7 Pieces of Advice for Saving Money When You Have Little Self-Control

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Saving money is an essential part of everyone’s financial future and freedom. Recently, someone asked, “I need help saving money. I have no self-control when it comes to spending.”

“Does anyone who has had problems saving money in the past have any advice or tips on how you start saving money?”

“I need to accumulate wealth for a bond on a new house, and no matter how hard I try, my money vanishes.” Here are the top-voted pieces of advice. 

1. Get On a Written Budget

“Get on a written budget,” shared one. “Use a cash envelope system and only use what you have. I used to be a big impulse spender because I would look at the balance in my account. I started buying less when I finally started doing a budget and only looked at what I had in my envelopes to spend.”

2. Discover Your Biggest Weaknesses

“I think figuring out your most significant weaknesses when it comes to spending will help. For example, do you spend on yourself to impress others or on others to make them happy? Trying to get to the root of the problem will help. Is it an impulse problem? You may need a professional to help address it, which is ok,” another stated. 

3. Make Your Goal Visual

“The goal may be too abstract as well,” one suggested. “How much exactly do you want to save? Write down the amount and put it where you can see it. Then, make a drawing with a house and color in a percentage of each time you level up your savings to visually represent your goal.”

“Creating a saving habit takes time and effort. Don’t quit or get discouraged. However, finding like-minded people online can help because the people we are generally surrounded by do not understand.”

4. Check Out Dave Ramsey 

One user admitted, “I think Dave Ramsey would help you. He has a podcast, a YoutTube channel, and a website. The information is free. Start by getting an hour a day listening to him. Ramsey Solutions also has a free budgeting app and website.”

“You must gain control of your finances, which begins with gaining control of yourself first. Ramsey’s plan worked for us. We’ve been on it since 2012.” 

5. Only Keep and Spend Cash

“Deposit money in a bank account,” shared another. “But only use cash for things, and give yourself a set allowance each week that is low enough that allows you to save. Don’t keep a credit card or atm in your wallet.” 

6. Save Your Receipts

“Also, save your receipts, and each month look at the receipts. So you are reminded of how you’ve spent your money. And that will help you determine if you are satisfied with your decisions and where to make adjustments,” replied one. 

7. Educate Yourself About Money

Finally, someone stated, “Folks also often lack basic money knowledge, don’t know the importance of savings, and of spending less than they earn.”

“So they don’t see how saving and reaching future goals are related. I’ve seen folks become great at managing money by addressing these issues. It can also be in super short periods, nearly to the point of being unbelievable. Good luck.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of advice for saving money when you have little self-control. 

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