. – Why drop $50-100k. Why drop that much money on an event? Yes, the memory is important, but some folks drop ridiculous amounts on the perfect event when a much smaller one would be more intimate and not bankrupt someone.”

Why break the bank on a single day when a more intimate celebration can be just as meaningful? Many users echoed this sentiment, questioning the need to spend a small fortune on a lavish wedding. While special moments are essential, some feel that a simpler and more budget-friendly event can be just as beautiful and memorable.

#8 Cigarettes

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“Cigarette (smoking in general), you literally burn your money.”

Smoking is not only detrimental to health, but it also burns a significant hole in your wallet. Numerous commenters highlighted the irony of setting your hard-earned cash ablaze with each cigarette. When you consider the long-term health consequences and the financial drain, it becomes clear why many users consider smoking a wasteful habit.

#9 Games

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“In-app purchases in games”

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of mobile games, but some users cautioned against falling for the in-app purchase trap. These micro-transactions, while tempting, can quickly add up and lead to substantial expenses. Instead, consider enjoying the game without splurging on virtual goodies that may offer only fleeting satisfaction.

#10 10mm Socket

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“10mm socket…it’ll be gone before you can get a chance to use it.”

If you’ve ever tinkered with tools, you’ve likely experienced the mysterious disappearance of a 10mm socket. It’s a running joke among users that this particular tool has a knack for vanishing into thin air. While tools are essential, the elusive 10mm socket seems to have a talent for evading use.

#11 Gym Supplements

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“95% of gym supplements. Aside from caffeine and creatine, none of them have been vetted enough to be called effective. And the ones that have are never effective.”

Fitness enthusiasts chimed in, sharing their skepticism about the effectiveness of most gym supplements. Many users stressed that most supplements lack substantial scientific backing. Instead of blindly investing in a cabinet full of powders and pills, it’s wise to prioritize a balanced diet and proven exercise routines.

#12 Fake Followers

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“Paid followers in social media”

The allure of fame can lead some individuals to purchase followers. However, these fake followers provide no real engagement or value. Users cautioned against this practice, emphasizing the importance of building an authentic and engaged audience over quantity.

#13 Bottled Water

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“Get a filter for your faucet or a Brita pitcher. You don’t need individual plastic bottles of water for the home.”

One comment that gained widespread support was the disdain for bottled water. Users pointed out that it’s both environmentally and economically wasteful to purchase individual plastic bottles of water when more sustainable options like faucet filters or Brita pitchers are readily available.

#14 Natural Diamonds

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“Personally, I think paying a ton extra for natural diamonds, especially blood diamonds, is a waste of money.”

The topic of diamonds drew strong opinions from users. Many questioned the value of splurging on natural diamonds, especially when ethically sourced lab-created diamonds and moissanite can offer similar beauty without ethical concerns. Users stressed the importance of considering alternative options when purchasing these precious gems.

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