Top 16 Items To Put in a Piñata for Adults

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If you thought piñatas were reserved for children’s birthday parties, think again! A recent social media thread got adults sharing their creative and sometimes hilariously unconventional ideas for what they’d love to find pouring out of a piñata at their next party. Let’s take a look at the top suggestions that had users buzzing with excitement.

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#1 Condoms and Breath Mints: Adulting Essentials

Holding condom
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Many users agree that the perfect piñata for adults should include a mix of practical and playful items. One commenter reminisced about a university welcome party where the piñata was stocked with condoms and breath mints. It’s a humorous nod to the essentials of adulting, adding a touch of cheeky fun to the celebration.

#2 Ibuprofen: Breaking the Pain Barrier

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When it comes to adulting, aches and pains are par for the course. Some users suggested loading the piñata with ibuprofen, a tongue-in-cheek remedy for the inevitable headaches that life throws our way. It’s a playful take on self-care that’s sure to resonate with those who appreciate the little things.

#3 Lotto Scratch-Off Tickets: A Gamble for Grown-Ups

Cropped view of woman holding lottery ticket with marked numbers over a lot of cash spread out on the table.
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For those feeling lucky, including cheap lotto scratch-off tickets in the piñata is a thrilling idea. Some users mentioned the excitement of a spontaneous gamble, turning the piñata bash into a game of chance. It’s a creative way to add an element of surprise and anticipation to the festivities.

#4 Live Bees: A Buzzworthy Twist

Bee on white spring tree cherry flower. Macro nature composition.
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In a humorous twist, one user suggested the unexpected addition of live bees. Just imagine the buzz it would create!

#5 Toys and Candy: A Nostalgic Delight

Two tiny bowls with coated chocolates. Candy.
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Despite the adult-themed suggestions, some users insisted on sticking to the classic formula of toys and candy. Nostalgia kicked in as they expressed their excitement over finding a Pokémon figure and chocolate in their ideal piñata. Sometimes, the simplest pleasures are the most satisfying.

#6 Travel-Sized Toiletries: A Portable Surprise

Soap, a Towel, a Toothbrush and a Spray Bottle in a Toiletry Bag
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Adding a touch of practicality to the piñata, some users suggested tossing in travel-sized toiletries. From mini shampoos to toothpaste, it’s a portable surprise that ensures the partygoers stay fresh and clean, no matter where the celebration takes them.

#7 Shooters of Liquor: Cheers to the Unexpected

A group of people toasting at a dinner table.
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For those who enjoy a good toast, shooters of liquor found favor among users. This spirited suggestion adds a dash of liquid courage to the piñata experience, turning the celebration into a cheers-worthy moment. Just be sure to handle those mini bottles responsibly!

#8 Cash: The Ultimate Piñata Prize

Portrait of woman holding out cash in both her hands and smiling.
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When in doubt, cold hard cash is a universally appreciated surprise. Some users simply suggested stuffing the piñata with cash, making it rain during the celebration. It’s a straightforward yet crowd-pleasing idea that allows recipients to choose their own party favor.

#9 A Puff of Fun

Smoke on black background
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Catering to a different kind of buzz, some users proposed the inclusion of w**d vape pens. This 420-friendly idea adds a laid-back and mellow vibe to the piñata experience, ensuring that the celebration is elevated to a higher level.

#10 USBs and SD Cards: Tech-Savvy Surprises

Pile of memory sticks/USB and gift box
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In the digital age, tech enthusiasts chimed in with the idea of filling the piñata with USBs and SD cards. This practical yet unexpected choice caters to the modern adult’s love for gadgets and digital storage solutions.

#11 Groceries: A Twist on Practicality

Portrait of excited bearded man with paper package full of food. Groceries.
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In a surprising turn, one user suggested stuffing the piñata with groceries. From liverwurst and cheeses to salami and olives, it’s a unique take on practicality that adds a delicious twist to the festivities. Just make sure those individually-wrapped portions are sturdy enough for the fall.

#12 Gift Cards: The Gift of Choice

Handsome Man Giving Credit Card Smiling Female Seller Store
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For a versatile and crowd-pleasing option, some users recommended gift cards to various stores. This ensures that everyone gets a little something they truly want, turning the piñata into a personalized gifting experience.

#13 Health Insurance, Extra Coverage: A Humorous Wish

Cropped image of doctor showing insurance claim form to patient in clinic
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In a lighthearted nod to adult responsibilities, one commenter humorously suggested adding health insurance with extra coverage to the piñata. It’s a witty take on the practicalities of adulthood, reminding everyone to stay covered in more ways than one.

#14 Pack of Socks: Because Feet Need Love Too

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Amidst the laughter and creative suggestions, a simple yet practical idea emerged—socks. Some users advocated for a pack of socks, a useful and often overlooked item that would undoubtedly bring warmth and comfort to the piñata recipients.

#15 Glitter: Sparkle and Shine

Person Lying on White Textile on Gray Sand with Glitter
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For a touch of whimsy and sparkle, the suggestion of filling the entire piñata with glitter gained traction. Imagine the glittery explosion when the piñata breaks open, adding a magical and visually stunning element to the celebration.

#16 Church Pamphlets: A Divine Twist

Christian believer praying to God with rosary in hand
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In a surprising and contemplative suggestion, one user recommended adding church pamphlets to the mix. A divine twist to the piñata experience, perhaps offering a moment of reflection amid the revelry.

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