8 Crazy Stories Of Traumatic Childhood Events That People Didn’t Realize the Severity of It Until Much Later In Life

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Childhood is often seen through rose-tinted glasses, but sometimes, life throws us curveballs that we only fully understand as adults. A recent social media thread saw users sharing their own stories, highlighting just how little they comprehended certain events until later in life. Let’s dive into these eye-opening experiences.

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#1 A Narrow Escape: The Underground Adventure

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“I lived in the countryside in a farming town. Alongside the road my family lived on was a small concrete ditch. It was visible for about half the road and then went underground the rest of the road until it flowed out into a large canal at the end. I was a really thin and small kid. When I was about 9 or so my sister and I and some of her friends were playing in the small ditch to cool off.

My sister thought it would be interesting to see if I could fit into the pipe that led underground. So my 12 year old sister and her friends held me by my arms and lowered me into the pipe until my hips were in. I could feel the rushing water pulling me in. I yelled at them to bring me back out. They did and then we left. I didn’t tell anyone about it for years and when I finally did, they looked horrified. So yeah, if my sister had lost her grip, I would have gone underground and likely gotten stuck and drowned.”

This commenter’s childhood close call reminds us how seemingly innocent activities can take a perilous turn. It’s a story that makes you appreciate the value of vigilant siblings, even if their ideas may not always be the safest.

#2 A Confusing Ride to “Heaven”

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“What my mum meant when she planned to drive us to heaven. She was talking about wanting to drive us into a lake.”

This unsettling revelation is a stark reminder that children often interpret things in a literal and innocent way, even when adults are discussing something dark. It’s a chilling example of how little ones can misunderstand the gravity of certain situations.

#3 Babysitter’s Silent Slumber

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“Our babysitter died while she was watching us when my twin and I were 3. We had no concept of death, and tried to wake her up. She had spilled water when she fell, and I still remember getting a dish towel to wipe it up, thinking she would be proud of how responsible I was being. I remember going to get our little toy pots and pans to bang together to make noise to wake her up, we had no idea what a heart attack was.”

The innocence of this commenter’s actions during a tragic event is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching. It highlights the remarkable way children see the world, even in the face of something as heavy as death.

#4 Realizing Alcoholic Parents Aren’t Normal

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“It took me almost 25 years to realize that alcoholic parents aren’t normal and other people have it different.”

The slow realization about the abnormality of growing up with alcoholic parents is a story many can relate to. It’s a poignant reminder of how personal experiences can shape our understanding of “normal.”

#5 Mom’s Mysterious Errands

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“Mom took me along when she was buying drugs. Took me 30 years to realize waiting at a gas station at 6 am on a Saturday wasn’t a thing, and neither was driving WAY into the ghetto and having her friend drive around the block with us. Turns out not everyone sleeps on their laundry and goes right to bed when they get home EVERY DAY either.”

This commenter’s realization about their unconventional childhood routines adds a touch of dark reality to the mix. It’s a testament to how some children grow up with an addict for a parent, but don’t realize just how destructive that can be.

#6 A Child’s Witness to Desperation

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“I was 4 years old and my night time routine was always telling my mom and dad how much I loved them. One night, I couldn’t find my mom to tell her goodnight. I searched everywhere in the house, backyard, etc. Finally, 4 year old me goes out the front door, looks around and sees a person standing in the middle of a crowded street with cars zooming by and swerving around them. I started walking down the sidewalk to get a better look because I thought it was the weirdest thing. Turns out it was my mom, but what was weird is she wasn’t answering to my calls.

I started getting really scared because my mom was blind (and had only gone blind in the past several months). I ran back to the house and got dad because I was too afraid to go in the street to get her. Wasn’t until many years later that I realized I had witnessed my mom attempting suicide via getting hit by a car. She was severely depressed due to having gone blind at the age of 34 with two small kids.”

The shocking incident this commenter witnessed as a child underscores the heavy toll that mental health issues can take on families. It’s a powerful reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support.

#7 Traumatic Playground Memory

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“In 4th grade a bunch of 6th graders, after torturing it, threw a cat from high up and it landed right in front of me and died. I was never quite the same since then and it took until early adulthood to realize certain aspects about myself are because of that event.”

This comment delves into a distressing childhood incident involving cruelty towards an innocent animal. It’s a poignant example of how a traumatic event during childhood can have long-lasting effects on one’s personality and perspective, often taking years to fully comprehend.

#8 Bullying on the Field

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“An assistant football coach used to bully me a lot during practice (6th grade). One day, I looked right at him and told him to “shut up.” He was so offended that a child said that to him that he just decked me, full force. I lost consciousness and came-to on my back staring up at the sun. I never told anyone about it and now, in my 30s, I replay this event very frequently…it causes me great anxiety.”

This heartfelt narrative exposes the painful side of childhood that often goes unnoticed. The revelation about being physically assaulted by an adult during sixth grade sheds light on a deeply troubling episode from their past. Their decision to keep it hidden all those years emphasizes the importance of addressing and seeking help for traumatic experiences, no matter how much time has passed.

Source: Reddit.

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