12 Shocking Reveals: Why These Engaged Couples Never Said ‘I Do’

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In the world of love and commitment, the journey to the altar is often filled with excitement and anticipation. However, as many of us know, not all engagements lead to marriage. What happens when the road to “I do” takes an unexpected detour or comes to an abrupt end?

In this list, we delve into the extraordinary, heart-wrenching, and sometimes downright bizarre stories shared by users on social media. From revelations of infidelity to mind-boggling dream messages, these true accounts highlight the twists and turns that can suddenly put the brakes on wedding plans. Whatever you do, don’t miss the last slide – that’s one for the books!

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#1 Wedding Reluctance

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“He wasn’t participating in the wedding planning at all and I realized he didn’t actually want to get married. There was a lot of pressure from his family and admittedly, me as well. I just wanted a family and to be married and hadn’t really paid attention to his reluctance up until that point. It was 3 months before the wedding and I sat down and reviewed our relationship. We were incompatible in several crucial points, even though we loved each other a lot. So I called off the wedding and ended it and while we were both sad, we were also relieved.”

This user’s story underlines the importance of open communication in relationships. While many couples face the pressure of getting married, this experience shows that ignoring signs of reluctance can lead to an incompatible marriage. In this case, the decision to call off the wedding, although bittersweet, ultimately led to relief for both parties, teaching us that it’s okay to step back if a relationship isn’t the right fit.

#2 Cheating Revelation

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“He cheated before we got married and I found out. I thank the stars every day I didn’t marry him.”

Trust is a pillar of any strong relationship, and this user’s experience serves as a stark reminder. Finding out about a partner’s infidelity just before marriage is a heart-wrenching situation. However, the user’s gratitude for not tying the knot shows that sometimes, difficult revelations can lead to a brighter future. Trust your instincts and don’t ignore red flags.

#3 The Weight of Miscarriages

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“We had like 6 miscarriages. At the end of the relationship he said something to me like ‘it’s just so hard… I look at your face and I feel like I SEE nothing but 6 dead babies.’ Can’t really come back from that one. I mean some people can. We couldn’t.”

Coping with loss and grief in a relationship can either strengthen the bond or pull it apart. In this case, the weight of multiple miscarriages and a heart-wrenching comment became too much to bear. It’s a reminder that sometimes, pain and trauma can be insurmountable, and couples must support each other in finding healing paths, whether together or separately.

#4 The Coworker Connection

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“He left me for a coworker he claimed for over a year was ‘like a sister’ to him. They have a kid now. I have a better boyfriend.”

This story takes an unexpected twist with a former partner leaving for a coworker they insisted was like a sister. It’s a testament to the unpredictable nature of relationships. Sometimes, the end of an engagement leads to even better connections, emphasizing that when one door closes, another might open to reveal a brighter path.

#5 Wedding Plans Gone Wild

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“She started hanging out with an old group of high school friends and just changed. She became extremely nasty over wedding plans, telling me we had to have the exact same number of guests on both sides. If I had one more guest than she did, she made me remove someone from my side. I knew if I moved forward it would have ended in divorce, so I just ended it before it got to that.”

Wedding planning can be a test of a relationship’s strength. In this case, it revealed a controlling dynamic and a potential lack of compromise. Making the tough choice to end an engagement rather than proceed toward an uncertain marriage emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and harmony during this crucial time.

#6 A Heartbreaking Loss

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“Cancer took her before we got married. It will be 10 years in December.”

Love stories aren’t always about the happily-ever-afters. This poignant comment highlights the tragic impact of cancer on relationships. The decade-long remembrance showcases the enduring love that persists even without the formalities of marriage. This reminds us that love lives on in our hearts, whether or not it’s sealed with a wedding ceremony.

#7 A Sudden Revelation

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“The longer we lived together leading up to the wedding, the more he showed his true colors. One day while I was cooking dinner for us, he started screaming at me, like an inch from my face. Something about it snapped some sense into me. I walked out and never went back.”

This experience sheds light on the importance of closely observing a partner’s behavior in the lead-up to marriage. The outburst during dinner was a turning point, prompting a necessary departure from an abusive relationship. It’s a valuable reminder that no one should tolerate abusive behavior, and the decision to leave can be the first step towards a brighter, safer future.

#8 Love Beyond Marriage

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“We’re still technically engaged, but we never wanted a wedding. We met way late in life (I’m 50, she’s in her mid 40’s), no kids, and if we get legally married the gov’t messes with her disability assistance so she is my spouse, my partner, and my soul mate. But we don’t feel the need to get married. But I do have a living will just in case. We will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary early next year.”

This unique love story defies conventional expectations. For this couple, marriage wasn’t a necessity, and their commitment to each other transcends legal formalities. It’s a testament to the fact that love takes many forms and that the essence of a relationship can be strong even without a traditional marriage. Their journey proves that a lasting partnership doesn’t always require a wedding ceremony.

#9 Broken Trust and Abuse

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“It was toxic, and a month before we were supposed to get married I broke my foot at an event I was helping, she was there too but just partying. When I told her I probably broke my foot, she said I shouldn’t be a little baby and just walk home since the party was over. I couldn’t stand on it. She helped me a couple meters forward and then she just pushed me. That night my mother took me to the hospital, and that night I decided all the lies and mental abuse was enough, and ended it.”

Trust and respect are the bedrock of any relationship, and this user’s experience highlights that sometimes, recognizing the extent of lies and emotional abuse can be a turning point. The incident where the partner pushed them while they were injured became the catalyst for ending an unhealthy relationship. It serves as a stark reminder that abusive behavior is never acceptable, and it’s essential to prioritize one’s well-being.

#10 A Surprising Revelation

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“Turns out she liked (women) as much as I did.”

Sometimes, relationships take unexpected turns as people discover their true selves. In this user’s case, they found out about their fiancée’s sexual orientation, which led to the end of the engagement. Sometimes, personal growth and self-discovery can lead to changes in a relationship’s dynamics, and it’s always important to respect and acknowledge these changes.

#11 Mental Health Struggles

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“She had been fighting depression and went to stay with her family a little bit before marriage. But she started having horrible fights with her family and had a mental breakdown 2 months before the wedding and said she wasn’t able to handle being a wife or in a relationship and ran. To be single and disappear.”

Mental health can significantly impact relationships, and this story highlights the heavy toll of depression on a marriage-to-be. It’s a stark reminder that mental health challenges can affect not only individuals but also their relationships, and addressing these issues is crucial for the well-being of both partners.

#12 The Virginity Revelation

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“The Holy Spirit came to him in a dream and told him that he couldn’t marry me because I wasn’t a virgin.”

In this unexpected twist, a user’s engagement came to a halt when their partner claimed to have received divine guidance in a dream. It’s a poignant reminder of how cultural and religious beliefs can profoundly influence relationships. While love and commitment are vital, sometimes external factors can unexpectedly alter the course of a romantic journey.

Source: Reddit.

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