12 Things We Can’t Believe Are Still a Thing in 2023

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Life is full of those little annoyances that make us shake our heads in disbelief. In a recent social media thread, users shared their frustrations with various aspects of modern life and the world. From perplexing product stickers to the mysteries of the restaurant soda fountain, it’s time to dive into the everyday conundrums and bigger global issues that make us collectively sigh and say, “Why is this even a thing?”

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#1. Sticky Situation

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“Worst offender – books. They put the sticker right on the cover.”

You know those stickers on products that promise easy removal but leave an infuriating mark behind? Many users can relate to the struggle of trying to get rid of them without leaving a sticky residue. It’s a real-world frustration we’d all love to get rid of.

#2. Cola Conundrum

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“This is all about contracts. I worked in restaurants for many years. The owner signs a Coke contract or a Pepsi contract. Economically it makes no sense to do both. This is why if a restaurant has Coke they also have Sprite, but if they have Pepsi they have Slice.”

Why is it so hard to find both Coke and Pepsi in the same restaurant? Some users are left scratching their heads at this age-old rivalry, wishing they could enjoy both cola giants under the same roof. It’s a taste test showdown that’s tougher to win than it seems.

#3. Customer Service Circus

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“Having to call and talk to an actual human being in order to cancel a service you signed up for online.”

It’s the 21st century, and yet, many users are left flabbergasted by the need to call and talk to a real human being just to cancel an online service. The absurdity of this process leaves many wondering why it can’t be as simple as signing up in the first place.

#4. A Dose of Reality

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Some users expressed their frustration at the persistence of diseases like measles and polio, despite the availability of vaccines. These illnesses should have been eradicated by now, and it’s a real head-scratcher as to why they continue to pose a threat.

#5. Prankster Pandemonium

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“Those are mostly fake content and fake pranks carried out by fake youtubers on fake and paid-off ‘victims’ mostly.”

YouTube pranksters are known for their outlandish antics, but not everyone is a fan. Many users find themselves rolling their eyes at their over-the-top stunts. These creators often go to great lengths to shock and surprise their audience, sometimes crossing the line of what’s considered ethical or appropriate.

#6. Health Headache

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“My dad got tuberculosis. In a first world country working an office job. Outta nowhere.”

Tuberculosis, a disease we’ve known about for centuries, still affects millions. The fact that it persists is a source of frustration for many users who wonder why it’s not a relic of the past.

#7. The YouTube-Youth

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“You have no idea how many time my 13 year old has said, ‘But they said it’s true on YouTube.'”

Parents can relate to the dilemma of their kids believing everything they see on YouTube. It’s a humorous yet concerning aspect of the digital age as the younger generation absorbs information from online sources.

#8. Unwelcome Visitors

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“They have the nerve to get mad when you shut the door in their face after the 3rd ‘I’m not interested.'”

Door-to-door salespeople can be an unwelcome intrusion, even during daylight hours. Many users share the sentiment that they’d rather not open the door to anyone. It’s a practice that raises eyebrows in our modern, tech-driven world.

#9. Hunger Woes

DADAAB, SOMALIA - AUGUST 7 Unidentified women and men live in the Dadaab refugee camp hundreds of thousands of Somalis wait for help because of hunger on August 7, 2011 in Dadaab, Somalia
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“3 million people be dying each year (one of the worst ways to go out) and 800 million people are suffering. SUCH a solvable issue too. Huge numbers.”

World hunger is a massive global issue that continues to plague our planet. For some users, it’s a deeply frustrating problem that highlights the stark inequalities in our world.

#10. Unforgivable Acts

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War Crimes and Genocides The atrocities of war crimes and genocides are among the most shocking and frustrating aspects of human history. These horrifying events raise questions about humanity’s capacity for cruelty.

#11. Social Media Overshare

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“You can kinda let people off in the first 10 or so years of Facebook, but now with the knowledge we have of perverts /paedophiles using children’s innocent images to share amongst themselves, people being burgled while they’re on holiday cause they had to share a beach pic in Tenerife.”

Social media is a platform for sharing, but some users can’t help but cringe at the oversharing that occurs. It’s a reminder to exercise caution and discretion when revealing personal details and thoughts online.

#12. Packaging Predicament

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We’ve all been there, struggling with that clear, hard, sharp, plastic packaging that seems determined to stay sealed. It’s a puzzle that takes more effort to open than it took to make the product inside. Many users can relate to the frustration of wrestling with this packaging, often resorting to scissors, knives, or sheer determination to break free. It’s a common annoyance that reminds us of the occasional absurdity in our daily lives.

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