11 Disgusting Foods That Fancy People Pretend To Like

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Step into the realm of gastronomic skepticism as a recent social media thread unravels a spirited debate on foods that some argue are nothing more than culinary charades. From the glossy facade of health-centric salads paraded by influencers to the exotic allure of live larva-infested cheese, our culinary adventure is about to venture into the realm of questionable tastes. Join us in this exploration of amusing opinions and distinct perspectives, shedding light on foods that may be more about the show than genuine enjoyment.

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#1 Escargot or EscarNot?

Delicious snails dish with butter - escargots. Food.
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“I swear, people only pretend to like eating snails. Just because you name it in a fancier way in French doesn’t change the fact that it’s literally a slug living in a rock.”

The allure of escargot lies in its French charm, but skeptics argue that no amount of linguistic fancy can disguise the fact that, at its core, it’s a critter from the garden. The question arises: do diners genuinely savor the taste, or is it a culinary choice driven by cultural prestige?

#2 Casu Marzu: The Live Larvae Cheese

Casu Marzu, sardinian cheese with larvae of Piophila Casei
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“That Italian cheese that has live larvae in it.”

Casu Marzu, the cheese with live larvae, is a delicacy that blurs the line between culinary adventure and gastronomic nightmare. The commentary on this unique cheese prompts us to wonder if the appeal lies in the taste or the sheer audacity of consuming a live larvae-infested dish.

#3 Surströmming: The Swedish Stinker

Two toasts with surstromming and caviar on the table. Food.
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“Surströmming (almost rotten fish) might be the most DISGUSTING food on earth but I read somewhere that some Swedish people actually enjoy it.”

Swedish cuisine brings us Surströmming, a dish that divides opinions with its intense aroma and challenging taste. The revelation that some Swedes genuinely enjoy it begs the question: is it an acquired taste, a cultural tradition, or perhaps a bit of both?

#4 Arroz de Lampreia: A Portuguese Mystery

Man in stylish green velvet jacket eating meat cheburek at table
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“We have something in Portugal called “arroz de lampreia” I have no idea how to translate it, just so you know it tastes like tar.”

#5 The Redemption of Salted Licorice

Black and red Licorice wheels isolated on white background. Food.
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“Once upon a time I swore that salted licorice was the most vile thing ever to have graced our fair planet. However about a year ago my wife made me try some and much to my surprise, I liked it!”

The transformation from detesting salted licorice to enjoying it unveils the unpredictable nature of taste buds. This personal journey prompts reflection on how our palates can evolve over time, turning what was once despised into an unexpected delight.

#6 Chitlins: The Smelly Dilemma

Japanese girl closes the nose with her hands. Unpleasant smell or stink
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“Chitlins (chitterlings), the smell is gut-wrenching and it feels like rubber.”

#7 The Disgrace of Low Fat Ranch

Bowl of greens and a jug of salad dressing. Food.
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“Low Fat Ranch is f****** disgusting.”

The straightforward condemnation of Low Fat Ranch dressing forces us to consider the delicate balance between health-conscious choices and culinary satisfaction. The debate over whether the attempt to create a healthier version succeeds or fails invites us to question if some indulgences are better left unchanged.

#8 Foam: The Pretentious Culinary Trend

Selective focus of red lobsters and green herbs on white background.
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“Lobster foam. Anything foam. I’m grinding my teeth just thinking about it. It’s so pretentious, and it sucks. It tastes weird. Like someone put a shrimp flavored Raman packet into marshmallow fluff.”

The disdain for culinary foams, described as pretentious and weird-tasting, invites us to ponder the fine line between innovation and culinary gimmickry.

#9 The Fondant Fiasco

Portrait of businessman in party cone eating birthday cupcake
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“Fondant on cake.”

#10 The Spicy Suffering

Jar of home made classic spicy Tomato salsa
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“Anything crazy spicy. Like when you can see them suffering but they are just like “No, this is great! I like sweating and feeling my insides and face melt.””

The commentary on enjoying painfully spicy food, despite visible suffering, prompts contemplation on the line between pleasure and endurance.

#11 Steak and Kidney Pie: A Texture Nightmare

Close-up view of a dinner of stewed lambs' kidneys topped with suet crust pastry, served with boiled potatoes and mixed vegetables
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“Steak and Kidney pie. Kidneys are disgusting. The texture is disgusting and anything they are made with smells and tastes like ur***.”

The blunt aversion to kidneys in steak and kidney pie prompts consideration of how strongly personal preferences can influence our perception of an entire dish.

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