10 Biggest Mistakes You Did NOT Make as A Teenager

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Teenage years can be a rollercoaster of emotions and decisions. As many users from a social media thread pointed out, sometimes the biggest victories are the mistakes you didn’t make. From avoiding dangerous paths to making smart choices, these tales reveal that wisdom can be found in the paths not taken. Let’s explore the remarkable stories of the biggest teenage lifesavers, where the absence of certain mistakes was the best decision of all.

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#1 Not Joining a Street Gang

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“I never joined a street gang. I was in the rare percentage of kids from my neighborhood.”

Some users avoided the allure of street gangs, demonstrating that it’s possible to rise above adversity and make better choices. By steering clear of the influence of gangs, they took the road less traveled, making their teenage years safer and wiser.

#2 Avoiding Drinking and Driving

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“Despite drinking a LOT, I did not drink and drive.”

Despite peer pressure and the temptations of teenage parties, some users chose not to drink and drive. This decision showcases the importance of making responsible choices, even in situations where it might be easier to give in to reckless behavior.

#3 Steering Clear of Nude Photos

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“Sending nudes. Found out the boys in our school had a shared email they all had the password to, where they passed around all of the nudes they got. Found out two of the guys I talked to who asked me for them were a part of that group. So glad I never took nudes or sent them.”

The internet can be a perilous place, especially for teenagers. Some users wisely refrained from sending compromising photos, avoiding risky situations with potentially long-lasting consequences. They navigated the challenges of peer pressure and online safety with smart choices.

#4 Avoiding Student Loans

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“Signing my name on a high interest 100k+ student loan to get a degree in an oversaturated low paying career.”

This financial decision reminds us of the importance of thoroughly researching career prospects and considering the long-term impact of student loans. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the wisest choice is to invest in education wisely, aligning it with one’s future goals and financial stability.

#5 Choosing Peace Over Retaliation

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“I controlled my rage and didn’t retaliate when I got sucker-punched twice by 2 random guys as I was walking past them.”

This wise decision is a testament to the power of choosing peace and safety over impulsive reactions. Sometimes, the strongest response is restraint, ensuring personal safety and avoiding unnecessary conflict.

#6 Breaking the Teen Pregnancy Cycle

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“I’m the first woman in my family to beat teen pregnancy.”

Breaking the cycle of teen pregnancy is a significant achievement, and one user proudly shared that they were the first woman in their family to do so. Their decision not to become a teen parent sets a powerful example for their family and peers.

#7 Trusting Their Instincts

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“I was asked out. I said no. He raped and killed two teenage girls that same weekend.”

A chilling tale serves as a stark reminder of the importance of trusting one’s instincts. Sometimes, saying “no” can be a lifesaver. Trusting their intuition was a wise choice that kept them safe from a perilous situation.

#8 Staying Away from Smoking and Dropping Out

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“Never smoked, or dropped out of high school. Five of my best friends did both. I stuck it out, no idea how those other guys are doing.”

While peer pressure can lead many teenagers down destructive paths, some users resisted the allure of smoking and stayed in school. Their wise choices set a positive example for their future and demonstrated the importance of education and avoiding harmful habits.

#9 Resisting Peer Pressure

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“Get into drugs, like most my classmates. At least my awkwardness and lack of social skills didn’t make me follow the others’ lead.”

Navigating the teenage years without falling into the trap of drugs is no small feat. Some users showed incredible strength in resisting peer pressure and making the smart choice to stay away from drugs. Their experience reminds us that it’s okay to be different, especially when it comes to making wise decisions.

#10 Holding off on Tattoos

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“Getting tattoos.”

Tattoos can be a form of self-expression, but some users made the choice to stay ink-free during their teenage years. Their decision reflects the idea that some choices are better made after careful consideration and a bit more life experience. Tattooed or not, they made a choice that suited them best.

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