Peloton vs. Mirror vs. Tonal: Decide on the Best Smart Home Gym

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Technology is changing the way we workout at home. Gone are the days of using old exercise equipment at the gym that is unreliable or safe. Today, there are many different options for working out at home with a smart and compact home gym system, all of which have pros and cons. In this blog post, we will be reviewing three popular options: Mirror vs. Peloton vs. Tonal. All three systems can provide you with an excellent workout – it just depends on your needs!



Mirror is a new company that just started with their first product, called “Mirror” – an innovative smart home fitness device. It comes equipped with a large interactive screen and has a variety of featured workout programs, including yoga and pilates. You can also add on additional workouts such as boxing.

How much is a Mirror?

Starting at $1,495, this is another big investment for your smart home gym. The Mirror also comes at an additional cost of $39 per month for access to unlimited workout programs.

Mirrors PROS

  • Fitness Classes – With its wide variety of workout programs and over 30 included, Mirror is an excellent choice if you want to gain access to many different types of yoga or pilates workouts.
  • Technology & Design – The Mirror was designed by Apple alumni with a sleek look that can be easily mounted on your wall at home within your smart home gym. It also comes equipped with an HD touchscreen interface that allows you to control the workouts and music easily, without having to stop your workout!
  • User Experience – The Mirror is designed so well that it seamlessly becomes part of your home gym experience. You can see yourself working out from every angle on its large screen which makes you feel as though you are right there at the studio with everyone else!

Mirrors CONS

  • Price – With a hefty price tag, the Mirror will be another expensive but well-used piece of equipment for your home gym. There is a separate monthly cost to access the unlimited workout programs offered by the company.
  • Technology & Design – Though it is designed to be mounted on your wall, some customers have reported that the screen was too large for their home gym and ended up needing to purchase a larger TV stand.

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Peloton is a new company that has created a fantastic Peloton home exercise bike and treadmill. The company also recently released its HD touchscreen tablet, which allows you to stream live and on-demand classes.

How much is a Peloton stationary bike?

Peloton Bike – Starting at $1,495, you get a high-quality exercise bike at home for all your cardio needs within your smart home gym. The All-Access Membership fee to access the thousands of virtual cycling classes and other fitness classes is extra.

Peloton Bike+ – Starting at $2,495, this exercise bike gives you a total body workout with an immersive experience. With additional features such as a 360-degree rotating screen and the ability for this bike to auto-adjust the resistance based on the trainer’s cues, the higher price tag is undoubtedly justifiable for some. The All-Access Membership fee to access the thousands of fitness classes is extra.

How much is a Peloton Tread?

Peloton Tread – Starting at $2,495, this smart treadmill allows you to explore running, strength training, boot camp, and other home exercises from the comfort of your smart home gym. The All-Access Membership fee to access the thousands of fitness classes is extra.

Pelotons PROS

  • Fitness Classes – Access to over 4000+ classes per day!
  • Durable Fitness Equipment – Peloton bikes are known for being one of the most durable in the market today. Their equipment will last years without needing replacement, unlike other home gym systems. They also feature a 20-year warranty on all components of the Peloton bike, including the frame, parts, electronics, etc.
  • Community Connections – There is an excellent sense of community with Pelotons riders who help motivate each other during daily rides they take together online or in the studio.
  • Simple Set-Up – Peloton offers free in-home set-up by their team of Peloton techs who will walk you through step by step on how to assemble your Peloton fitness equipment correctly! They are also available for phone support throughout the whole process.

Pelotons CONS

  • Price – Peloton equipment is a bit on the more expensive side when compared to other alternatives. Also, the cost of the fitness equipment does not normally include the All-Access Membership that’s required to access the fitness classes.
  • Fitness Classes – Peloton classes are only in their live feed format, so you cannot view past or archived classes unless they have been recorded and uploaded for viewing.

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Tonal is a new company that also just got its start with their first product, called “Tonal” – an innovative smart home gym device. It comes equipped with a large interactive screen and has a variety of featured workout programs.

How much is a Tonal?

Starting at $2,995, Tonal is the most expensive smart home gym equipment on our list. Smart Accessories (smart handles, smart bar, rope, bench, roller, and workout mat) required for a full-body workout with the Tonal will cost you an extra $495. Membership, shipping, and installation are all additional extras that will make this smart home workout equipment north of $4,000.

Tonal PROS

  • Fitness Classes – With over 40 included workout classes, Tonal is a great choice if you like to change up your workouts and do not need access to every type of yoga or pilates workout there is.
  • Technology & Design – The Tonal comes with an app that allows you to easily search for all the different types of workouts. You also have the option to download them onto your Tonal for later use.
  • User Experience – The Tonal has a sleek look that allows you to easily mount it on your wall at home within your smart home gym, giving you an entire work out experience without ever having to leave!
  • Smart Attachments – The smart attachments that come with a Tonal can turn your home gym equipment into a resistance training and weight machine.

Tonal CONS

  • Price – With a price tag of $2,995 for the base equipment itself, the price is definitely the biggest and only con that matters for the Tonal.


Final Word

In conclusion, Peloton is the best smart home gym for its variety of live classes and cycling features. Mirror provides an excellent user experience because it seamlessly becomes part of your fitness routine at home by allowing you to see yourself exercising from every angle on its large screen! Tonal has a sleek design that makes it easy to mount within your smart home gym but can cost upwards of $4,000 with all the extras you need in order to use their full range of workouts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Peloton have a Mirror? Where can I buy a Peloton Mirror?

No. Peloton does not currently offer a Mirror for their equipment. However, they do have an extensive line of high-quality bikes and smart treadmills that are suitable replacements for your current workout space at home within your smart home gym!

What are Mirror workouts?

Mirror workouts are a unique experience that immerses you in a high-quality workout from the comfort of your smart home gym. You can also add on additional features to create an even more personalized and immersive fitness experience!

What workouts are on the Mirror?

You can choose from a variety of different workout classes, including yoga and pilates. There are also boxing classes available as well!

Mirror users have access to over 30 workouts which you can try for free – no monthly subscription required! You will need a monthly subscription to the All-Access Membership in order to continue using the unlimited number of workouts offered by Mirror.

Can the trainers see you on the Mirror?

Yes, the trainers can see you on the screen and talk to you throughout your workout!

This is one of the reasons why it feels like you are right there in the studio with everyone else but have a personal trainer at the same time! They know exactly what part of your body needs extra motivation, and you can easily follow along with the trainer!

Can you use the Mirror without a monthly subscription?

Yes. You can access all of the free workout classes offered by Mirror without a monthly subscription!

However, you will be limited to only one class per day and cannot switch between different workouts at any time. If you want unlimited access to their many different types of workouts, you will need an All-Access Membership that costs an additional $39/month.

Will Peloton make a Mirror?

Peloton has not announced any plans to make their own version of a Mirror. However, Peloton is always looking for ways to improve the user experience and boost customer satisfaction!

They are currently working on adding more classes so that you can continue making use of your Peloton investment at home within your smart home gym.

Are Mirror workouts effective?

Mirror workouts are effective in helping you exercise and burn calories while also improving your flexibility. If done correctly, it can help you lose weight, which is an excellent benefit for those looking to get into better shape!

In addition, some individuals report that Mirror has helped them find an escape from stressful and hectic lives. This can be a great way to improve mental health as well! The Mirror is definitely one of the most popular pieces of equipment featured in smart home gyms because it provides you with unique workouts that will help you meet your fitness goals quickly and effectively!

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