15 Retro Things That People Want To Bring Back

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In a rapidly changing world, nostalgia often leads us to long for the return of past customs and trends. People yearn for the simplicity, values, and unique styles of bygone eras. In this article, we delve into the desires of 15 social media users who hope to bring back retro elements. From traditional family structures to distinctive fashion choices, these aspirations reflect a longing to recapture the essence of the past in our modern world.

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#1. Kids Playing Outside

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“These days when I see kids playing outside or riding bikes, I’m shocked because it’s so rare.” – Raymond St Steven

Many long for the sight of children playing outdoors, a nostalgic image that seems increasingly rare in the digital age.

#2. Knowing Your Neighbors

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“When I was growing up, I knew the family name of almost every home in our neighborhood. Now I know about 4, total.” – Raymond St Steven

The desire to rekindle community bonds by knowing your neighbors’ names is a practice often seen as a casualty of our fast-paced lives.

#3. Respectful Disagreement

Unhappy girls fighting angry
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“Being able to respectfully disagree. I couldn’t care less if you don’t agree with my politics or religion; it doesn’t threaten me in the least.” – Raymond St Steven

A call for a return to civil discourse, where differing opinions don’t lead to hostility but instead foster healthy debate and understanding.

#4. Being Well Dressed

Man with newspaper in public transport bus
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“And as others have said, being well dressed. It’s almost a competition these days to see who can dress the worst when traveling.” – Raymond St Steven

The wish for people to take pride in their appearance, particularly when traveling, and move away from the trend of overly casual attire.

#5. Bell-Bottom Pants

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“I find it amusing how many vintage trends are making a comeback, and I love it! Seeing people wearing bell-bottoms reminds me of how much I loved them in the 1970s and wish I had a drawer full of them today!” – Sarah Looney

Commentary Nostalgia for the fashion statement made by bell-bottom pants in the 1970s and the excitement of seeing retro trends reemerge.

#6. Dressing with Care

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“Dressing like one cares what they look like. People wear things on airplanes that I wouldn’t wear alone in my own house.” – Margaret Page

*Commentary* A call to bring back the tradition of dressing thoughtfully, even for everyday activities like grocery shopping or attending church.

#7. Big Hair

Woman with black afro hair and sunglasses
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“Big hair! Oh, it was so much fun. People mistakenly think of it as just an 80s thing, but it lasted well into the early 90s.” – Kathleen Maynard

Nostalgia for the glamorous and distinctive hairstyles of the past, exemplifying the notion that fashion trends are cyclical.

#8. Dual-Parent, Single-Income Households

Portrait Of Smiling Woman With Shopping Cart In Supermarket Buying Groceries Food Walking Along The Aisle And Shelves In Grocery Store. Female Buyer Choosing Healthy Products In Mall
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“Dual-parent, single-income households as the norm, not the exception. Families where one adult’s primary role is to handle all things domestic and child-related.” – Matthew Bates

Advocating for the stability and values associated with traditional family structures, where one parent focuses on home and children.

#9. Hard Metal Spikes on Golf Shoes

Pair of golfing shoes with metal spikes and a golf club
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“Hard, metal spikes on golf shoes. I loved the way they sounded on the cart path.” – Paul Sage

A fond remembrance of the distinctive sound and functionality of metal spikes on golf shoes, which added a unique element to the game.

#10. Men’s Fuzzy Mohair Sweaters

Mohair sweater on a clothes rack for the winter season
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“Men’s fuzzy mohair sweaters.” – Scott Fraser

A desire to see a resurgence of stylish and cozy fashion choices like fuzzy mohair sweaters for men, adding a touch of class to everyday wear.

#11. Hats for Men and Women

Portrait of attractive multicultural fashionable couple in hats
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“Hats, for men and women. Fur felt hats for fall to spring and straws for the rest of the year.” – Don Bruck

A yearning for the return of stylish headwear, both for men and women, as an essential part of everyday fashion.

#12. Cloaks

Beautiful mystic girl in black dress and red cloak walking in a forest
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“Cloaks. Stylish on men, elegant in women. Cloaks simply look amazing.” – Marco Antonio Muñoz

The desire to revive the fashion trend of cloaks, which not only provide style but also practicality in various weather conditions.

#13. The Yo-Yo Craze

Vintage yo-yo isolated on white
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“I think the Yo-Yo craze should come back. Every couple of years or so the Yo-Yo would make a big comeback, everyone would want one, then be gone for a few years and come back again.” – R J Holland

Nostalgia for the simple joy of playing with yo-yos and the anticipation of their periodic comebacks.

#14. Logic and Common Sense

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“Logic, common sense, morals, good manners, people getting married BEFORE they had children, Working at marriage instead of bailing the minute you do not get your way.” – Lynda Gayle Hallock

A call for a return to values like logic, common sense, and strong moral principles, emphasizing the importance of commitment and communication in relationships.

#15. Old Fashioned Candy and Affordable Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. Close-up top view of young people taking a slice of pizza each.
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“Some of the old-fashioned candy that you don’t find in any candy stores anymore or for that matter, you don’t find candy stores as much as before either. Pizza at 15 cents a slice.” – Charles Stuart

Fond memories of nostalgic treats like vintage candies and affordable pizza highlight the changes in both food and retail landscapes over the years.

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