12 Times The TSA Drove People Crazy For No Reason

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Air travel can be a real adventure, and we’re not just talking about the in-flight entertainment. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is there to keep us safe, but sometimes, they leave travelers baffled. We scoured social media to find some of the silliest reasons the TSA has given passengers a hard time. Buckle up, because these anecdotes will take you on a strange journey through airport security.

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#1 The Blouse vs. Jacket Battle

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“They said my shirt was a jacket. I kept telling her it was a blouse and all I had was a bra underneath and wasn’t going to take it off. After this exchange 4 times she finally let me through.”

This anecdote highlights the humorous side of airport security where definitions get lost in translation.

#2 Urn Trouble

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“I got flagged for organic material. It was an urn. They asked me to open it. I refused. Only time I have ever made a stink in my life, supervisor finally let me go.”

The standoff between this traveler and the TSA over an urn highlighted the delicate balance between security and sensitivity.

#3 TSA-Approved Scissors

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“A small pair of scissors/hair trimmers, still in factory packaging, clearly marked TSA approved.”

Who would’ve thought that a pair of “TSA approved” scissors would become a subject of suspicion?

#4 The Common Name Conundrum

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“My uncle and father have almost comically common last names. Last time they visited the US they were stopped and held because there was a warrant for someone with my uncle’s name. Only problem, my uncle was nine inches shorter and thirty years older than the suspect.”

#5 Dangerous Colored Pencils

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“I had a full set of 120 Prismacolor colored pencils and they were apparently all too sharp. Little did they know that those leads were too soft to do any damage at all, and would crumble to dust just by looking at them too roughly.”

Who knew that the world of art could be so threatening?

#6 The Umbrella Conundrum

Handsome man in coat and scarf with umbrella looking at camera
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“I had an umbrella in my bag.”

Apparently, an umbrella can not only protect you from rain but also invite scrutiny at the security checkpoint.

#7 Surgical Threat

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“I have a “pin” from a breast biopsy that the TSA is just certain is a secret weapon. Apparently my b***s represent an existential threat to democracy.”

The TSA’s creative interpretation of a breast biopsy pin as a secret weapon adds a humorous twist to the idea of airport security.

#8 Juice Box Drama

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“I was traveling alone as a 10 year old with my 6 year old sister in tow. My grandmother had packed us some juice boxes for the flight. They were in my sister’s bag, so a TSA agent did what any sane and rational adult would do: berate a little girl to the point of tears, and then refuse to let her go until an adult arrived. We nearly missed our plane.”

#9 Tech Troubles

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“I had two laptops. It took almost 3 hours before they could find anyone to tell them “I need a Windows machine, AND a Mac because of my work” is actually a valid reason. And by then I had long since missed my flight.”

Technology and airport security don’t always mix smoothly, as evidenced by this tech-savvy traveler.

#10 Inhaler Interrogation

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“My wife had her inhaler, in her medical bag. It was “suspicious”.”

It turns out that keeping the airways clear can lead to unexpected airport drama. The inhaler incident is a gentle nudge at the rigidity of security protocols, even when it comes to life-saving medication.

#11 Suspicious Tear

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“There was a “suspicious tear” in my shorts pocket.”

#12 The Unwarranted Uncapping

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“My humira. I have a bag with an ice pack since I’m on humira to treat an auto immune disease. Taking the caps off primes the injection. Each pen costs 500$ each. They uncapped all 8 of them. I raised a stink. Because I couldn’t travel without this and then my Doctor raised a stink when I called him for an emergency script. They were even in a special bag made for TSA in mind with all the drug info.”

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