13 Of The Dumbest Things You’ve Ever Heard Anyone Say

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In the grand theater of life, we often encounter moments of brilliance and sheer bewilderment. While wisdom can be found in the most unexpected places, so can mind-boggling statements that leave us scratching our heads. Many users on social media have shared their encounters with the most head-scratching, eye-rolling, and downright dumb things people have said. From return mishaps to lunar madness and everything in between, get ready for a rollercoaster ride of hilarious and astonishing statements.

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#1 Return Denied Without the Actual Book

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“Just witnessed at Barnes & Noble this past weekend: an older woman trying to return a book, without the actual physical book but a picture of the book. Mad props to the young sales associate for keeping her cool and just repeating that she cannot return something without having the actual copy in person. ‘Ma’am, you could’ve gotten this book at Target, Amazon, Walmart, etc. there’s no way to prove it was purchased here and refund you unless you bring in the book.’ ‘This is ridiculous. It’s the principal that you don’t believe me.'”

In this curious case, a customer tried to return a book using a mere image of it. The sales associate’s unflinching commitment to the store’s return policy is commendable. After all, pictures may be worth a thousand words, but they don’t carry much weight in the return aisle.

#2 The Mystery Beyond Clouds

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“When talking about flying in a plane, I was telling her about the amazing view when you break through the top of clouds. ‘What do you mean? There is nothing past the clouds?'”

Here, a conversation about the breathtaking view from above the clouds took a surprising turn when someone questioned if there was anything beyond those fluffy, white formations. It’s a friendly reminder that, despite our high-flying technology, there’s still an element of wonder (and a severe lack of knowledge) left in the world.

#3 DNA Mix-Up

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“My sister did an online ancestry test and shared the results. My brother apparently forgot how DNA works and made fun of her calling her ‘white trash!!’ until she responded ‘We share the same DNA a******.'”

Family dynamics can sometimes lead to amusing misunderstandings. In this case, an ancestry test prompted some ribbing from a brother until a sassy response set the record straight. It’s a reminder that genetics can be complicated, but family bonds are unbreakable.

#4 The End of Culinary Creativity

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“That all the recipes have already been invented as there are only so many ingredients.”

The belief that culinary innovation has reached its peak and all recipes have been discovered is a unique perspective. It’s like thinking all the world’s books have been written, or all the songs have been sung. The kitchen, like art, continues to evolve.

#5 Cucumber vs. Pickles

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“Isn’t it amazing how much pickles look like cucumbers?”

Sometimes, the simplest observations can be the most astonishing. Here, someone marveled at the striking resemblance between pickles and cucumbers, completely unaware that pickles are, in fact, cucumbers transformed by a magical brine. It’s a pickle paradox.

#6 The Lunar Madness Conundrum

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“When I was growing up, I had an older cousin ask why we are going to the moon if it is the main cause of madness and insanity.”

The moon has always held a mystical fascination, but this cousin’s belief that it’s the source of madness is out of this world. Perhaps there’s a secret moon madness club we don’t know about? Lunar lunacy, anyone?

#7 A Lesson in Compassion

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“I’m not buying you pads; it’s not my fault if you can’t hold it until you p** next.”

Empathy can be in short supply, as evident in this statement. The misunderstanding of basic biology, coupled with a lack of compassion, led to this truly baffling response. It’s a reminder that we all need to spend more time learning about the human body.

#8 The Miscommunication Excuse

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“It doesn’t matter what you said or meant, it’s not what I heard.”

In the realm of miscommunication, this quote reigns supreme. It’s the perfect retort when someone misunderstands you, encapsulating the essence of miscommunication humorously.

#9 Parking Spot Puzzlement

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“I realize it’s a good idea to have parking spots reserved for handicapped people, but WHY do they have to give them the spots closest to the door?”

This perplexing query about handicapped parking spots, often conveniently located for accessibility, is a reminder of the need for more awareness and understanding of basic courtesy. After all, those spots are reserved for a reason.

#10 Seatbelt and Bruise Blunder

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“This girl was in a car accident. She said she had the worst bruise ever across her chest from her seatbelt. She then said she would never wear a seatbelt again.”

After a car accident, the belief that the seatbelt caused the worst bruise ever, leading to the decision not to wear it again, is a perfect example of missing the forest for the trees. Seatbelts save lives, even if they leave a mark.

#11 Wine in the Name

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“Coworker proclaimed that she doesn’t drink Cheerwine because it has alcohol in it. I explained that if it contained alcohol, then people under 21 would not be able to purchase it nor would it be available in public vending machines alongside other sodas. She was adamant it contained wine because it was in the name and it’s also the same for root beer. She said all this while drinking a ginger ale.”

Some drinks carry names that could easily be misconstrued, as evident in the case of Cheerwine. The misunderstanding that it contained alcohol due to the name is a reminder that assumptions can lead to humorous conclusions.

#12 The Honey Hater

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“I don’t care if all the bees become extinct; I don’t even like honey…”

The misconception that saving bees and enjoying honey are mutually exclusive is a honey of a misunderstanding. It’s like saying you won’t save the rainforest because you’re not a fan of tropical vacations.

#13 Microwave Radiation Myths

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“Put your phone in the microwave so that the radiation from the emergency signal doesn’t give you government-issued cancer.”

When it comes to combating imaginary threats, microwaving your phone to ward off government-issued cancer is a strategy that’s truly out of this world. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the world of conspiracy theories and the creative solutions some people come up with.

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