Would You Do These 13 Things If You Were 20 Years Old Again?

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If we could hop into a time machine and revisit our 20s armed with the wisdom of today, what would we do differently? That’s a question posed on social media, and the responses are a fascinating mix of hindsight humor and genuine life lessons. Here’s a journey through some of the top 13 regrets and pieces of advice from people who wish they could turn back time.

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#1. Prioritize Career and Financial Stability:

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“Focus on career & become financially stable. Save all the money I could.”

Because, as they say, ‘Mo’ money, mo’ stability, mo’ avocado toast! Bethany’s regret is a lesson for us all.

#2. Educational Choices:

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“Don’t listen to my Asian parents, do a Comp Sci or Engineering degree mixed with Psychology.”

David would’ve been the tech guru with a psychologist’s insight. If only he’d heard the geeky whispers of destiny. But remember, life’s a lot like programming – it’s full of unexpected bugs and infinite loops!

#3. Learning over Grades:

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“I wish I took learning seriously in college. Not getting good grades, but learning.”

Charissa wanted to be a knowledge sponge, but her college days were more like an absorbent paper towel.

#4. Health and Well-being:

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“Eat healthier. Experiment with psychedelic drugs much earlier.”

Rumi’s recipe for life: a balanced diet and a dash of psychedelic exploration. Bon appétit!

#5. Financial Responsibility:

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“Put my family first. I’m ashamed of it, and if I could go back and change it, I definitely would.”

Faisal wishes he’d chosen family over friends in his 20s. Sometimes, adulthood is just a never-ending game of ‘Would You Rather?’

#6. Life Experiences and Travel:

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“Travel. Read. Develop a point of view. Curiosity is where it’s at.”

Budei Mihnea’s advice: Passport stamps make great tattoos, and curiosity is the compass of life.

#7. Personal Growth:

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“Leave toxic people earlier.”

Slava’s hindsight is 20/20: toxic people are like expired snacks—discard them before they make you sick.

#8. Health and Fitness:

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“Learn to lift.”

Andrew’s secret to a better past? Lifting weights, because in life, strong muscles lead to a strong mind.

#9. Mindfulness and Mental Health:

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“Meditate daily. I could have avoided and prevented a lot of anxiety.”

Rachael’s motto: “Om” is where the heart is. Her 20s would’ve been ‘Namaste’-rific.

#10. Building a Personal Brand:

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“Start Building Your Brand/Business Now.”

Andrew says, “Brand yourself like a pro!” Because in the world of personal branding, there’s no rewind button.

#11. Education and Skill Development:

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“Learn how to handle money. When that support ended, it took me a long time and a lot of mistakes to learn financial responsibility.”

Munjir’s wishful thinking: if only colleges offered a major in Adulting 101 with a minor in Financial Wizardry.

#12. Embrace Moments and Relationships:

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“Stop worrying about the future so much and enjoy every moment. Don’t have negative energy or time for gossip.”

Dushka’s secret recipe for a 20s do-over: Mix equal parts mindfulness and positivity, garnish with a pinch of no-nonsense.

#13. Networking and Communication:

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“Stop being a b****, get out there and talk to people.”

Anonymous’s time-travel pep talk: swap ‘Netflix and chill’ for ‘Chat and network,’ because who needs binge-watching when you can binge-connect?

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