10 Tales Of Thanksgiving Drama To Get You In The Holiday Mood

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Thanksgiving, a time for turkey, togetherness, and, well, a fair share of drama! As we combed through social media threads, it’s evident that this beloved holiday consistently brings its own set of unexpected and funny incidents year after year. Let’s jump into the humorous tales of Thanksgiving drama that unfolded across the nation.

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#1 A Quiet Separation

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“I separated from my alcoholic husband, so it was quiet and peaceful. My first Thanksgiving without him in 33 years.”

Many users could relate to the sentiment that Thanksgiving drama sometimes lies in the absence of certain individuals. One user shared that her Thanksgiving was different this year because her husband, who had a drinking problem, wasn’t there. And to add a touch of irony, she accidentally broke a fancy glass serving dish, which felt like a symbol of the change. It just goes to show that even platters can have a story to tell!

#2 Restaurant Rebellion

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Working in a restaurant can be a recipe for drama, especially during Thanksgiving.

In this tale, one user who is a manager at a restaurant decided to close up shop three hours early on Thanksgiving. The reason? To let the hardworking kitchen staff head home and enjoy at least a bit of Thanksgiving with their families. It’s a bit of a rebel move, seemingly against the wishes of the higher-ups. But sometimes, a little rebellion is just what you need to dish out some holiday cheer!

#3 Impressions Galore

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“Half the family didn’t show up so my dad started doing impressions of them.”

Thanksgiving can bring out the entertainer in all of us, as one user’s family demonstrated. Imagine if half of your family didn’t show up for Thanksgiving. That’s what happened to one user’s family. But instead of feeling down about it, their dad decided to bring some fun to the table. He started doing funny impressions of the missing family members. It turned into a hilarious performance, making everyone laugh and forget about the empty seats. From Uncle Bob’s booming laughter to Aunt Susan’s quirky habits, it was an unforgettable performance. Who needs TV when you have dad’s impressions?

#4 The Mysterious Yam Disappearance

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Sometimes, Thanksgiving drama is as puzzling as a magic act. For one family, the mystery revolved around a large mixing bowl full of yams that mysteriously disappeared into thin air while everyone was setting the table. Nine people were left scratching their heads, questioning their sanity. The yams themselves might have vanished, but the real head-scratcher was the missing bowl. Houdini would be proud!

#5 Gravy Gone Wild

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“The gravy was a war crime. The plastic cooking utensil melted into it.”

Thanksgiving is all about the food, but what happens when the food turns against you? One user encountered a gravy catastrophe when a plastic cooking utensil melted into the sauce. So, instead of smooth and tasty gravy, they had a cancer causing mess on their hands. Looks like plastic seasoning isn’t the next big trend.

#6 Host Turned Hero

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“The power went out at the host’s house and I ended up cooking and hosting at the last minute.”

Okay, picture this: You’re at someone’s house for Thanksgiving, and suddenly, all the lights go out! It’s a bit of a problem, right? Well, this happened to one user, but he didn’t panic. Instead, he turned into a Thanksgiving hero. He took charge and took over hosting duties. It’s like a Thanksgiving adventure where determination and teamwork saved the day! Who needs lights when you’ve got can-do spirit?

#7 Pie Pilfering

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In a twist of events, one user’s best friend, who was stuck at home due to COVID-19, resorted to desperate measures. Feeling left out while everyone else was out celebrating with relatives, he swiped the pumpkin pie from the fridge and devoured the entire thing. It’s like he had his own secret Thanksgiving party at home, all with a stolen pie!

#8 Turkey-Roaster Troubles

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“My puppy wouldn’t stop barking at the turkey roaster.”

This user’s puppy had quite the adventure. The puppy just couldn’t stop barking at the turkey roaster, making the kitchen sound like a concert hall for dogs. So, while everyone was trying to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal, this little puppy added its own special “music” to the holiday festivities!

#9 Cranberry Sauce Controversy

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“I got yelled at for eating cranberry sauce wrong.”

Thanksgiving etiquette can be a hot topic, as one user found out the hard way. For this user at Thanksgiving dinner, a little cranberry sauce turned into a big deal. Instead of putting it nicely on their plate, he decided to skip the formality and just opened the can and scooped it out with a spoon. Well, it turns out, some folks at the dinner didn’t like that at all. They actually yelled at the user! It seems that cranberry sauce has its own set of rules!

#10 Theological Tensions

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“My Grandma decided to randomly start antagonizing my brother about him becoming an athiest. She left in tears. Absolutely bawling.”

Family gatherings often come with their fair share of debates, but this user’s grandma took it to a whole new level. His grandma decided to start a heated argument out of the blue, targeting his brother for not believing in God. The whole family got involved and Thanksgiving went downhill from there.

Source: Reddit.

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