10 Teachers Tell Us The Weirdest Things They Have Caught Their Students Doing

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Teachers and students often stumble upon unexpected and unforgettable moments within the classroom. Here are some bizarre incidents reported by educators and learners, along with lighthearted commentary.

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#1: The “Proof”

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“A middle school boy and girl having s** on the floor of a closed bathroom to ‘prove’ to the rest of the school that they were not gay.”

Well, that’s one way to demonstrate your orientation, but maybe there are better ways to handle such situations, like, oh, I don’t know, just saying it?

#2: Brawl of the Besties

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“Two middle school boys, best friends, fighting until they were brought to me bloody and with clothes ripped simply because they realized they had never fought each other and wanted to see who would win.”

Ah, the classic middle school showdown. Who knew that friendship could lead to a wrestling match worthy of a pay-per-view event?

#3: Master of Culinary Pranks

Child with paper bag on head and eyeglasses
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“A middle school boy convincing others one day that he had a dead squirrel in his backpack, then the next day getting them to try ‘chicken candy’ out of the same backpack. I found out when they were all desperately looking for a place to spit out the chicken bullion cubes he put in their mouths.”

This student is the undisputed master of culinary pranks. Who knew that backpacks doubled as a Michelin-starred restaurant?

#4: The Poetic Test-Taker

Happy schoolboy writing in notepad in classroom
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“An eighth-grade non-reader [filled] in his state test writing sample with random repetitions of the two words he could remember how to spell that day — fat cat cat fat fat fat cat fat — then ending with, ‘Kill the fat cat.’ He actually got some points for it!”

When life gives you limited vocabulary, make it a poetic masterpiece. Shakespeare would be proud!

#5: Artistic Hydration

retro style wooden background. It has paint in cans and a brush for painting. Close-up. Tinted.
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“A girl started drinking the water we used to wash our paintbrushes off in art class. The principal happened to walk in at that moment and didn’t even care.”

Apparently, art class isn’t just about creating masterpieces; it’s also about staying hydrated in unconventional ways.

#6: The Sand Gourmet

Flat lay with red cap, flying disk, towel and sea star on sand
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“Someone ate two whole cups of sand in science class. When the substitute teacher asked her if she was eating the sand, the student told the sub that she replaced the sand with sugar and ate it; the sub didn’t question it.”

Sand: nature’s dessert. Who knew it could be so tempting? It’s like a gritty sugar rush.

#7: The Stapler Enthusiast

Cropped shot of woman holding stapler isolated on white
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“Someone stapled themselves in Algebra class. A year later, the same person stapled themselves again.”

Some students are just determined to become part of the curriculum—literally. Talk about hands-on learning!

#8: The Oreo Expert

Sweet dark chocolate oreo cookies on wooden background,selective focus
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“Eating an entire package of Oreos for breakfast and lunch. That’s it. He’d come to school with an unopened package of Oreos, eat some before school for what he called ‘breakfast,’ then finish them at lunch. But nothing else. He claimed his parents knew and were okay with it.”

Forget the food pyramid; this student has mastered the Oreo obelisk. They must have dreams of becoming the Cookie Monster’s apprentice.

#9: The Pen Tattoo Artist

Tattooist posing in tatoo salon.
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“A student attempting to do a self-tattoo with a pen — not drawing it on but by actually breaking the skin.”

When you can’t afford a real tattoo artist, just grab a pen and DIY your way to edgy. Tattoo parlors everywhere are trembling.

#10: The Cosmic Tile Counter

Full frame image of pastel ceramic tile wall background
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“A student meticulously counting every ceiling tile in the classroom during a lecture, diligently documenting their condition and location, leaving everyone puzzled.”

Who knew that ceiling tiles held the secrets of the universe? This student is on a cosmic quest, one tile at a time.

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