12 Things That Make Us Wonder “Do People Actually Do This?”

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Sometimes, we encounter things that leave us utterly baffled, prompting us to wonder, “Do people actually do this?” From peculiar habits to outrageous behavior, the experiences shared by these users will make you question the logic behind some actions. Join us as we explore the instances that had people shaking their heads in disbelief.

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#1 – Office Fridge Heists

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“I had a boss who would do it regularly. We worked next door to a Cheesecake Factory, so people would go have lunch there and bring back half their ginormous meal for lunch the next day. Come 5:00 each day, my boss considered anything left in the fridge to be fair game so he’d just go to the fridge and help himself. Many employees discovered their expected lunch missing the next day when they went to eat it.”

Many users can’t wrap their heads around the audacity of those who steal someone else’s lunch from the office fridge. It’s a head-scratcher as to why some individuals resort to this kind of petty thievery in the workplace.

#2 – Dream Job Disappears

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“Everyone’s “hiring” but no one’s actually employing.”

In a classic case of recruitment ghosting, one user aced a dream job interview, only to hear nothing more from the enthusiastic recruiters. This scenario had many questioning the sincerity of job offers and the mystery behind such vanishing acts.

#3 – The Hotdog Bun Conundrum

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“That dude just ate dog on its own, in the hope that he’d get a second free dog, amazing. Why would someone walk away with a f***ing BUN, only to complain later?”

Working at a movie theater’s concessions, one user had a perplexing encounter with a customer who claimed he was sold a hotdog bun with no dog. The dubious complaint left them wondering why someone would go to such lengths over a simple hotdog.

#4 – Dubious Mobile Game Ads

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“Lately I downloaded them a couple of times because they seemed fun… They were all COMPLETELY different from what the ad showed. I felt so betrayed.”

Some users expressed skepticism about the weird and often misleading mobile game ads that flood the digital space. The big question is whether anyone actually falls for these advertisements and proceeds to play the games.

#5 – Fear-Inducing Climbing Videos

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“This! I actually watched a video of a Chinese guy climbing a building w/o safety gears in which he slipped mid way falling from a decent height on the concrete floor. Still gives me shivers thinking about it.”

The daring souls who scale towering structures without safety lines have left many viewers feeling queasy. For some, the sheer audacity of these climbers raises the question of why anyone would attempt such heart-pounding feats.

#6 – Food Delivery vs. Home Cooking

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“My husband complains that we don’t have food, only ingredients.”

The act of ordering takeout when there’s perfectly good food at home is a mystery to many. In this case, a user’s spouse is guilty of opting for expensive delivery meals over homemade dishes, even when the ingredients are readily available.

#7 – ER Vet Receptionist’s Ordeal

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Working at an emergency veterinary reception, one user had to deal with an astonishing level of hostility from pet owners. They recounted threats, assaults, and even furniture being hurled at her, all while simply performing her job as a receptionist.

#8 – Lawn Mowing Misery

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“Having worked at Walmart, I know the depths of depravity and horrible c***ishness that people will sink to.”

A user who mowed lawns for a summer encountered unexpected hostility from people who spat on them, threw trash, and made bizarre attempts to lure him into their vehicles. It’s a curious and rather unsettling reaction to a lawn care professional.

#9 – Sleeping with Shoes On

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Seeing people go to bed with their shoes on is a head-scratcher for many. The discomfort and questions surrounding this peculiar practice have left some users truly perplexed.

#10 – Street Interviewers’ Respondents

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“So I did this once while working in retail. A person from the radio was asking people their opinions, they came into the shop, and I was hella bored. It was whether I thought ‘X Factor’ or ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ was better. Anyway, I got them mixed up and they used my audio to make fun of me on the radio. Never again man.”

While street interviewers seek public opinions, some users wonder if anyone genuinely enjoys answering their questions. The skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of these impromptu interviews raises the question of who exactly stops to participate.

#11 – Sibling Care Arrangements

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“Am I the weird one? How can you dictate what your child will do later, especially if it is burdening them with something so significant?? How do you believe it’ll just magically work out??? And most of all no one thought this was selfish and a little crazy…?”

The notion of having a second child to take care of a sibling with a lifelong disability left many users astounded. The audacity of such an approach, viewed as a common practice by some, is an eye-opener.

#12 – Cave Exploration

The island of Lanzarote is a diamond among other Canary Islands
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“I can imagine being an adrenaline junky (I have a new experience obsession, minus the need for adrenaline). That being said, people who do stuff like this should 100% not expect a rescue.”

The thought of cave diving or exploring small caves makes some users shudder with anxiety. The inherent dangers in these activities have them wondering why anyone would venture into such treacherous terrain.

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