12 Struggles of Being Attractive: As Shared by Real People

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Just like any other aspect of life, being incredibly good-looking comes with unique challenges. A social media thread shed light on the struggles faced by those blessed with exceptional looks.

Scroll through to explore the 12 complexities and drawbacks of being attractive, as shared by real people, providing insights into the less-talked-about aspects of beauty.

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#1 Purpose Beyond Looks

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Attractiveness can sometimes be so captivating that it becomes the defining trait in a person’s life. The struggle of being attractive starts with the nagging question: “Is there more to me than just my looks?”

This inner quest for meaning and identity beyond physical appearance can be daunting and fulfilling.

#2 The Ambiguity of Motives

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One common challenge faced by attractive individuals is the uncertainty surrounding others’ intentions. It becomes difficult to discern whether people are drawn to them for their genuine personality or merely for their outward appearance.

Trusting relationships can be hard to form when the line between genuine interest and superficial fascination blurs.

#3 Unwanted and Unsafe Attention

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A darker side of being attractive involves dealing with unwanted or even dangerous attention.

Attractive individuals might become targets for unsolicited advances, harassment, or even stalking, making it imperative for them to maintain a cautious guard.

#4 Insecurity About Long-Term Relationships

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For some, the fear of losing a partner, as their own looks fade, can be a constant source of anxiety. The worry that their significant other may be solely fixated on their appearance can create doubts about the stability and authenticity of their relationships.

#5 Downplayed Achievements

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Accomplishments and rewards may sometimes be attributed to looks rather than actual merit or hard work, leaving attractive individuals dealing with untrue perceptions of their achievements.

#6 Complications in Cross-Gender Friendships

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Navigating friendships with members of the opposite sex can be challenging for attractive individuals.

The fear of friendships turning into romantic advances or being perceived as insincere can make building and maintaining genuine connections difficult.

#7 The Misinterpretation of Unattainability

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People often assume that attractive individuals are “out of their league.” This misconception can leave attractive individuals feeling isolated and unapproachable.

#8 Jealousy as a Competitor

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Attractiveness can breed jealousy among peers who view the attractive person as a rival in various aspects of life, such as career opportunities or romantic pursuits.

#9 Reluctance to Share Struggles

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Opening up about one’s challenges while being attractive can be hard. Attractive people are often accused of being conceited or self-absorbed in these situations. This reluctance to discuss their hardships can leave attractive individuals feeling isolated and unsupported.

#10 Navigating Personal Space and Boundaries

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Maintaining personal space and boundaries becomes vital for attractive individuals, as some may confuse their kindness for flirtation. Inappropriate and intrusive behavior, such as unwanted touching, can become a common issue they face.

#11 The Burden of Assumed Romantic History

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People may stereotype attractive individuals as heartbreakers or assume they have a long list of exes and flings. These preconceived notions can be hurtful and dismissive of their true emotions and experiences.

#12 Past Experiences and Trust Issues

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For some attractive individuals, past encounters may have been solely driven by superficial motives, leading to severe trust issues that continue to affect their relationships and interactions as they grow older.

Source: Reddit.

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