11 Profound Experiences You Need To Have At Least Once

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In a recent social media thread, users were asked, “What is one experience you think every single human should have?” The responses poured in, and we couldn’t help but be inspired by the diverse and thought-provoking perspectives. From self-discovery to awe-inspiring moments in nature, from learning from failures to embracing moments of solitude, these experiences are sure to resonate with just about anyone. Let’s dive into the top 11 experiences as suggested by the commenters.

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#1 Embracing Self-Acceptance

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“My self-confidence waxes and wanes, but when it’s there, damn is it freeing.”

The concept of feeling comfortable in your own skin resonates deeply with many, and it’s often viewed as a fundamental life experience. It’s all about embracing your true self, complete with your quirks and imperfections. This profound sense of self-acceptance is like a sturdy pillar supporting a joyful and fulfilling life.

#2 Being Passionate About Something

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“I’ve occasionally met people who don’t seem to be passionate about anything… their job just pays the bills, they don’t have hobbies, they don’t have any niche interests or obsessions… it’s really disheartening.”

For some, passion is the driving force that keeps them going. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about a person – it could be a hobby, a cause, or a dream. Finding your passion adds zest to life and makes each day more exciting and worth living.

#3 Stargazing in Dark Skies

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There’s a magic to gazing at the stars in the night sky, and some users suggested that this experience is truly otherworldly. Pictures can’t capture the vastness, and words fall short in describing the awe you feel when you witness the stars in all their glory, away from the city lights.

#4 Learning From Big Mistakes

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We all make mistakes, and sometimes we hold onto beliefs that turn out to be untrue. Many users stressed the importance of experiencing this humbling moment of being profoundly wrong, accepting it, and then growing from the experience. It’s a crucial step in personal growth.

#5 Hugging and Cuddling

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“Being able to completely let your guard down with someone in your arms is the deepest comfort I’ve ever felt.”

Love is a universal language, and there’s something incredibly heartwarming about sharing a hug or cuddle with someone dear to you. It strengthens bonds and brings immense comfort.

#6 Loving Parents

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“People who had bad or no parents – my heart breaks for them. It’s completely unfair for anyone to not know what it’s like to have loving parents.”

The role of parents in our lives is undeniable, and some users emphasized the profound impact loving parents can have. Their love and support can shape our character and influence the course of our lives in countless ways.

#7 Enjoying a Solitary Sunrise

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Witnessing a sunrise in solitude can be a deeply spiritual experience. The peacefulness of the early morning, the gradual emergence of light, and the promise of a new day can be profoundly moving, as some users pointed out.

#8 Exploring a Completely New Place

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“I got to go to Brazil and Argentina for work last year. Really eye opening for me in more ways than one.”

Travel broadens the mind, and many users suggested that visiting a new place vastly different from your hometown is a transformative experience. It exposes you to new cultures, ideas, and perspectives, expanding your horizons in ways you never thought possible.

#9 Living Alone for a While

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“Everyone should learn to live alone and fend for themselves before they live with someone. Cause if you live with parents and then straight move in with a partner you miss the opportunity to learn a bit about yourself.”

Independence is a crucial life skill, and living alone can be a great way to learn it. Whether it’s during college or at a later stage in life, the experience of self-sufficiency helps you grow and gain a better understanding of yourself.

#10 Trying Hard, Failing, and Bouncing Back

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Failure is a part of life, and some users stressed the importance of not just succeeding but also facing failure head-on. Learning to bounce back after a setback is a valuable lesson that can shape your resilience and determination.

#11 Having a Walk at Night

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Lastly, a simple yet delightful experience that many users mentioned was taking a peaceful walk at night. There’s a unique serenity in the quietness of the night, and it can be a perfect time for self-reflection and appreciating the beauty of the world around you.

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