10 Superheroes Answer – What Would You Do if You Were on a Bus, Got Up To Offer Someone Your Seat, and Someone Else Took It?

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We recently came across a discussion on social media that took us by surprise. It seems that many people have faced a common predicament while using public transportation: they graciously offer their seat to an elderly or deserving person, only to have someone else sneak in and take it.

Here are some of their responses on how they handled this situation.

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#1 Joan Vredik Broadley – Assertive Action

Man in eyeglasses riding in city bus
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“Happened to me as I got up to offer my seat to a very pregnant woman. Instead, a man in a suit scooted into the seat. I grabbed him by his tie and hauled him up. Told him the entire bus would be ensuring he never got a seat for the whole ride. There was cheering.”

#2 Dwight Dunlop – Confronting the Offender

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“Had that happen, I got up to let an elderly gentleman sit; a young punk took the seat. I told him the seat was not for him, he told me to **** off. The driver overhearing this stopped the bus. The punk was told to get off or be put off. He started to speak; I told him if he didn’t get off the bus, I would remove him.”

#3 Bell Chymes – Standing Up for the Pregnant Lady

Couple riding in city bus
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“Mine was not a bus but a London tube. I could see a lady was pregnant, no assumption as she was wearing a badge, saying pregnant. Anyway I stood up; another woman immediately took the seat. No apologies from me. ‘oi, I stood up so that lady can sit, she is pregnant,’ lady could not stand up fast enough.”

#4 Neil May – Diplomacy and Safety

Friends talking in bus
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“I told him it was for the elderly person. If the guy refuses to move, there is not much you can do without possibly getting charged for assault or getting shot/stabbed over the bus seat. I’d rather go home and sleep in my own bed.”

#5 Elizabeth Henderson – Politeness and Courtesy

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“I immediately say, ‘Sorry, but I meant that gentleman there to have my seat,’ and they get all embarrassed and jump to their feet. I don’t get aggressive or punch them in the face or anything. I assume they simply didn’t realize what was happening, and thought the seat was legitimately free. Courtesy works wonders.”

#6 Al Klein – Preventing Seat Snatching

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“To place my body in a position that prevents anyone else from taking the seat as I stand up.”

#7 Michael Simko – Assertive Warning

Young couple in bus
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“If that person was younger than the older person I would have to politely tell them that I did not move so that they could sit down. If they refused, it could be a bad day for them.”

#8 John Bloom – Humorous Approach

Man in eyeglasses riding in city bus
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“If the person [who took the seat] looks weak, threaten them with physical violence and assault them if they refuse to move and you think you can take them. If they look tough, then look the other way, be a ***** and go tell on them.”

#9 Deirdre Beecher – Not Dwelling on Rudeness

Man with smartphone in city bus
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“I would probably loudly call them an a****** but past that, I would just get on with my day. Lots of people are jerks, no sense wasting your time and effort on the little ones.”

#10 Joshua P. Hill – Maintaining Courtesy

young man entering bus
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“I stood to offer my seat to someone. They didn’t take it (whether by choice or otherwise) so I sit down again. ‘I’m sorry. I stood to offer my seat to this frail old lady. I didn’t see you there. I hadn’t realized someone would be so selfish as to steal that seat from her.'”

Source: Quora

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