12 Crazy Things That Ruined Thanksgiving for These People

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Thanksgiving, a holiday typically filled with gratitude and feasting, can sometimes take unexpected turns. As we sifted through social media comments, it’s evident that some people had their fair share of mishaps and challenges on Thanksgiving. Let’s dive into the tales of what ruined Thanksgiving for some folks last year.

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#1 A Heartfelt Loss

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“My grandma passing on Tuesday. Thanksgiving was always a wonderful memory with her.”

Thanksgiving has always been a cherished time for creating wonderful memories with loved ones. Unfortunately, for one user, the holiday season brought the heart-wrenching news of her grandma passing away just days before Thanksgiving. It’s a poignant reminder that while traditions continue, the absence of those we hold dear can cast a somber shadow over the festivities.

#2 The Breakup Blues

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“Girlfriend broke up with me…so I [spent] the entire Thanksgiving trying to act like it doesn’t bother me.”

Breaking up is never easy, but having it happen right before Thanksgiving? Ouch. For one individual, his girlfriend decided to end the relationship on the eve of the holiday. Spending Thanksgiving trying to act like it doesn’t bother him is no small feat. Some users suggested indulging in comfort food and seeking the support of friends to help mend the heartache.

#3 Kitchen Chaos

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“A bunch of people who wouldn’t get out of my damn kitchen. Because I’m a guy all the old women think I can’t do anything. Well, meemaw, we still got three pounds of your dry a** potatoes but nothing I made has leftovers.”

Thanksgiving feasts are known for their deliciousness, but what if your kitchen is invaded by a bunch of guests who won’t budge? One user found himself in this humorous yet frustrating predicament.

#4 The Great Doggie Escape

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“Dog got out leading to a two hour search and a cold dinner.”

Imagine a scenario where your dog decides to go on an adventure right before Thanksgiving dinner. This unfortunate event unfolded for one user who had to embark on a two-hour search mission, leaving the Thanksgiving meal to turn cold. It’s a reminder that sometimes our furry friends have plans of their own, even during the most anticipated feasts.

#5 Financial Fiasco

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“Woke up to $700 in fraudulent charges to my account and couldn’t call the bank. On top of being stuck at home I had something to stress me out even though I know it’s easily taken care of.”

This stressful situation became a reality for one user, adding an extra layer of worry to his Thanksgiving. Despite knowing it can be resolved, stress has a way of creeping in during the most inconvenient moments.

#6 Lonely Neighbor

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“My neighbor (was) unable to come to dinner with us because he was recovering from covid…He’s been spending holidays with us for years. We packed up a few plates for him and brought them over, so we got to visit on the porch for a minute but it’s not the same.”

Thanksgiving is all about togetherness, but for one user, absence of a dear friend and neighbor ruined the holiday.

#7 Job Loss Blow

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“My husband lost his job. Needless to say, we (were) not in the mood to celebrate.”

In a twist of fate, one user’s husband lost his job leading up to Thanksgiving. Understandably, this unexpected turn of events put them in no mood for celebration. It’s a stark reminder of how job loss can cast a dark cloud over any holiday season.

#8 Life-Saving Emergency

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“My wife needed emergency surgery..or she would have died. Thankful she is still alive, for great nurses and skilled surgeons.”

Thanksgiving can take a dramatic turn, as one user learned when his wife needed emergency surgery to save her life. Amidst the holiday stress, they expressed gratitude for skilled medical professionals who helped ensure her survival. It’s a powerful reminder that even in challenging times, there’s always something to be thankful for.

#9 Working Through the Holiday

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“Working a 12 hour shift.”

While most people are indulging in turkey and cranberry sauce, some have to clock in for a long day of work. One user found himself in this situation, working a grueling 12-hour shift instead of enjoying the festivities. It’s a stark reminder that not everyone gets to enjoy the holiday in the traditional sense.

#10 Elusive Turkey Chase

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“I couldn’t catch the f******* turkey. He’s a speedy little bas****.”

During Thanksgiving dinner, things don’t always go as expected. One user had an unusual experience when he had to chase after a wild turkey. This tricky bird was hard to catch and gave him a challenge, showing that sometimes, the turkey can be cleverer than the person trying to cook it. Many people found this story funny and had a good laugh about the unexpected adventure.

#11 Pie Problems

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“My thanksgiving (wasn’t) ruined but my pumpkin pie was, because I mistakenly used pancake mix instead of flour to make the crust. I know, w**  is wrong with me, but the containers look exactly the same unless you actually read the lettering.”

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving staple, but one user encountered a baking blunder that left everyone puzzled. Instead of flour, she accidentally used pancake mix for the crust. The result? A strangely chewy pie that had guests raising eyebrows. Sometimes, the smallest mix-ups can provide the biggest laughs.

#12 Aunt’s Unfiltered Comment

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“I announced I’m pregnant and the first thing my aunt said was, ‘No wonder you look so fat.'”

Announcing a pregnancy should be a joyous moment, but for one user, it turned into an awkward encounter with their aunt. Instead of a heartfelt congratulations, her aunt’s first comment was less than flattering. It’s a reminder that sometimes, family gatherings can be full of unexpected twists, both pleasant or not-so-pleasant.

Source: Reddit.

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