I Bought My Girlfriend’s Sister a Car, and It Backfired

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The situation described in this post is complicated, with emotions running high on all sides.

It centers around a falling out between the writer’s girlfriend and her younger sister, which occurred before the writer, let’s call him OP (original poster), entered the picture. For four years, the two sisters have not spoken to each other.

Reconnecting Sisters

Approximately a year ago, the younger sister tried to reconnect with her older sibling, but OP’s girlfriend refused to even consider it.

Recently, the younger sister reached out to OP and requested a loan of $2,000 to purchase a new car. She promised to pay him back monthly on the loan. OP declined to lend the money directly but offered to accompany the sister to buy the vehicle and pay for it himself. He did so out of compassion for the sister’s situation and a desire to help her reconnect with his girlfriend.

OP reflects on his meeting with the younger sister and says,

“This was the first that I actually met her in person. I told her she could just pay me back whenever. I honestly just felt a bit sorry for her, I could tell she genuinely wants to reconnect with my girlfriend, but she just refuses.”

However, when OP’s girlfriend found out about the car purchase, she became furious and accused him of betraying her trust. OP and his girlfriend have been together for 2 years, and she believes he should not have intervened in her relationship with her sister without consulting her first. The couple argued about the situation, and the girlfriend barely speaks to OP now.

OP is left wondering if he was in the wrong in this situation. He does not believe that he was, as he used his own money and did not involve his girlfriend’s finances in any way. He acted out of a desire to help his girlfriend’s sister and facilitate reconciliation between them.

Boundaries Misunderstood?

Thousands of Reddit users jumped at the opportunity to share their thoughts on the situation with OP.

CrystalQueen3000 pointed out that he was at fault in this situation and should have respected the boundaries, saying:

“Boundaries dude, you need a refresher.

“You as a 27 year old man should not be going behind your girlfriends back and contacting her estranged teen sister, let alone buying her a car.

“Creepy, inappropriate and downright weird as hell.”

CrystalQueen3000 may have a point here as age may play an important factor in this situation as well. OP mentions,

“I don’t know if ages are relevant here, but I’m 27, my girlfriend is 25, and her sister is 19.”

RishaBree also questions why OP would go ahead and feel comfortable lending $2000 to someone who is essentially a stranger to him, saying:

“It is honestly a terrible idea to drop $2000 for a stranger because they are vaguely pseudo-family, even before you get to technically legal teenager of your preferred gender or girlfriend’s estranged sister. At that point, whether or not she did what girlfriend accused her of is an interesting but immaterial question.”

Maywellflower stood by OP’s girlfriend and commented,

“If I was his girlfriend, I wouldn’t be wrong to assume OP was cheating on me with sister with speaking to her blocked a** behind my back while buying her a car like it’s nothing.”

SeekingBeskar was also quick to point out how OP was in the wrong here, saying:

“You literally don’t know the ins and outs of what occurred in their relationship, but for some reason you’ve decided you really pity the sister she’s not connected to. People don’t generally block their family for small reasons, and it’s worth really remembering that. You also don’t know whether or not the sister is lying to you if this is tied to her presence in one of your girlfriend’s past relationships.”

The Verdict

It’s clear that OP got himself mixed up in a messy situation between sisters, with emotions running high on all sides. Reddit users have agreed that OP’s actions were wrong in this case and can be seen as a betrayal to his girlfriend.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you feel that you need to take responsibility and play middleman between estranged family members?

You can find the full story here on Reddit.

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