10 Amazingly Trashy Things That People Did At Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving, the time of year for family, feasting, and the occasional tale of truly trashy behavior. We’ve ventured into a social media thread where users spilled the cranberry sauce on some of the most outrageous antics they’ve witnessed during their family gatherings. From booze-soaked turkey to sudden outbursts of temper, and even dessert dilemmas, it’s all here. So grab a plate and let’s dig into these cringe-worthy, comical, and sometimes downright crazy tales of Thanksgiving trashiness!

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#1 – The Boozy Bird

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“My uncle poured Crown Royal on his turkey and ate it.”

Thanksgiving, a time for tradition, but in this user’s family, tradition took a quirky twist. His uncle decided to break the mold and poured Crown Royal whiskey over the Thanksgiving turkey. While many users couldn’t quite wrap their heads around this unusual recipe, some couldn’t help but wonder if it would result in a juicier, more flavorful bird.

#2 – The Dessert Dilemma

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When it comes to Thanksgiving desserts, we usually expect something sweet, right? Well, in this story, a guest was supposed to bring dessert but showed up three hours late with an open bag of frozen pierogis. Most users found this dessert choice pretty puzzling because who wouldn’t want something sweet to finish off a holiday meal? It was a dessert debacle that left everyone scratching their heads and maybe craving something sugary to balance out the feast.

#3 – The TV Tantrum

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“My uncle shot the tv because of how the Lions were playing.”

Sometimes, Thanksgiving can bring out the sports fanatics in our families. One user recalled an incident from the late ’70s when his uncle, driven to the edge by the Detroit Lions’ performance, shot the TV. Some users suggested this might have been an extreme way to express holiday frustration.

#4 – The Limoncello Lark

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“Everyone was drinking it out of little 1oz glass cups. My mom’s friend instead poured herself a FULL wine glass (1/2 the bottle) when no one was looking, downed it in 15 minutes, and then tried to go back for more. She was passed out drunk at least an hour before dinner even began.”

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, but for one guest, the celebration got a little out of hand. She indulged in some homemade limoncello, which, as many users know, can be quite strong. This guest didn’t hold back and downed half a bottle in just 15 minutes. Her rapid descent into drunkenness led to her passing out long before dinner even began. Many users could probably relate to the family member who enjoyed the holiday spirits a bit too enthusiastically. It’s a reminder that moderation might be the key to a memorable Thanksgiving that you can actually remember.

#5 – The Whiskey Whodunit

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“She got called out on it and claimed to have ‘accidentally grabbed it.’ LMAO, sweetie, no big deal.”

Thanksgiving leftovers are fair game, but one aunt took it a step too far. She walked off with a nearly full $350 whiskey bottle and claimed it was an accidental grab. When she returned it half-empty, some users wondered if she was either a fast drinker or had a talent for creative storytelling.

#6 – The White Castle Upset

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“We had prepared thanksgiving just for them and they decided that they wanted White Castle instead.”

When Thanksgiving hosts put their heart and soul into cooking, it’s quite a shock when guests show up with a White Castle craving. In this scenario, an aunt, uncle, and cousins arrived just before dinner with a case of fast food, leaving a lovingly prepared feast untouched. Some users found this deviation from the traditional meal rather baffling.

#7 – The Ice Cream Insult

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“They can’t appreciate the good stuff anyway”.

Who doesn’t love Ice cream, right? Not in this story. After a fun session of making homemade ice cream, an aunt declared that the good stuff was only for the adults, while the kids got stuck with store-brand ice cream. Many users couldn’t help but feel for the disappointed kids who had to settle for the “lesser” dessert.

#8 – The Family Fallout

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Thanksgiving gatherings aren’t always peaceful, as this tale shows. Last year, one uncle’s actions led to a dramatic scene when he smashed the user’s cousin’s phone and kicked him out to live with their grandparents. Many users acknowledged that tensions can run high, but this incident took the cake, or rather the turkey.

#9 – The Thanksgiving Glutton

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“My cousins husband ate probably 5 lbs of turkey, and got thirds of all of the sides my grandmother SLAVED over all day making. After he ate, he got up, and left. He waited in the car for my cousin. Never cleaned up his plate, never said thank you. Trash.”

Thanksgiving is all about enjoying a hearty meal, but even in the world of feasting, there’s a line to tread. In this scenario, a cousin’s husband managed to cross that line by consuming a staggering amount of food. However, what truly irked many users was his lack of gratitude and basic courtesy. It’s a reminder that, even on a day of indulgence, showing gratitude and basic manners can go a long way in making the holiday truly special.

#10 – The Bread Blunder

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“My religious extended family were in deep prayer at the dinner table when my mom yelled, ‘F***! The bread is burned!'”

Just when you thought Thanksgiving couldn’t get any more chaotic, it does. In the midst of deep religious prayer, one user’s mom loudly exclaimed that the bread was burned, causing quite the interruption. Many users found this abrupt shift in focus during the Thanksgiving table prayer a mix of humorous and awkward.

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