“Why Is Manliness Fading Away?” 10 Hilarious Answers To This Question Posted Online

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In the wild and wacky world of social media, someone dared to ask, “Why is manliness fading away in the modern world?” Well, strap in, because the responses were nothing short of hilarious. Here’s a quick rundown with some tongue-in-cheek commentary.

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#1. Compassionate Strength vs. Macho Douchebaggery

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“It’s not, we’ve just realized that the ‘compassionate strength’ form of manliness is superior to the ‘macho douchebag’ form.”

Ah, the age-old debate of compassionate strength versus macho douchebaggery. It seems the world has finally recognized that toxic masculinity is about as appealing as a soggy sandwich. Let’s toast to the rise of the gentleman with a heart!

#2. Real Men’s Disassociation

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“Probably because real men don’t want to associate with people like you.”

Ouch, a straight-up burn! It appears this person believes that real men are distancing themselves from something unpleasant. Well, perhaps it’s time to redefine what it means to be “real” in this ever-changing world.

#3. A Two-Millennium Lament

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“Men have been complaining about manliness fading for over 2000 years.”

Two millennia of men lamenting the fading manliness—now that’s some dedication to a cause! It’s almost as if masculinity has its own secret fan club, complete with a timeless grumble.

#4. Manly Evolution: From Wood-Chopping to Oil Changes

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“The opportunity to do things that have been considered manly is disappearing. We don’t need to chop firewood to keep warm… Just easier and more sensible to go to Jiffy Lube.”

Gone are the days of manly wood-chopping, and in comes the era of manly oil changes at Jiffy Lube! Who knew car maintenance could be the new frontier of masculinity? “I’ll take a synthetic blend and a side of manhood, please!”

#5. Spotting the “Real” Man

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“Manliness isn’t fading away. It’s just easier to spot loud, entitled, and validation-craving soft dudes…”

Well, it seems like the author believes that manliness hasn’t disappeared but has merely been replaced by a parade of entitled softies. It’s all about spotting the “real” man beneath the surface. Or perhaps it’s just a cry for attention?

#6. Reexamining Manliness and Equality

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“Manliness isn’t fading. It’s just being truly examined… If women are equal, true equal, then the interests coded for them should be viable options for boys and men.”

A deep dive into the intersection of manliness and equality! This quote advocates for breaking down stereotypes and letting everyone enjoy all the frivolous and dumb stuff equally. After all, gender should never be a barrier to playing with RC cars or getting one’s nails done!

#7. A Healthier, Accepting Society

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“Because society is getting healthier in terms of accepting people just being who they wanna be and not who they think they need to be.”

A nod to the evolving and healthier societal attitudes where people can be themselves without conforming to outdated notions of manliness. Here’s to a brighter, more accepting future!

#8. Letting Go of Masculine Stereotypes

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“Men are able to express themselves more freely and let go of masculine stereotypes that don’t suit them.”

Express yourself, fellas! It’s time to break free from those confining stereotypes and let your unique selves shine. Who needs macho clichés when you can be authentically you?

#9. Straight to the Point

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“It isn’t.”

Straight to the point, this one! Short, sweet, and to the manly point—because sometimes, brevity is the soul of…manliness?

#10. Chill, Don’t Skull-Cave

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“We don’t need people who can quickly and dispassionately cave a stranger’s skull in… Just chill.”

Ah, the call for a more chill and less skull-caving society. It’s true; we’ve evolved beyond the need for primal savagery. Now, it’s all about Netflix and chill, right?

Source: Reddit.

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