11 Things That Made People Realize Their Relationship Was Over

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Relationships can be tricky, and sometimes things just don’t work out.

Someone recently asked, “What made you realize the relationship was over?” Thousands of comments poured in from users. From small moments to big red flags, these experiences show that sometimes the little things can add up to a breaking point.

We’ve compiled some of the most compelling comments. So sit back, and read on to see if you relate to these stories.

#1 “I Feel Nothing.”

When you stop getting mad or upset at what your partner does or doesn’t do, it may be a sign that the relationship has run its course.

One user stated, “When the things they did didn’t make me mad anymore. I just didn’t care. At all. So it was easy to walk away.” Over 3,000 users upvoted and agreed that a lack of emotion toward their partner is a clear indicator of the relationship’s end.

As one social media user commented, “The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.”

For some people, this feeling of indifference can happen suddenly, as described by one person who said, “It took about an hour for me to go from thinking I was in love to realizing I didn’t love her, I didn’t hate her, I just didn’t care so what was the point.”

#2 “We Don’t Belong Together.”

Using manipulative tactics in arguments is a definite sign for many that the relationship is over.

One such tactic is threatening to end the relationship, as one social media user said, “When my ex would state 10 seconds into every argument (which became more frequent) that ‘maybe we don’t belong together’.”

Sometimes this tactic can backfire and lead to the realization that the relationship is over, as another person shared, “one time she said it, and I was just like, ‘well, maybe you’re right.’ I knew right then that we were done, there was no walking that back, and I felt so much relief.”

Many other users chimed in with similar experiences.

This type of behavior can create an unstable environment and ultimately lead to the end of a relationship.

#3 Dread Seeing Each Other

One social media user described how they hated hearing their partner’s car pull in the driveway when they got off work, while another person explained that they had to “psych themselves up” to walk through the door when they got home.

These feelings of dread can be so overwhelming that they can manifest physically, as one person shared how they started to stop off at a bar on the way home from work to have a drink before heading to their house.

Another person compared it to a time in their life when they were working a job they hated and would stop off for coffee and a muffin on the way to work. These habits can serve as coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and anxiety in difficult situations.

If you are feeling this way, the relationship is likely over.

#4 No Motivation for Counseling

A user shared their experience, where they attended counseling with their partner and found the first session productive. During the second session, their partner was called out for not completing the homework. The partner then decided to give up on counseling altogether.

For this user, the lack of interest in working on the relationship was the turning point where they knew it was over.

Another commenter shared their own story, where their ex refused to attend therapy, citing it as exhausting. Despite spending four years in therapy to work on themselves, they felt they couldn’t meet their partner any more in the middle than they already had.

#5 STDs Impact Your Health and Marriage

One user shared a shocking experience when they revealed that their partner gave them an STD after 16 years of marriage and then blamed them for it.

The comment received over 1.4K upvotes, indicating that many users agreed that this incident was a clear sign that the relationship was over.

#6 In Sickness and In Health?

After receiving terrifying news from the doctor about a possible stomach cancer diagnosis, this user sat at home in shock with their dogs for hours until their partner came home from work.

This user asked their spouse to take the next day off work to drive them for a medical procedure. The partner responded with reluctance, stating, “But I don’t want to miss work.”

It was at that moment that this user realized their marriage was over.

#7 Can’t Grow Old Together

After a cancer scare and complications, the commenter woke up three days post-surgery and asked her husband for some ice chips.

Despite her condition, the husband responded with a cold “get them yourself.”

Though the user did not immediately react to this, she realized later on that she could not be vulnerable with her husband as she grew older.

#8 No Future Together

Is it too much to ask for a life partner who can help lead the way and share the burden of planning for the future? For this social media user, it was.

Realizing that she was the only one planning their future together and that her partner was just going along with whatever she came up with made one user feel lonely and exhausted.

Another user shared a similar experience as they always had to be the responsible one and say no to their partner’s whims because of practical concerns such as money or work was exhausting.

#9 Disliking the Person You Become

Realizing that you do not like the person you have become in a relationship can be a difficult realization.

One person shared this sentiment, and another concurred, expressing their own fears of turning into their partner’s mother.

They explain that they have become harsh and demanding, constantly ordering their partner around and yelling at them for not doing things they were asked to do.

When they act like themselves and don’t give orders, their partner doesn’t lift a finger to do anything.

These issues have led to the realization that they want a partner who can take on a more active and equal role in the relationship.

#10 It’s Not Me; It’s You

This commenter won an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the Superbowl from Budweiser, which included VIP tickets to concerts, a Superbowl experience trip, golfing, pre-show tickets, and game tickets in a section with unlimited free booze.

Unfortunately, her husband was a total jerk during the trip and refused to participate in any of the planned activities.

He only wanted to hang out at craft beer bars and got drunk one night, causing a scene in their hotel.

The morning of the Superbowl, he decided he didn’t want to go and wanted to sell the tickets instead. So, the commenter sold the tickets and gave her husband $14k from the sale.

Three days later, her husband was back to his old ways and was calling her names. This was a turning point for the commenter, as she realized that her husband was depressed and nothing could make him happy.

#11 Childish Behavior

This user shared a shocking experience. They asked their partner to stop drinking and driving but were accused of being controlling in return. The fact that a 24-year-old needed to be told not to do so was genuinely alarming.

A few hours later, the partner was in a car accident and almost lost their life.

The user emphasizes that they are not concerned about how the person lives their life, but they are concerned when it comes to endangering other people’s lives by drinking and driving. They knew then that the relationship was over.

You can read the full thread here.

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