10 Jobs Where People Get To Browse Reddit All Day

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Many aspects of the internet have proven incredibly moreish for users since its inception – YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and 4chan are among them – and Reddit is undoubtedly one of the most addictive examples.

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be cool to have a job where you get to browse Reddit uninterrupted during working hours? One of the popular website’s users asked, “What jobs do you all have where you get to browse Reddit all day?” These were some of the answers given.

1. Accountant

Several accountants responded to the question, suggesting they get enough free time during what are meant to be working hours to browse Reddit. Various types of accountants agreed, including tax, government, and non-profit.

While most of the accountants who responded could use Reddit because they had so much free time, one user said they used the website even when overloaded with work (presumably, at the end of the tax year).

2. Security Guard

Security guards from several industries replied, saying they spend much time on Reddit when working. Individuals who have worked security in prisons, libraries, warehouses, industrial plants, and factories all said they could relax and browse the site due to the nature of the job.

One security guard even said that when he started his job, his boss told him it was an “EMS” position – with the “EMS” standing for “Earn Money Sleeping” – and another had to quit their job as they were spending too much time on Reddit.

3. Sales Support

When a user who works from home (WFH) in sales support mentioned that they were working at the time of their comment, fellow WFH sales support workers replied that they were doing the same thing.

It might be more challenging to get away with browsing Reddit if you work in a regular office-based sales job, but with more and more jobs becoming home-based, it’s one way to ensure your work-time browsing isn’t monitored.

4. Data Analyst

A data analyst responded, suggesting they spend significant time on Reddit during working hours, prompting agreement from several of their data-analyzing peers.

The original poster replied to one of their peers that nobody cares what else they get up to as long as their work gets done. Another data analyst said that Reddit gave them something to do while they waited for queries to run.

5. Teacher

A couple of educators responded in the thread – albeit describing different levels of Reddit usage, depending on their circumstances.

One high school teacher suggested they could only use the website in the ten-minute breaks between periods, while a substitute teacher replied that Reddit was the only thing preventing them from going insane at work.

6. Machinist

A machine operator answered that during working hours, they prepare the math and then set up their device to run, after which they’re free to use Reddit and listen to podcasts for ten to 45 minutes at a time.

It garnered several responses, one of which came from a fellow machinist, who said he had similar experiences, but that some of his run times were multiple days in length.

7. Social Worker

A few social workers suggested that their jobs allowed some time to browse Reddit, with several reasons given regarding why that’s the case.

One stated that as long as nobody’s life was in danger, there was not much else to do. Another said that they worked at a youth center where few people attend. A third volunteered that they often find themselves waiting for no-show clients and use the time to check Reddit.

8. Government Worker

Working for the government seemingly allows for plenty of Reddit browsing, as several government employees suggested they do during working hours.

People claiming to work for the state and federal governments and as “low-level government grunts” all agreed. However, one municipal government employee contested they were too busy for such activities.

9. Admin Worker

Administrative workers from several industries responded, saying they could spend significant time on Reddit at work.

A medical office admin worker, a dialysis clinic admin assistant, an admin assistant in a college human resources department, and a financial advisor’s office admin were among those who used Reddit during shifts.

10. Writer

Several types of writers contributed to the conversation, including copywriters, ghostwriters, and stay-at-home freelancers, all saying they spend much time on Reddit during working hours.

A couple made the excuse that regular breaks were essential to prevent burnout, while another said that as long as they met their deadlines, it didn’t matter how much time they spent browsing Reddit.

This thread inspired this post.

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