I Can’t Believe That My Son Cheated On His Pregnant Wife! I Am Going To Take Some Drastic Steps Which His Mother Doesn’t Agree With

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In the words of Tolstoy, “All happy relationships are the same, but unhappy relationships are unique in their own way.” While this sentiment holds for many aspects of relationships, the question of fidelity, why some individuals choose to remain faithful while others do not, may have a rather straightforward and readily accessible answer.

Recently, a bewildered social media user who found himself facing a tough decision shared his heart-wrenching dilemma concerning his beloved son.

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Anticipating a New Arrival

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The troubling situation began on a positive note. The Original Poster (OP) began by sharing that his daughter-in-law is pregnant with his first grandchild. However, motherhood has its share of challenges, too. OP’s daughter-in-law has been diagnosed with Placenta Previa and advised to be on total bed rest. Any strenuous physical activity like running, working out, or engaging in sexual intimacy could worsen her condition.

OP was eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to grow, change, and experience the unique relationship of being a grandparent. But this excitement was short-lived when the family learned of something heart-wrenching at this crucial time.

A Chaotic Turn of Events

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To the family’s and OP’s surprise, his son showed up at their doorstep. OP described how his son blamed his wife for kicking him out of the house due to the hormonal changes during the pregnancy. As the parents observed them repeatedly fighting over the phone, OP had had enough. They even asked the son to go and check on his wife, still unsure about the situation.

Thankfully, since the daughter-in-law had her mother by her side, the parents were somewhat relieved. OP’s wife then decided to call the expectant mother and find out more about what had gone wrong. What they were about to hear was something embarrassing they had never anticipated.

The Reason Behind the Family Feud

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OP revealed that his son had cheated on his pregnant wife. The daughter-in-law’s reaction was obvious as she asked her husband to get out of the house in a rage. Shocked by their son’s behavior, the couple was worried and in deep discussion about their son’s blunder.

After a couple of days, he, too, decided to punish the son for his actions and kicked him out. OP pointed out that his son’s action deeply disturbed him, and he did not want to be associated with him anymore. As the situation turned more dramatic, OP’s wife dismissed her husband’s outrage and suggested that it wasn’t required.

Deciphering the Cheating Algorithm

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As the story went live, a wave of commenters swiftly chimed in, offering an array of opinions and viewpoints. The prevailing sentiment among the majority was one of support, with many applauding OP for taking the right steps.

Dana07620 dissected several aspects of the situation, highlighting both the son’s and the mother’s behavior. She pointed out that the son showed no remorse for cheating on his wife, and despite that, she couldn’t engage with him due to her medical condition.

The user further commented, “I’m glad that you can see your son clearly. I’m not telling you to cut him off. But your wife and son need to acknowledge the voluntary wrongdoing (both the cheating and the lying), how serious it is and how morally corrupt the actions were.

However, Trilobyte141 noted that while OP’s actions might be justified, they might have unintentionally made the daughter-in-law’s situation worse. Trilobyte141 posted, “If your son can’t stay with you, he may demand to be allowed to move back into his own home, which would be stressful and miserable for her. You might reconsider this stance just for her sake, not his.”

The Final Say

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In the end, it all comes down to this: being guilty and not taking responsibility for it is a recipe for perpetuating the cycle of mistrust and discord. However, hasty reactions to such sensitive situations might worsen the plight of the victims.

Ultimately, pregnancy presents challenges for a relationship, but infidelity is not the answer. Couples should communicate their problems as early in the pregnancy as possible and seek solutions if physical intimacy becomes a concern.

What are your thoughts on this rather one-sided verdict and OP’s reaction?

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