10 Relatable Excuses You’re Bound to Hear From Perpetually Late People

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Ever wonder why some people just can’t seem to be on time, no matter how hard they try? We took a deep dive into a social media thread to uncover the most common and not-so-common reasons behind chronic lateness. From the eternal optimist who believes they can bend time to the power play of the perpetually late narcissist, we’ve got the inside scoop on what makes some tick to a different clock. Join us as we explore these intriguing perspectives and shed light on the often humorous, sometimes surprising, but always relatable causes of tardiness.

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#1 Sleep Lovers

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“I like sleep more than I like going to work.”

This straightforward admission offers a glimpse into one of the simplest and most relatable reasons for lateness – the love for sleep. Who hasn’t hit the snooze button a few times when the cozy allure of a warm bed is pitted against the morning’s responsibilities? It’s a light-hearted reminder that sometimes, the desire for a few extra minutes of slumber is a powerful adversary to punctuality.

#2 Two Varieties of Lateness

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“I have two family members who are always late. One is due to terrible time management. The other believes they are the main character. They believe the event won’t start until they get there so why bother rushing?”

The observation of two distinct types of lateness in this quote is intriguing. One reason being attributed to poor time management, while the other is linked to a sense of self-importance. The belief that the event won’t start until they arrive highlights the impact of individual perceptions on punctuality. It’s a reminder that there can be various motives behind being late, and understanding these reasons can shed light on how to address the issue effectively.

#3 The Unpredictable Stomach Syndrome

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“I have Crohn’s disease. I can sit at home all day and be fine. But the second I need to leave I have to take a s***. Sometimes more than one / don’t feel like I’m finished. That being said, I know I have these issues so I start trying to go 30 minutes before I have to leave. But sometimes my stomach just doesn’t want to cooperate.”

This user’s comment sheds light on a unique and uncontrollable aspect of life that can lead to lateness. Their struggle with Crohn’s disease, which often strikes when they least expect it, shows that some reasons for tardiness are beyond an individual’s control. It’s a reminder that empathy and understanding are essential when dealing with lateness caused by health conditions.

#4 “The Eternal Optimist”

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“I constantly think things will take less time than they do.”

The eternal optimist believes they can accomplish tasks in record time, only to be consistently proven wrong. This perspective is something many can sympathize with, as the desire to squeeze more into a day often leads to lateness. It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s not just poor time management; it’s a dose of unwavering optimism that delays our plans.

#5 The Selectively Punctual

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“I used to be that person. Late ALL the time. Always had an excuse… But, the truth was that I just didn’t make being on time a priority. Interesting to note, I would NEVER miss a flight or an appointment that was ‘important,’ like a job interview. For me, I think it was a passive-aggressive thing. Now, I just work towards doing what I say.”

This individual’s journey from chronic lateness to prioritizing punctuality is a testament to how our perception of importance can influence our timeliness. The observation that they would never be late for “important” events is an intriguing aspect of this phenomenon. It suggests that sometimes lateness might be a subconscious way of expressing our feelings about certain commitments.

#6 Work-Induced Tardiness

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“My job keeps letting me get away with it. Also I hate my job.”

The connection between job satisfaction and punctuality is an intriguing one, and this perspective underscores the importance of job-related factors in understanding why some people struggle to be on time. After all, no one is rushing to work when they hate it.

#7 The Narcissist’s Time Game

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“My mother was perpetually late; it was because she was a narcissist and it was her way of exerting control over others.”

Here, we delve into a rather unique and less discussed aspect of chronic lateness: the power play. The commenter believes their mother’s tardiness was a means of asserting control over others. It’s a fascinating perspective that shows how lateness can sometimes be a manifestation of deeper psychological dynamics, making it about more than just poor time management.

#8 Lack of Enthusiasm

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“I don’t really want to be here.”

This concise admission echoes a sentiment many of us have experienced. Sometimes, the lack of enthusiasm for a particular event or place can significantly impact punctuality. When you’d rather be anywhere else, time seems to slow down as you reluctantly make your way to your destination.

#9 Mental Health Factors

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“Anxiety and depression.”

The user’s straightforward acknowledgment of the impact of anxiety and depression on punctuality is a poignant reminder of how mental health can influence our daily lives. These conditions can make even the simplest tasks, like leaving for an appointment, feel like monumental challenges. It’s an essential perspective that highlights the need for empathy and support for individuals facing these issues.

#10 ADHD and Time Management

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“I used to have major time blindness/poor time management. Then I was diagnosed with ADHD and once I started managing it … no longer late! I suspect a lot of people have a similar issue.”

This user’s revelation about their chronic lateness being linked to ADHD sheds light on a more profound aspect of the issue. It’s a reminder that sometimes, underlying conditions can contribute to lateness, and recognizing and managing these conditions can lead to more punctuality. It’s an insight that encourages a broader understanding of the complex reasons behind tardiness and the potential for improvement.

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