Non-Boomers Share Their 11 Most “Boomer-Like” Opinions

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and culture, opinions about various trends and changes often reveal generational divides. Inspired by a social media thread, let’s dive into the most boomer-esque opinions expressed by non-boomers that might leave you chuckling or nodding in agreement.

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#1 – Five-Year-Olds Don’t Need Smartphones

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Many users agree that the idea of young children having smartphones seems excessive. They point out that five-year-olds have traditionally enjoyed simpler activities like playing with toys and engaging in outdoor adventures. Some users suggest that delaying smartphone access can allow kids to develop real-world skills and a healthier relationship with technology as they grow up.

#2 – The Frustrations of Over-Connected Appliances

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“I don’t want my damn refrigerator connected to the internet. It has one job,” one user exclaimed. This sentiment resonates with many who question the necessity of smart appliances that can be prone to technical hiccups. Some users recounted experiences like dealing with printers that insist on an internet connection, even for basic tasks. It raises concerns about convenience vs. overcomplication.

#3 – Bring Back Physical Buttons in Cars!

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In this digital age, some users miss the simplicity of physical buttons in cars. They find themselves grappling with touchscreens that demand attention away from the road. Users argue that touchscreens can be as distracting as texting while driving, sparking a debate about the balance between innovation and safety.

#4 – Subscription Service Overload

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The proliferation of subscription services is met with a mix of appreciation and exhaustion. While having access to countless movies and shows is appealing, having to juggle multiple accounts and bills is not.

Many users confess to sticking with a few favorites and question whether they could have saved more by subscribing to cable tv. This sentiment highlights the paradox of plenty in the era of subscription-based entertainment.

#5 – The Unnecessary Appeal of Curated Boxes

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“Anything where they mail you a box of curated crap every month is absolutely unnecessary,” declares one user. The consensus appears to be that while some curated box services might offer a gem, they often come with a surplus of items that users deem unnecessary or low-quality. How many types of socks, coffee, and tea do you really need?

Food boxes, however, seem to receive a more favorable nod from the crowd.

#6 – Yearning for Neighborhood Communities

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The idea of strong communities within neighborhoods strikes a chord with many users. While some acknowledge knowing their neighbors, they long for the days when streets thrived with regular get-togethers and a stronger sense of camaraderie. This longing for deeper connections reflects the human desire for a close-knit community.

#7 – The App Overload and Planned Obsolescence

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The frustration over mandatory apps is palpable. Users question the need for apps accompanying everything from toys to cars, fearing that technological glitches or the app’s discontinuation could render their possessions useless. This leads to a discussion about the hidden downside of constant connectivity and the concern that planned obsolescence is masked as technological advancement.

#8 – Disposable Culture and the Impact on Kids

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The disposable nature of products is bemoaned by many users. This sentiment extends to kids’ toys and clothes, with concerns about how a throwaway mentality affects children’s values, not to mention the impact on the environment. Users discuss how durable items from their own childhoods held sentimental and practical value, contrasting the fleeting nature of many modern products.

#9 – Scary Teenagers

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With a touch of humor, users share their apprehension towards groups of teenagers. Whether it’s memories of their own youthful antics or observations of contemporary behavior, many users find groups of teens to be intimidating or unpredictable, evoking a humorous reflection on how times have changed.

#10 – Instant Communication Etiquette

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The convenience of instant communication comes with a caveat. Users make it clear that immediate responses are not an obligation, drawing parallels to the days of landline phones and patience. The discussion navigates the boundary between timely communication and personal space in an age where everyone is glued to their phone.

#11 – “Get Off My Lawn!”

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The age-old phrase takes on a playful spin as users jest about maintaining distance. The humorous remark reflects the desire for space, privacy, and a bit of good-natured humor.

Source: Reddit.

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