11 Names You’d Use for Newborns If You Wanted to Ruin Their Lives (BUT Maintain Plausible Deniability About Having Done It on Purpose)

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When it comes to naming newborns, most parents aim for names that will set their children up for success and happiness. However, some user comments from a social media thread have sparked a rather hilarious discussion about names that could potentially make life a bit more challenging for these kids. While these names may not be intentionally chosen to ruin lives, the commenters have some entertainingly unconventional ideas to share.

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#1 Summer Eve

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“I went to school with a girl named Summer Eve, which is a douche.”

User comments suggest that naming your child “Summer Eve” might not be the best idea. While it might sound lovely at first, the association with a certain hygiene product might lead to some awkward moments down the line.

#2 Macaroni

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“Macaroni. Mac for short, even on their birth certificate. They always go by Mac; no one would ever call them Macaroni, only me and in private. Most people will assume Mac is short for Mackenzie, but Macaroni will know. Macaroni will know every second of every day. It will burn deep down inside. This is how I will create a supervillain.”

Imagine naming your child “Macaroni” and insisting that everyone calls them “Mac.” While most people might assume it’s short for something else, the commenters playfully suggest that deep down, Macaroni will always know the truth.

#3 Petal, Honey, Bunny, etc.

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“Petal, Honey or Bunny. They sound like cute names for a little girl at first, except that it’s rather hard to be taken seriously years down the line when you’re a full-grown adult and trying to address a boardroom of important people, and your name is something like “Petal Rose”, “Honey Little” or “Bunny Walker”, making you sound like a character straight out of a Beatrix Potter novel or a Sylvanian Families toy.”

#4 P**n

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“Name it “P**n”. In Thai language, it is a common name that shows up often. It means getting a good blessing.”

While it may sound eyebrow-raising in English-speaking countries, some users find humor in the dual meaning of the name in Thai. Could “P**n” be the name that surprises and delights?

#5 Otto Graph

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“Knew a guy named Otto Graph. That was just weird.”

It’s safe to say that growing up with a name that sounds like a play on words can lead to some interesting conversations and memorable moments.

#6 Dyck

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“The last name “Dyck” is very common in the area I live in. When I moved here in grade 8, there was an announcement over the school’s PA for a “Harry Dyck” to report to the office.”

The hilarity ensues with the name “Harry Dyck” due to the whimsical phonetic resemblance between the last name “Dyck” and a slang term for male anatomy. “Harry,” a rather ordinary first name, takes on a whole new level of comedic charm when paired with “Dyck,” creating a wordplay that tickles the funny bone.

#7 Ptoughneigh

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“Tony spelled Ptoughneigh”

Would you name your child “Tony” but insist on spelling it “Ptoughneigh”? Some users playfully suggest this twist on a familiar name, which would undoubtedly lead to a lifetime of correcting pronunciation and spelling.

#8 Eileen

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“My granny is called Eileen. Little did my great grandparents know that she would contract childhood polio that left her with one leg longer than the other. I feel terrible for this, my granny is a Saint…but come on!”

Sometimes, a seemingly innocent name like “Eileen” can take an unexpected turn when life presents challenges. One user shares a heartfelt but humorous story of their grandmother, who overcame adversity despite her name’s unintentional connection to her condition.

#9 Gaylord

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“Gaylord. Yes, this is an actual name, and it makes me depressingly sigh to think of it again.”

As one commenter laments, “Gaylord” is indeed an actual name, but it can elicit a range of responses. It’s a reminder that a name can carry a significant impact throughout life.

#10 Syphilis

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“Syphilis. I had a friend who thought this was the most beautiful name, but he didn’t know it was an STD.”

The comment about finding “Syphilis” as a beautiful name brings forth a chuckle, but it also shines a light on the shocking lack of awareness that can sometimes surround certain names. In fact, there have been instances where people unintentionally named their children “Candida” or “Chlamydia”.

#11 D**k Trickle

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“My parents knew someone in university who called himself D**k (from Richard, of course). D**k’s last name was Trickle. My dad, in particular, can’t tell the story without laughing uncontrollably.”

The story of “D**k Trickle” serves as a humorous lesson in the importance of considering how a first name might interact with the family name. It’s a reminder that when selecting names for your child, it’s a good idea to ensure that the combination doesn’t unintentionally lead to funny or awkward twists that could potentially bring years of laughter.

Source: Reddit.

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