10 Astonishing And Absurd Stories Of People Canceling Their Wedding That You Wouldn’t Believe

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In the unpredictable world of romance, love stories often take unexpected twists and turns. While weddings are meant to mark the beginning of a lifelong journey together, some couples have decided to call it quits for reasons that are nothing short of absurd.

From disagreements about lasagna at the reception to bizarre conspiracy theories, join us as we delve into the most astonishing tales of canceled marriages, where “happily ever after” took an unexpected detour.

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#1. Lasagna Led To Loss

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“My Italian uncle canceled his wedding because the bride’s family (not Italian) would not serve lasagna at the wedding reception.

He ended up marrying an Irish woman whose family was okay with serving lasagna at the reception.”

#2. Disney Dreams vs. Reality

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“Bride canceled the wedding a week before because she was a hardcore Disney adult. She was offered a temp job at Disney and felt she ‘couldn’t miss the opportunity of her dreams.’”

#3. Not The Stuff Of Dreams

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“One of my marines has one that takes the cake. His marriage was canceled because his spouse’s parents had a dream that he would become abusive and an addict. She left him because of her parents’ dream. He’s now a multi-millionaire.”

#4. Not Costly Enough

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“I was going to be a guest at a wedding and found out it was canceled 2 weeks before the date. The bride found out that the groom had gotten a significant discount on the price of the venue, and she was insanely angry that anything at her wedding cost less than the premium.

Keep in mind, this was her dream venue that she had chosen. She was just mad that her fiancé was “cheap”.”

#5. Prank Gone Wrong

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“The best man said in his speech that he slept with the bride about 2 weeks before the wedding. All hell broke loose. The groom demanded that the marriage be canceled. It took a few days to get the truth out & for the groom to finally listen. The best man thought it [would have been] a great prank. The groom was apologetic to the bride, but she didn’t forgive him.”

#6. The Double Life Deception

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“My friend’s former fiancé was a nice dude. Firefighter, easy to talk to, treated her well, and got her a nice ring. Every now and then, the ring would go missing, but he would eventually find it, safe and sound.

She had a good job, too, and was giving him thousands of dollars a month to fix up a house they had bought to live in after they’d gotten married.

Turns out, the dude was living two lives or attempting to at the very least: he’s married for 10+ years and had two kids, the engagement ring was his wife’s, and he stole it back every now and then to “find” it for her. There was never a house; he never bought one and used all the thousands he had been given solely on cocaine.”

#7. Last Name Dilemma

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“My cousin called it off 3 days in advance because the bride and groom couldn’t agree on whether to hyphenate their last names or use his.”

#8. Gambling Away Love

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“A friend of mine dated a guy for 8 years; they were young, it started in high school. Had the wedding all planned and mostly paid for. A month before the wedding she found him stealing her money and gambling with it. She ended up selling her dress on ebay. Gave the ring back to his best friend, who it turns out, paid for it.”

#9. Hidden Truths

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“The man was gay and she was just his test to see if he could love a girl. She was heartbroken, but had her suspicions about him.”

#10. Control and Deception

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“My brother called it off on the morning of the wedding. She was incredibly controlling, faked a pregnancy and didn’t want to meet any of his family even though she lived a mile away.

Her mother got her to cancel the reception hall a week before because she wanted it at her house. Loads of people dropped out, and my brother felt the pressure.”

Source: Reddit.

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