13 Amazing Things You Thought Were Only for ‘Old People’ But Now Enjoy as an Adult

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There comes a time in every adult’s life when they realize that those things they once associated with “old people” are actually quite enjoyable. A recent social media thread opened up a treasure trove of confessions from users who have come to embrace the joys of adulthood in unexpected ways. Let’s dive into this delightful list of newfound pleasures.

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#1 The “No One Else Can Sit Here” Spot

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“Your own designated favorite spot to sit in the living room that no one else is allowed to take, lol.”

Having a favorite spot is like having a secret fortress of comfort, where you can unwind, sip your favorite beverage, and binge-watch TV shows without the worry of someone else snagging your prime spot. Whether it’s an oversized recliner, a cozy corner of the sofa, or even a particular dining chair, this spot becomes a personal oasis, reminding that sometimes it’s perfectly fine to stake your claim and declare, “This seat is taken and it’s mine!”

#2 Embracing the Early Night

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“An early night.”

Remember those days when you’d fight tooth and nail to stay up past your bedtime? Well, now, some users suggested that there’s something undeniably appealing about hitting the sack earlier. Whether it’s to catch up on sleep or simply to binge-watch your favorite shows without nodding off, embracing an early night can be a refreshing change. Besides, who doesn’t love waking up feeling well-rested and ready to conquer the day?

#3 Napping: A Grown-Up Guilty Pleasure

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“Naps… I nap whenever I can and I always regret not napping more.”

Napping might have been a privilege reserved for grumpy toddlers, but as an adult, some users have realized its full potential. Many adults now cherish those power naps, whether it’s a quick siesta during a lunch break or a full-blown snooze fest on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The regret of not napping more is a sentiment that’s become all too relatable – we could all use a little more rest in our busy lives.

#4 Chatting with Friends vs. Playing: A Role Reversal

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“Sitting and talking to friends. As a kid I never understood when my parents liked talking better than “playing”. Now, as a parent…go play and leave the grownups alone.”

As kids, we often wondered why our parents preferred talking to friends over playing with us. Fast forward to adulthood, and now some users find themselves in the same position. Socializing with friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine has become a cherished activity. It’s not just about the conversation; it’s about the joy of sharing experiences, stories, and a few laughs.

#5 The Joy of a Clean House

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A clean house may have seemed like an impossible dream when you were younger, but now, many users appreciate the soothing sensation of coming home to a tidy and organized space. It’s not about impressing guests; it’s about creating a serene environment that promotes relaxation. Plus, who can deny the satisfaction of that spotless kitchen counter or freshly vacuumed carpet?

#6 Socks as Gifts: A Surprisingly Welcome Gesture

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“Getting clothes / socks for gifts. Bruh you got me socks for Christmas? I’m into it.”

Receiving clothing as a gift may have elicited groans in your younger years, but now, some users find joy in getting socks for Christmas or a stylish shirt for their birthday. It’s not just about the convenience of getting new apparel; it’s about the comfort of slipping into a cozy pair of socks or the satisfaction of sporting a thoughtful, well-fitting garment. And besides, who wants to spend their hard-earned money on socks when they can get them as gifts, right?

#7 Nature Lovers

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“Watching birds.”

As a kid, you might not have given a second thought to the world of birds, but now, some users have become enthusiastic bird-watchers. Whether it’s identifying different species or simply enjoying the serenity of watching these feathered friends, bird-watching has become an unexpectedly enjoyable pastime. Who knew that observing these little avian creatures could be so therapeutic?

#8 Meteorology Enthusiasts

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“Checking the weather. I have grown to love storms and snow. I always check the weather if I know it’s gonna rain. Plus it just helps planning my hiking trips.”

Many users have embraced their inner meteorologist. It’s not just about knowing whether to bring an umbrella or wear sunscreen; it’s about appreciating the beauty and power of nature. Some users even look forward to storms and snowfall, eagerly tracking weather forecasts. It’s not just about planning daily activities; it’s about finding the perfect conditions for outdoor adventures like hiking.

#9 New Way of Watching TV

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“Watching tv with closed captions on.”

Watching TV with closed captions turned on is not about struggling to understand dialogue; it’s about fully immersing yourself in the story, catching every whispered secret and muttered aside. Plus, it’s the ideal way to enjoy a late-night binge-watch without waking up the whole household.

#10 The Shower Chair Revelation

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“A shower chair is a game changer.”

As an adult, you may have developed a newfound appreciation for practical items, like a shower chair. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s a game changer that brings comfort and safety to your daily routine. Stepping into a shower, secure in the knowledge that you won’t slip or fall, is truly a luxury worth celebrating.

#11 Silence: A Serene Escape

Young woman gesturing for silence with finger on lips
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“Silence. My father used to say sometimes it’s just nice to sit and not have any noise. I get that now.”

If you ever wondered why your parents craved moments of silence, you’re not alone. As an adult, some users now understand the beauty of tranquility. It’s not about shunning conversation or music; it’s about those precious moments when you can simply sit in silence, letting your thoughts wander and finding solace in the absence of noise.

#12 Crossword Puzzles: Brain Boost

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“Crossword puzzles. I’m in my early 30s and I have a slowly-built stack of crossword puzzle books.”

Crossword puzzles, once associated with senior citizens, have found a place in the hearts of many young adults. Some users have proudly amassed a collection of crossword puzzle books. It’s not just about mental stimulation; it’s about the satisfaction of completing a challenging puzzle and improving your vocabulary one word at a time.

#13 Thrill of a Bargain

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“Finding a bargain.”

Who doesn’t love a good deal? As an adult, some users have become experts at hunting down bargains. Whether it’s scoring discounted groceries, snagging a bargain on a new gadget, or finding that perfect piece of furniture at a fraction of the price, the thrill of finding a bargain has become an unexpectedly delightful part of adulthood. It’s all about stretching your hard-earned money and reveling in the satisfaction of a great find.

Source: Reddit.

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