10 Hilarious Game Plans To Totally Ruin The Family Thanksgiving

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A social media user recently asked a hilarious hypothetical question: If you got paid a Billion dollars to spark a massive argument at the family Thanksgiving, how would you do it?

Many users agree that this could be the easiest billion dollars ever. But how do you go about it without crossing the line into chaos? Here are some intriguing game plans suggested by users on social media that might just help you clinch that hefty prize.

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#1: The Taste Test Challenge

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“My mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving dinner tastes better.”

A surefire way to spark an instant argument is to take a subtle dig at the family chef by claiming you’ve had better Thanksgiving dinners. This clever tactic can instantly set the stage for a culinary showdown, where relatives will passionately defend their own recipes and culinary expertise. Get ready for a heated discussion where everyone becomes a food critic, dissecting flavors, textures, and cooking techniques. Just be sure to have a glass of water handy to cool down those spicy debates!

#2: Politics, Please!

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“Talk about politics. Easiest billion dollars ever.”

As some users pointed out, Politics is the low-hanging fruit of argument-starting. Bringing up hot-button issues is like adding fuel to the Thanksgiving dinner fire, and you can watch the sparks fly as tensions rise. Whether it’s healthcare, taxes, or foreign policy, politics is sure to divide even the closest of families, and you’ll find yourself navigating a minefield of differing opinions that can lead to heated debates lasting well into dessert. Just remember to tread lightly unless you want the mashed potatoes all over the walls!

#3: A DNA Drama

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“Leave a fake DNA test letter on the dinner table.”

For a more mysterious approach, leaving a fake DNA test letter on the dinner table is like planting a ticking time bomb of intrigue. This can lead to confusion, suspicion, and, ultimately, heated discussions about family history and secrets as everyone tries to decode the enigmatic message. Just be prepared for the fallout once the truth comes out, as it can either lead to hearty laughter or a deeper exploration of your family’s fascinating past. Either way, it’s a twist no one will forget!

#4: The Vaccination Verdict

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As some users believe, making a statement like, “Yeah mom, so we’ve decided we aren’t going to vaccinate our baby when he’s born,” can be a real conversation starter. This contentious topic is sure to raise eyebrows and ignite a debate about public health and personal choice, sparking discussions about the importance of vaccinations, herd immunity, and parental responsibilities. Be prepared for a passionate exchange of opinions that could rival the heat of a Thanksgiving turkey coming out of the oven!

#5: Prayerful Peculiarity

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“Start eating before the prayers and when they insult me I’ll just say ‘well I’m an atheist.'”

As one user suggests, to introduce a lighter yet equally provocative approach, begin your meal before the prayers commence, and if they take offense, respond by revealing your atheism. This unexpected revelation could lead to philosophical debates about faith and tradition, as your family grapples with the clash of beliefs during the mealtime ritual. Be prepared for a spirited exchange of ideas as you dine.

#6: A Rock and a Hard Place

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“Stand up mid dinner, and throw a rock at the window.”

Now, here’s an attention-grabbing strategy one user suggests—stand up abruptly in the middle of dinner and hurl a rock at the window. However, let’s be clear, this one might be a little too extreme and is definitely not recommended. But if your goal is to create chaos and win a billion dollars, you can be sure you’ll get a reaction that no one will ever forget! Just be prepared for the aftermath, as repairing the window might cost you more than the cost to replace it; you’ll likely be uninvited from future Thanksgiving dinners.

#7: Vegan Vexation

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“The meat industry is cruel and ruining the planet. We shouldn’t be eating turkey, we should all be vegan.”

As one user suggests, expressing concerns about the meat industry’s impact on the planet can ignite fiery debates at the dinner table. Asserting that we shouldn’t be eating turkey and should all embrace a vegan lifestyle can spark passionate discussions about sustainability, animal rights, and dietary choices. Expect a range of opinions on the ethics of meat consumption, environmental consequences, and the personal commitment required to adopt a vegan diet. This topic can turn the Thanksgiving dinner into a forum for exploring diverse perspectives on food and its global implications.

#8: Football Fumble

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“Yeah, so football isn’t that great.”

For those who enjoy sports, bringing up the idea that football might not be as amazing as it’s made out to be can be an interesting conversation starter. In a family where football is considered sacred, this can lead to an animated discussion about the merits of the beloved sport. Expect a passionate defense of football’s excitement and cultural significance, but also be prepared for some dissenting voices who might suggest alternative sports or entertainment options.

#9: Columbus Controversy

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“Attempt to host a Thanksgiving dinner and talk about Columbus discovering our country. We’re Australian.”

For those celebrating Thanksgiving outside the U.S., like our Australian user, attempting to host a Thanksgiving dinner and talking about Columbus discovering the country can lead to an interesting history lesson and cultural debate. Your guests might find themselves discussing not only the history of Thanksgiving but also the complex legacy of Christopher Columbus, colonization, and the impact on indigenous peoples.

#10: Napkin Nitpick

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“I need no game plan. I show up. It will happen. If I have to start it … ‘Mom, your napkins are sort of wrinkled…'”

As one confident user claimed, some individuals don’t require a carefully crafted game plan to stir up Thanksgiving dinner arguments; they simply show up, and it naturally unfolds. This approach often involves focusing on seemingly trivial matters, such as the state of napkins. It’s remarkable how these small, harmless comments can quickly escalate into major disputes, with family members passionately defending their choices and habits.

Source: Reddit.

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