16 Signs Someone Is Actually Filthy Rich

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We all know the saying “money can’t buy happiness,” but it certainly can buy a lot of luxuries and comforts. Certain signs indicate someone is filthy rich, even if they don’t necessarily flaunt their wealth.

In this article, we will explore 16 subtle signs that someone is filthy rich, so read on to discover how you can spot the wealthy among us.

#1 Expensive Clothing and Accessories

People who are filthy rich often have a keen sense of fashion and invest in high-end designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. They usually wear designer labels such as Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton and may have a large collection of these luxury items. They may also accessorize with high-end watches, jewelry, and handbags. These items can be quite costly and are a clear indication of wealth. Just watch out for fakes.

#2 Luxury Cars

Owning a luxury car such as a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Porsche is a sign that someone has a significant disposable income. These cars are often purchased as status symbols and can be expensive to buy, maintain, and insure. Seeing someone driving a luxury car clearly shows they have the financial means to do so.

#3 Private Jets and Yachts

People who frequently travel on private jets or own a yacht are likely incredibly wealthy. Private jets and yachts are costly and are not accessible to the average person. These luxuries are often purchased as status symbols and indicate wealth.

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#4 Multiple Homes

Having multiple homes in different locations is a sign of significant wealth. This could include vacation homes, second homes, or properties in exclusive neighborhoods. These homes can be expensive to purchase, maintain, and furnish.

#5 Elite Memberships

Filthy rich individuals often belong to exclusive clubs, such as country clubs or private golf clubs. They may also have memberships to prestigious organizations such as the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC or the Union Club in New York. These memberships are costly and are a clear indication of wealth.

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#6 High-end Hobbies

Some hobbies, such as horseback riding or sailing, can be expensive. If someone participates in these activities, it may indicate that they have a significant amount of disposable income. These hobbies can include expensive equipment, training, and travel expenses, which only the wealthy can afford.

#7 Fine Dining

Eating at expensive restaurants, or even having a personal chef, is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. Look out for mentions of Michelin-starred restaurants or exclusive eateries. Dining at these types of restaurants can be quite costly and is a clear indication of wealth.

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#8 Exclusive Vacations

If someone takes frequent trips to exotic locations or stays at five-star resorts, they likely have a significant amount of money. Exclusive vacations can be costly and include expensive flights, accommodations, and activities, which only the wealthy can afford. We aren’t talking about all-inclusive hotels in Mexico, more like frequent jaunts to St. Barts or Mykonos.

#9 Art and Antiques

Collecting art or antiques can be a costly hobby. If someone has an extensive collection, it may indicate that they have a significant disposable income. Art and antiques can be quite valuable and are often purchased as investments, which can only be done by the wealthy.

#10 Professional Staff

Having a personal assistant, driver, chef, nanny or other professional staff is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford. These staff members can be quite costly to employ and are a clear indication of wealth.

#11 Philanthropy

Many wealthy individuals participate in philanthropy and donate significantly to charitable causes. This can include large sums of money, time, and resources. Philanthropy is often a way for wealthy individuals to give back to their community and clearly indicates wealth.

#12 Political Donations

Wealthy individuals often make political donations to support their preferred candidates or causes. This can include large sums of money. .

#13 Investment Properties

Owning multiple investment properties, such as rental properties or commercial real estate, is a sign of significant wealth. These types of properties can be quite costly to purchase and maintain, and the income generated from them can be a significant source of wealth.

We do not mean mom and pop AirBnB owners here. When it comes to being filthy rich, think of apartment buildings and hotels.

#14 Business Ownership

Owning a successful business signifies wealth and success. This could include a small business or a large corporation. Running a successful business requires a significant amount of financial resources and clearly indicates wealth.

#15 Private Schools and Exclusive Universities

Sending children to private schools or premier universities can be quite costly. Wealthy families often do this to ensure their children receive a top-notch education. This clearly indicates wealth as it shows that someone has the financial means to afford these types of institutions.

#16 Network of Wealthy Individuals

Often, the wealthy tend to associate with other wealthy individuals. They may have an extensive network of friends, associates, and colleagues who are also rich. This clearly indicates wealth as it shows that someone is part of a community of affluent individuals.


It’s worth noting that not everyone who displays these signs of wealth may be filthy rich, and not everyone who is filthy rich will display these signs. However, these are some subtle signs that someone may have a significant amount of wealth. Additionally, being wealthy does not necessarily make someone a better person or more admirable. It is important to remember that wealth does not guarantee happiness, and people should be valued for their character and actions rather than their financial status.

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