11 Outdated Technologies That You Definitely Still Use

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In an era of ever-evolving technology, some relics of the past still find relevance in our lives, as highlighted by social media users. These may not evoke nostalgia but rather showcase the persistence of certain tools and systems, despite the availability of more modern alternatives.

From magnetic strip credit cards to applicant tracking systems with countless input fields, these quotes shed light on the enduring presence of such technologies in our daily lives.

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1. Fax Machines

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“Fax machines. [So much] paper wasted to convey information. It needs an analog phone line, whereas the whole phone and IT system is digital nowadays. Incredibly slow, bad resolution, no color.” – Avijit

Commercial use of fax machines began in the mid-20th century and became more common in the 1960s and 1970s. Despite the advent of digital communication, fax machines persist in some industries like healthcare, legal, and real estate.

2. Credit Cards with Magnetic Strips

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“Credit cards in the U.S. carry a magnetic strip in the back, which in turn contains your account information. This has been the standard since the 1970s, and it hasn’t changed since then. Establishments in European countries have started adopting the EMV smart cards, with the European Central Bank recommending that usage of magstripe cards be abolished after 2012.” – Aditya

Magnetic strip credit cards remain in use despite the availability of more secure alternatives like EMV chip cards.

3. 12 Volt DC Plug for Cigarette Lighter

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“12 volt DC plug to plug into a cigarette lighter in a car… It is a misuse of the cigarette lighter to start with. They are huge, and they are constantly there.” – Karl Walter

Cigarette lighter plugs for 12-volt DC devices have been in use since the mid-20th century. Despite advances in-car technology, the 12-volt DC plug for cigarette lighters is still widely used, often for charging various devices on the go.

4. Candles

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“Candles. There are easier, safer ways to get light and aroma, but LEDs and Febreeze are nowhere near so comforting or fascinating as an open flame being made to do your bidding.” – Kalo Alexandra

Candles were first conceived and used in the Roman Empire around 500 BC. Candles, while outdated as a primary light source, continue to be cherished for their ambiance and the comforting feel of an open flame.

5. Landline Telephones

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“The (wired) telephone network… it is an amazing example of the resiliency of a mature technology.” – Viktor T. Toth

Landline telephones, though largely replaced by mobile phones, remain in use for their reliability in certain situations.

6. Keys

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“Those super-annoying, jingling, jangling, archaic little bastards… Why do we still need separate little metal keys for every unique door we need to open, car we need to start, mailbox we need access to, etc.?” – Mike Roulston

Physical keys continue to be used despite advancements in keyless entry systems.

7. Incandescent Light Bulbs

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“The incandescent light bulb… It’s very thin and provides good resistance to electricity. The filament glows from the heat. So what’s the problem? The problem is that these bulbs need a lot of wattage to produce a little light.” – Tim Chin

Thomas Edison developed the practical incandescent light bulb in the late 19th century. Known for their inefficiency, are still in use despite the availability of more energy-efficient lighting options.

8. Mainframes

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“Many companies are still using mainframes and have the fear that if they migrate to more recent technology, it might not be as robust.” – James Sager

Mainframe computers, dating back to the mid-20th century, continue to be used for their reliability and ability to handle large-scale computing tasks.

9. Lead Acid Batteries

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“Lead-acid batteries, in my opinion… The lithium-ion batteries are just a bandaid for a problem that needs proper stitches.” – Edward Gaudet

Lead acid batteries, while less efficient than newer battery technologies are still used in various applications, including automotive and backup power systems.

10. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with Countless Input Fields

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“Applicant tracking systems that require you to fill in countless ugly input fields to apply for a job. And then you never hear back. They must go.” – Natalia Baryshnikova

While modernizing job application processes is possible, some ATS systems with excessive input fields continue to be used, causing frustration for job seekers.

11. Penny and Nickel Making Machines

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“It costs double what the coin is worth, just to fabricate a penny or nickel.” – Jay Christnach

Despite the high cost of production, penny and nickel-making machines persist, contributing to the circulation of these low-value coins.

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