My ‘Edgy’ Humor Backfired & I May Lose My Son Because Of A Joke.

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Family relationships can be quite a tricky business, can’t they? Misunderstandings have a knack for taking unexpected turns, and in this tale, we explore an unexpected confession and a bit of misunderstood humor that left a father in hot water after making a candid comment regarding his son’s relationship with another boy.

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An Open Secret

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Our story begins with a father who has been sensing his son’s inclination toward men for a while now. Clues had been dropping like breadcrumbs, from revealing online searches to incognito mode mishaps – all hinting at his son’s exploration of his sexuality since adolescence.

The original poster (OP) casually termed it “bi-curiosity.” Last year, the truth seemed to crystallize when the son introduced a special someone, making it clear that they were more than just friends. In the father’s mind, it seemed like an unspoken understanding. The father had always been supportive and understanding, and he was totally cool with someone, even his own son, being gay.

A Rude Remark

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One day after school, the son and his boyfriend approached him, their faces laden with gravity, and they said they had something very important to share. The revelation that they had been in a relationship for an entire year hung heavily in the air. OP was a bit thrown off that his son didn’t know that his father was aware of his sexuality.

Caught off guard by his son’s confession, the father’s tongue moved faster than his brain. Without thinking, he quipped, “Well, that’s pretty freaking gay.” The father’s response, though intended as a jest, struck a dissonant chord. The moment of tongue-in-cheek humor, in hindsight, proved really ill-timed and utterly insensitive.

Comedy Turned Sour

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What might have been a mere jest, in the OP’s eyes, plunged him and the son into shaky territory. The father and son had always shared an “edgy” sense of humor, often venturing into territory some might deem inappropriate. However, this particular remark was far from their usual banter. It was meant as a joke but took an unfortunate turn when it struck a nerve with OP’s son and his boyfriend.

The son and his boyfriend, visibly upset, made a quick exit, leaving OP to grapple with the unintended consequences of his words. Feeling like he had unintentionally hurt his son and his boyfriend, the father reached out to the online community for advice. He admitted to possibly being the “a******e” in this situation and sought guidance on how to mend the rift that had formed between them.

Online Opinions

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As OP’s post went live, a large number of commenters flocked to gather their opinions and perspectives on OP’s story, with the majority of commenters calling out the OP for his poor choice of words.

Lesbian_Mermaid accused OP of being the “a******e” in the situation and, relating to her own feelings about coming out, took a lighthearted stance on the situation. She points out that OP’s son needed support more than humor at that moment and suggests OP explain the miscommunication to the son and properly apologize to him.

Not A Safe Space

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LittlePea0617 also holds OP responsible for his utterly poor choice of words and crude sense of humor, claiming that the remark must have hurt the son and his boyfriend to some extent. The user noted, “You have no idea as to how his BF’s family is when it comes to their relationship, so you could have been a ‘safe space’ for them both to share their feelings and relationship.

To this, OP agrees and says, “You’re right, I guess he could have been more upset that I said that in front of his bf, rather than to just him. I don’t know much about his home life.”

Some Support For The Father

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Behappysometimes shares another perspective and touches upon how strangers on social media cannot judge the personal dynamics of the father-son relationship. The user also said, “You misread the situation, but I don’t think that makes you an a******e. NAH, and I’m glad you support your son.”

The Verdict

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This story is a stark reminder that even well-intentioned humor can sometimes miss the mark, particularly when sensitive matters are at hand. It’s a story of a father’s honest mistake that has caused an unintended rift and raises the importance of communication and understanding within family relationships.

What do you think? Was OP from this social media post wrong?

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