10 Unforgettable Thanksgiving Incidents That Actually Happened To These People

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As Thanksgiving draws near, it’s a time for turkey, thankfulness, and, sometimes, tales of the unexpected. We took a peek into a social media thread where users shared their most unforgettable Thanksgiving stories. From kitchen blunders to surprise proposals and even some uninvited guests, join us on this light-hearted journey through these memorable turkey day tales that got everyone buzzing!

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#1 – The Turkey Soap Surprise

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“My grandma accidentally poured dish soap on the turkey instead of oil.”

Picture this: a Thanksgiving where the main dish, the turkey, gets an unexpected and bubbly makeover. One user’s grandma accidentally used dish soap instead of oil, and the result was a comical yet kind of sad mishap. This soapy turkey story had many users laughing and feeling sorry for the poor, foamy bird. It’s a funny reminder that even grown-ups can make silly mistakes in the kitchen, especially during Thanksgiving.

#2 – Rubber Chicken

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“13 year old me didn’t realize that normal adults usually preheat the oven before putting the turkey in.”

Thanksgiving pranks can be a hoot, but this one didn’t quite go as planned. A user had a bright idea to prank his mom by putting a rubber chicken in the oven. The problem? He didn’t realize that adults usually preheat the oven before cooking the turkey. So, his prank literally went up in smoke, roasting the rubber chicken to a crisp, while his mom waited for the oven. It’s a lesson in knowing the basics before attempting a good-natured joke, and many folks got a chuckle out of it.

#3 – Turkey Thief Behind Bars

Young man in handcuffs
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Thanksgiving can take unexpected turns, like when your aunt can’t make it to dinner because she’s in jail for an unusual reason. One user shared that her aunt ended up trying to shoplift a turkey from the grocery store. It’s a real “turkey heist” situation that many users couldn’t help but chuckle at.

#4 – Flaming Dumpster Drama

Firefighters rescued the survivors
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“I heard some screaming from outside my apartment. I opened the door and saw this lady running to the dumpster with a turkey still in the pan on fire.”

Thanksgiving can sometimes become quite chaotic, and this story is proof. One user described a scene where a lady rushed outside with a flaming pan that had a turkey in it. She threw the whole thing into a dumpster, and that dumpster ended up catching fire too! The situation got so out of hand that someone had to call the fire department to put out the flames. It’s a tale of a Thanksgiving gone wrong in a fiery way, and it left a strong memory for all the people involved.

#5 – Turkey Slam Mishap

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“We could see skull. Cousin passes out and the parents only console the kid who passes out. 15 stitches later, we got to eat dinner.”

Thanksgiving is a time for delicious food and maybe even showing off a few tricks. In this case, one user’s brother wanted to demonstrate a body slam move to his cousins. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned, and he ended up banging his head on a windowsill. It was so bad that he had to go to the hospital, and everyone could even see his skull! This story reminds us that Thanksgiving gatherings with family can sometimes take unexpected and not-so-fun turns.

#6 – Chair-Toppling Spoons

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“My uncle broke one of my grandmother’s antique chairs during an aggressive game of spoons.”

Thanksgiving sometimes turns into a battleground, but in this case, the furniture became the victim. A user’s uncle accidentally broke an old and precious chair while playing a lively game of spoons. What’s surprising is that instead of getting upset, everyone found it so funny that they couldn’t stop laughing. It shows that even when things go wrong during family gatherings, laughter can turn it all into a memorable moment.

#7 – Feline Tragedy

Black cat
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Thanksgiving is all about humans feasting, but in this story, a cat took the spotlight with an ill-timed leap. Just as grandma settled in, the family cat decided to make a big jump, but it tragically ended with a brain aneurysm right on the dining table. It was a Thanksgiving surprise that no one expected, especially the little cousins, who were left in shock and screaming.

#8 – Turkey Tussle with Neighbors

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“A bunch of our neighbor’s hounds just burst into our kitchen and ate our Turkey.”

Thanksgiving was in full swing when the neighbor’s dogs decided to join the feast uninvited. Those mischievous hounds even managed to steal the turkey! Dad bravely tried to get it back, but the dogs had their way, and the turkey remained in their paws. So, the family had to opt for a different bird to save the day, making it a Thanksgiving they’d always remember.

#9 – Oven Saga

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“I had to sit in front of the d**n oven ALL AFTERNOON watching a d**n turkey cook by turning the oven on every time it turned off.”

Imagine you’re cooking a turkey, and suddenly, the oven decides to act up. That’s what happened to one user. Their oven kept turning off while the turkey was cooking, making Thanksgiving turn into a day of constant oven-watching. It’s a story that reminds us that even our trusty kitchen appliances can sometimes have a mind of their own, and Thanksgiving might have a few unexpected twists and turns.

#10 – Surprise Proposal Snub

Screaming woman refusing propose from her boyfriend
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Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food; sometimes it’s a perfect time for a heartwarming proposal. But not all surprises end the way we expect. In front of over 40 family members, one cousin’s boyfriend decided to pop the question. To everyone’s shock, she said no. It’s a reminder that holiday proposals can be full of unexpected twists, leaving the family with a Thanksgiving story they’ll remember for a long time. Sometimes, love’s path takes an unexpected turn, even on Thanksgiving.

Source: Reddit.

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