12 Worst Pieces of Tech These People Have Ever Owned

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Ever had a piece of technology that made you question the very concept of progress? We’ve all been there, eagerly unwrapping a new gadget only to be met with disappointment. We scoured social media for tales of tech gone wrong, and the responses were as varied as they were amusing. Join us as we explore the worst pieces of tech ever owned, learning from the shared experiences of frustrated users who found out the hard way that not every innovation is a game-changer.

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#1: The Binoculars with a Built-in Camera

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“It didn’t take me more than 5 minutes to realize that yes, the binoculars have a built-in digital camera, but it has nothing to do with the binoculars other than being part of the assembly. It was a laughably s****y camera and equally s****y pair of binoculars that were not at all integrated. I could have just bought a camera and duct-taped it to some binoculars.”

Very often, gadgets we see on social media ads fail to meet expectations. One such purchase left a user with massive regrets when the advertised product turned out to be nothing but two different products taped together.

#2: Forgotten Apps

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One user’s frustration level reached new heights after his expensive robotic toys became obsolete overnight. The  company went under and the associated app stopped getting updates, leaving him with useless hunks of plastic. Now these toys are more adept at collecting dust than entertaining.

#3: The Smart Toaster that Wasn’t

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One user shared their experience with a smart toaster, emphasizing its questionable intelligence. The toaster was, unfortunately, not smart enough to avoid burning the bread every single time, leading to the user having to eject and check the toast every few seconds. Not quite what you expect from an appliance that should be really simple to use.

#4: The Fridge with a Freezing Touchscreen

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“I look back and think, why did I think having a tv on the fridge was smart. I just leave it off now.”

The frustration of a freezing touchscreen, both in the literal and metaphorical sense, prompted once user to question the wisdom behind the decision to purchase a fridge with a screen. Nowadays, he opts to keep the TV off, acknowledging that what appeared to be a clever feature turned out to be a questionable addition to his kitchen setup.

#5: The Cheap HP Laptop Nightmare

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This user got a great deal on a HP laptop, but the low end system couldn’t keep up with the demands of her kids. Small storage, low memory and a slow processor caused plenty of frustration, requiring a constant need for external drives and restarting. A cheap chassis meant that the screen came off the hinge and the charger port broke within 6 months. The whole experience serves up an age old warning: you get what you pay for.

#6: The Short-Lived Google Glass

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“$1500 just to be abandoned shortly after.”

Users with a penchant for bleeding-edge tech regret investing in Google Glass, priced at a whopping $1500. The short-lived venture left many feeling abandoned, questioning whether the hefty price tag was worth the brief brush with augmented reality. As they say, sometimes being on the cutting edge comes with a high cost and little longevity. Many years later, many are experiencing the same regret with the even pricier Apple Vision Pro. Did you buy one?

#7: The Fender Blender

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One user reminisce about his first guitar pedal, the Fender Blender, which proved to be a musical misstep. Engaging the pedal didn’t just distort the guitar sound; it also became an unintentional radio, picking up AM stations better than his mom’s car radio. As he humorously puts it, “Plus, it sounded just plain crappy.”

#8: The Roku Remote Saga

TV remote
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“The TVs are cheap so they make up the revenue by selling piece of s*** remotes. I’ve gone through like 6 of them. One of them was broken out of the box. Poor little remote barely even got to see the dim light of my living room before I chucked it. And the TV’s home dashboard has ads and lies to you about being able to turn them off.”

The exasperation with Roku TVs and remotes strikes a chord with numerous users who discover themselves in a repetitive cycle of replacements. The blend of poorly crafted remotes and unavoidable advertisements on the TV’s leaves people baffled. Do you own a Roku TV?

#9: The Unreliable Rechargeable Batteries

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“When we had young kids and were going through batteries like mad, we figured it would be great to have ones we could just swap out, recharge and roll on. Tried multiple brands, multiple chargers, etc. and never found any that were reliable. Half the time they didn’t charge; when they did, they only charged partially and it seemed like they just died way faster than regular alkaline batteries—which is what we ended up just going back to.”

Attempting to be eco-friendly, some users regret their journey into rechargeable batteries. Despite trying multiple brands and chargers, reliability issues persisted. In the end, it was back to the traditional disposable option.

#10: The Steamer that Couldn’t Unwrinkle

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“I tried it out two times and then sent it back to get a refund.”

One user shared their disappointment with a cheap steamer designed to unwrinkle clothes. Hoping to avoid the hassle of ironing, the steamer fell short of expectations after just two attempts. As they put it, “It just didn’t do what it should,” prompting a swift return for a refund.

#11: The Short-Lived Fake AirPods

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“They lasted 6 months.”

For some, the allure of affordable knockoff AirPods turned out to be short-lived. Lasting only few months, these imitation earbuds left users wishing they had invested in the real deal. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, even in the world of tech accessories.

#12: The Disappointing Nintendo Power Glove

Kids with christmas gift
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“What a wasted Christmas gift.”

Lastly, users reflect on the nostalgic disappointment of the Nintendo Power Glove. Hyped as a futuristic gaming accessory, it turned out to be a wasted Christmas gift for many. The glove’s impracticality and lack of compatibility with popular games left users feeling more awkward than empowered in the gaming realm.

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