13 People Who Wasted Thousands Of Hours On Pointless Things

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Have you ever poured countless hours into a passion or pursuit, only to later wonder, “Was it all worth it?” The comments from a recent social media thread shed light on the experiences of individuals who invested thousands of hours in endeavors that ultimately left them questioning the value of their time and effort. From career detours and outdated skills to unexpected twists of fate, these stories serve as both cautionary tales and a source of humor in the ever-unpredictable journey of life.

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#1: A Wasted Degree

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Many of us can relate to investing countless hours in pursuits that eventually seem pointless. Take, for instance, one user who spent thousands of dollars and worked really hard to earn a B.S. in biochemistry only to spend 14 years as a forklift operator. Now, they proudly sport the title of an electrician. It’s a story of unexpected career twists and turns that makes us question the value of that hard-earned degree.

#2: The Browser Wizard

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Remember the days when Internet Explorer 6 was the reigning king of browsers? Well, one user spent his 10,000 hours learning all the tricks to make a website look good in IE6. The only problem? Internet Explorer 6 is a relic from the past, and this user’s expertise in making websites compatible with it is now akin to being a pro at deciphering hieroglyphics.

#3: Chemical Engineer Turned Data Analyst

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Some users invest years in obtaining a specific degree only to end up in a completely different field. One user confessed that despite spending eight long years earning a Chemical Engineering degree, they never worked a single day as a Chemical Engineer. They’re now happily employed as a Data Analyst.

#4: Outsourced Overnight

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Imagine building a customer service team from scratch, achieving the highest ratings in the company, and then discovering your team has been outsourced overnight without any warning. That’s the jaw-dropping experience one user shared. It’s a classic example of investing significant time and effort into something only to have the rug pulled out from under you.

This story serves as a cautionary tale about the ever-changing landscape of business.

#5: Graphic Design’s Evolution

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One user’s journey into graphic design involved mastering archaic techniques like paste-ups, manual text manipulation, and painstaking hand-drawn elements. While these skills were valuable in their day, they became obsolete as technology advanced. The user’s reminiscences reveal both nostalgia and relief for leaving those labor-intensive methods behind.

#6: Minecraft: The Depression Game

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For many, video games are an escape from reality, and one user poured thousands of hours into the blocky world of Minecraft during their battle with depression. Building a sprawling city and intricate structures, they found solace and creativity in the game, even if it’s now a thing of the past.

#7: The King Of Career Transitions

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Life can certainly throw some unexpected twists at us. Take the story of a nuclear missile repairman, who now works in desktop computer support! This unique transition means that this user does not use any of the intense training and specialized knowledge that they spent years of their life building. They went from handling missiles to teaching how to install printers remotely.

#8: The Music Connoisseur

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One user recounted spending countless hours of their youth downloading songs, sorting into albums and creating CDs. All of which is now wasted effort. Their entire collection is not even a drop in the ocean that is Spotify or Apple Music.

#9: Lost Art of Indigenous Knotting

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Traditional knotting and beading techniques used to be a source of pride for one user, who could create beautiful dresses, armors, and regalia. Unfortunately, a broken arm, weight gain, and arthritis have rendered their hands unable to continue this craft or teach the next generation.

#10: Not Quite A Maestro

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Piano lessons are a common childhood pursuit, but for one user, it was a forced experience they didn’t enjoy and didn’t excel at. Hundreds of hours of practice didn’t make anyone happy or impart any useful skills, leaving them with a funny yet relatable story.

#11: Aged Out

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Imagine earning an aviation degree to become an air traffic controller, only to face a restructuring of the hiring process that leaves you ineligible due to an age cutoff. This user’s journey serves as a cautionary tale about putting all your eggs in one basket. It also highlights the impact of external factors on one’s career trajectory.

#12: Texas and French Lessons

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Sometimes, choices made in high school don’t align with future needs. This user took two years of French in Texas, a state where Spanish is arguably more practical. It’s a light-hearted example of how educational decisions can lead to unexpected outcomes.

#13: The Heartbreaking Loss

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Imagine losing a decade’s worth of work in the blink of an eye. One user experienced this when they accidentally wiped the drive containing ten years of meshes, materials, and code for a game they were working on. It’s a devastating experience that reminds us of the fragility of digital creations.

Source: Reddit.


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