10 People Share Stories of the Most Insane Things They’ve Subjected Their Bodies To

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In a world where the boundaries of human endurance are constantly tested, we often find ourselves fascinated by the extraordinary feats people undertake, sometimes unwillingly and many times willingly.

Someone recently asked on social media, “What’s the Most Insane Thing You’ve Put Your Body Through?” Join us as we dive into a compilation of these gripping stories, showcasing the remarkable resilience and audacity of the human spirit.

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#1. Surviving the Unthinkable: A Journey from Eye Injury to Eye Removal

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“I was working, a box fell on my face and bruised my eye. After a few days, my eye still wasn’t getting better. We found out the injury got infected. And then the infection didn’t get better. Two months of antibiotics and surgery later, my eye had to be fully removed. Nonstop painkillers, unable to think or sleep longer than 4 hours.

Single most painful two months of my life, and it’s not even close.”

#2. Roofied, Severed Ankle, and a Sleepy Delirium: A Day in Hell

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“Husband and I got roofied by a middle-aged couple in the middle of the day. We somehow got home, and I kicked the window in (my husband was refusing to let me inside in his delirium), severing my ankle, which bled freely for the next 14 hours. In that time, I tried to just sleep it off by taking sleep medication. It didn’t work fast enough for me, and I wound up taking the whole bottle (I later found out). When my husband came to, he found the carpets covered in blood from where I aimlessly wandered before collapsing halfway on the bed. He later told me I was muttering stuff to a coworker from an old job (edit: who wasn’t there).

Because of the blood loss, drugs, and sleeping pills, I acted so erratically in the ER that I was tied down and held under 24-hour supervision until I woke up and acted normally enough to be released.

All this started on a Sunday. When I came to, it was Tuesday.

I don’t accept drinks from strangers anymore.”

#3. From Psychosis to Pneumonia: A Three-Week Walk Across the State

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“During a first-ever manic episode in my 20s, I had a psychotic break. I was hallucinating pretty hard and left home to escape the *shadow creatures* that were stalking me.

I was not a physically fit person. But somehow, I managed to spend nearly 3 weeks walking across the state until the police picked me up, took me to the hospital, and contacted my family.

I lost a heap of weight and caught pneumonia.”

#4. Breaking Free: Two Years Sober from Heavy Drinking

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“Drank a pint and a half to a fifth of whiskey every night from age 23-29. Quit a month before my 30th. 2 years sober in a week!”

#5. Escaping the Abyss: Four Years Sober from Alcohol Addiction

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“Started my early 20s with super hard partying in college, then once I was out in the “real world,” I would have a whiskey and several beers every night after work to take the edge off.

Over the course of my 20s, I spiraled to the point I needed multiple huge pulls of cheap vodka as soon as I woke up every morning just to function and stop the shakes, then continued heavy drinking all day every day. By the time my 30th birthday rolled around, I was at rock bottom, drinking a handle of s****y vodka every 2 days, plus beer and wine on top of that. I was trapped in absolute hell, and my life and health were completely falling apart.

I just hit 4 years sober in June, and life has never been better!”

#6. Three Days of Chaos: No-Sleep C******e Binge

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“3 days no sleep c**e binge.”

#7. Battling Binge Eating: Quest for a Healthier Life

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“Years and years of binge eating disorder. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten type 2 diabetes yet, and I hope this month I’ll finally be able to stick to eating right.”

#8. Lake Scrubbing Survival: A Homeless Journey through Quarantine

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“I used to scrub myself nightly in a lake. I did it all throughout winter. Sometimes I had to break away a thin layer of ice.

I was living out of my car and the public showers were closed for quarantine.”

#9. Brute Forcing Mount Fuji: A 12-Hour Climb to the Summit

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“Went up and down the Fuji (mountain in Japan) in 12 hours, walked for 11 of those nonstop, no previous training was done, I just brute forced it.”

#10. Surgery Nightmare: Sepsis, Infections, and a Postponed Wedding

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“Had a surgery that should have been simple and done endoscopically, should have taken an hour max.

They ended up cutting my liver three times, nearly perforated my bowel and decided to cut me open instead. Five hours later I was eventually in recovery.

Two months in hospital, on top of two months in there whilst waiting for said surgery, three days after my wedding.

Sepsis 5 times and cellulitis twice, some random other infections with it. Finally discharged, not coz I was well enough but because COVID come back in the hospital and they said I was safer at home.”

Source: Reddit.

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